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94011 Commodities Other Tea
Description : Dear Sir
Since 2004 Aros Elnil has been exporting, processing and selling aromatic herbs, spice herbs and seeds to customers. We only do process natural raw elements without additives in accordance with our customers' requirements. Our products are from both organic and conventional agriculture. The company's main area of expertise is the procurement of high-quality raw materials at the best prices, as well as expertise in the processing of materials in accordance with customer specifications
We are able to facilitate supply of the following range of medical plants, with quality and packing arranged to suit your individual specifications. Your interest is invited our products are as follow.
Herbs :
Chamomile (Flowers, powder and/ or seeds)
Calendula (Flowers, and / or petals)
Hibiscus (Flowers, TBC, Slices)
Lemon Grass
Spices :
Hot Chills
Dry Lemon ( yellow , black )
Sesame seeds (white, red, and golden)
White Beans
Egyptian berseem ( Clover seeds)
Alfalfa Seeds
All agricultural seeds
We are with great interest looking ahead to hearing from you .
We would gladly demonstrate you our efficiency.
Sincerely yours,
Ahmed Bakr
93611 Commodities Other Cocoa, chocolate
  Description : Artisan chocolatier passionné par la recherche innovante dans le cacao;
Je vous propose des créations exclusives traditionnelles ou innovantes tels que :
Le Chocolat Gris © :
Sorte de chocolat blanc au lait végétal, donc sans lactose, sans lécithine, sans sodium ajouté, créé spécialement pour les personnes allergiques ou intolérantes au lactose, convient également parfaitement aux personnes diabétiques.
Choc' Lait © :
Sorte chocolat lait au lait végétal, donc sans lactose, sans lécithine, sans sodium ajouté, créé spécialement pour les personnes allergiques ou intolérantes au lactose, convient également parfaitement aux personnes Diabétiques.
Choc'All © :
Sorte de chocolat noir sans sucre, sans lécithine, sans sodium ajouté.
Fabriqués à partir de matières premières sélectionnées pour leurs qualités gustatives issues de produits originaux .
93460 Commodities Qualite France Coffee & substitutes
Description : Distributeur de café colombien
93072 Commodities Consejo Catalán De La Producción Agraria Ecológica Cocoa, chocolate
Description : We are a real Bin to Bar company producing chocolate Bars from diferent Origins.
Organic and Bio
91928 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
Description : Karen coffee is nature product from Karen state of Myanmar. It is naturally grown on the deep slopes of mountain preserving rain forest and soil. Robusta is mainly grown and Arabica is grown very few percentage in this area. Karen coffee is farmed, roasted and grinded by the ethnic women group in the area and Sabanan makes packaging in Yangon as value add. It is the part of women empowerment program and support livelihood of Karen women in the area. Some percentage of net profit from Karen coffee will be shared to those women group for their empowerment program. This product will help over 20,000 peoples from 30 villiages of Than Daung Gyi villiage track area, Karen State, Union of Myanmar. Sabanan provide Green label for Robusta and Red label for Arabica. Coarse ground and Fine ground coffee are available for 100 g and 200g. Green bean for Export market. If you have interest to support ethnic women or to get natural organic products, please feel free to contact us
92031 Commodities Other Cocoa, chocolate
Description : Organic cocoa
Theobroma Cacao L

Its grains contains high levels of carbohydrates, omega 6, fiber, protein and minerals: magnesium, chromium, iron, calcium.


Raw Cocoa Grains
Raw Cocoa Nibs
Cocoa Paste
Cocoa Powder

10 kg -25 kg - 69 kg bag
25 kg- 50 kg block

USDA and EU Organic certification.
91849 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
Description : Nous vendons du café Arabica certifié bio et commerce équitable, directement de l ágriculteur, sélectionné á 14 défauts, avec un rendement sur tasse de 84 á plus .

Nous avons une capacité de production pour justifier une demande abondante.

De même, nous vendons du café frais torrefié sur place traditionnellement pour différentes types de cafetiéres, pour boutiques spécialisées petit agriculteur, artisanale et cafétéria. Produit de marketing .
91571 Commodities Ecocert Tea
Description : Thé shan du nord du Vietnam, récolté de 1200M d'altitudes
90380 Commodities Ecocert Tea
Description : Malindo commercialise du thé bio de qualité.
Vous trouverez des thés Detox, des thés glacés, des tisanes de légumes, des thés rares ainsi qu'un large choix de thés vert, blanc et noir.
Certifié Bio et par l'Ethical Tea Partnership, nous assurons à nos clients une grande qualité de produits et pouvons leur assurer que les plantations à l'origine de nos produits s'engagent à respecter des méthodes de productions saines (sans pesticides et sans Ogm) et à respecter les conditions de travail et de vie des cueilleurs.
90223 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
Description : Nous sommes collecteur et vendeur de fève de cacao, café Robusta et Arabica, vanille bourbon Made in Madagascar.
90221 Commodities Other Cocoa, chocolate
Description : Nous sommes collecteur et vendeur de fève de cacao, café Robusta et Arabica, vanille bourbon Made in Madagascar.
90102 Commodities O.i.a. Sugar
Description : usd750/tn
89751 Commodities Other Tea
Description : El-Atahad for herbs is a leading cultivator , producer and supplier of finest quality 100 % organic herbal teas and medicinal herbs in the famed Nile valley in Egypt , packing all kinds of nature herbs , tea mixed with different types of herbs and fruit flavors.

We exported to all countries of the world such as Canada , United States , Saudi Arabia . Nigeria ,United Arab Emirates and many of other countries.

We can packaging your products that carry your Brand with your own design and we will provide you our best price.

For more information please feel free to contact me.

Mr.Mohamed Yosery
El-Atahad for herbs and tea
88848 Commodities Ecocert Tea
Description : Selim Uludag Organic Herb Farm is specialized in the production of organic herbs, spices and herbal teas.

We have been farming since 1999 at Selim Uludag Organic Herb farm, which is 400 hectares in size and located in the city of Sanliurfa, in South East Turkey. This area is quite convenient both ecologically and economically for various sorts of herb and spice production, as it is not exposed to the industrial pollution yet.

In this region, it is sunny 300 days of the year. In herbal farming this sun light and warmth is effective in aroma, colour and especially efficient for genotype oil levels. For cultivation, removing weeds, hoeing and drying, plant seedling procedures approximately 250 workers operates each season.

Operation from cultivation of seeds until the product reaches containers for shipment are all carried out within our farm.
88145 Commodities Other Cocoa, chocolate
  Description : Leading exporter from India who produces and exports Organic, Fair Trade, UTZ, and RFA Cocoa.

We are certified in accordance with NOP, USDA, EU organic- regulation 834/2007 , Rainforest Alliance, UTZ and FLO-CERT the fair-trade standard.
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