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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
45800 Seeds Other Other Seeds
Description : oil, confectionary
45253 Seeds Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Bulk seeds
Description : 95. Organic snow white pumpkin seeds and kernels. Seeds should be 10mm, 10.5mm, 11mm, 11.5mm, 12mm above. Kernels should be grade AA and A.
96. Organic pumpkin seed Grown without shell, grade should be AA and A.
97. Organic shine pumpkin seed and kernels. Same as snow white.
98. Organic sunflower seeds and kernels, kernels should be Confectionary grade and Bakery grade.
99. Organic sesame seeds,.
100. Organic flax seeds.
101. Organic rolled oats.
102. Oganic canned organic garlic and ginger.
103. Organic instant noodles with spices.
44237 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : We supply about . for full list please see our website:
44236 Seeds Other Other Seeds
Description : We supply about . for full list please see our website:
42262 Seeds Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Bulk seeds
Description : Fresh Flax Seeds provides Certified Organic & Natural Whole Flax Seeds in light weight, re-sealable containers & Bulk quantities for food and for animal feed with a freshness guarantee!

Golden Flax Seed, brown flax seeds, flaxseed flour with 50% flax oil(omega 3 oil), and a one year shelf life; Organic Flax Lignans fiber with phyto(plant)estrogens (5 grams (1Tbsp.) equals 5 cups of Flax Seed or two pounds!) that boost the immune system &
help balance hormones; Flax grinders, Flax Health & Cookbooks with recipes for substituting Fat, Eggs, or Flour in recipes.

Flax flour is a nutrient rich flour for baking or for animal feed formulations.

For more; or please call 1.866.434.4922 or email:
41590 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : Procert Organic Systems
37102 Seeds Control Union Other Seeds
Description : Alfalfa CAN 25kg Anise TUR 25kg Anise ground TUR 25kg Caraway seeds NED 20kg Caraway seeds ground NED 25kg Celery seeds NED 25kg Red Clover CAN 22,7kg Coriander HON 10kg/20kg Coriander ground HON 20kg Cumin TUR 25kg Cumin ground TUR 20kg Fennel sweet TUR/EGY 25kg Fennel bitter EU 25kg Fennel ground TUR/EGY 20kg Fenugreek CAN 25kg Hemp seeds CAN/CHI 25kg Juniper BUL 20kg Mustard seed brown CAN 25kg Mustard seed yellow CAN 25kg Mustard seed oriental CAN 25kg Mustard yellow ground DUI 25kg Nigella TUR 25kg Radish China Rose CHI 25kg Radish seed Daikon CAN 22,7kg
35986 Seeds Other Other Seeds
Description : Organic Cotton Seed Waste for Animal Feed
35528 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : sells rare exotic flower seeds, including trees, palms, carnivorous plants, and many more, for the home gardener and resellers.
34828 Seeds Other Other Seeds
Description : Looking in to buying from direct producers wholefoods eithe USDANOP certified organic here is a list of all the products we would be interested please if you have an herb, spice, fruit or seed that you believe is a SUPERFOOD loaded with nutrients and dont have USDANOP but have Clinical Lab Analysis proving its free of agrochemicals we would be interested we are interested in inovative products here is a list of other products we are interested in too














Thank you for your time sincerely

Miguel Berumen
34303 Seeds Biokontroll Hungaria Közhasnu Tarsasag Bulk seeds
Description : We are dealing with organic and conventional seeds for birdfeeding and for human consumption.Also seeling conventioan maize for animal feeding.
34302 Seeds Other Other Seeds
Description : We are selling Hungarian sunflowerseed for human consumption (Type Marica, Eagle).
28433 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : We are cultivating the Jatropha curcus plants for seed production. We can give the seeds in bulk quantity
27216 Seeds Ecocert Bulk seeds
Description : All kind of organic seeds
25408 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : Soybeans,mung beans, adzuki beans, flax seeds, buckwheat and so on.
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