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59371 Seeds Washington State Department Of Agriculture Bulk seeds
Description : NOP Certified GRAINS AND SEEDS

* Amaranth
* Barley
* Buckwheat
* Canola
* Corn
* Flax, Brown
* Flax, Golden

* Millet
* Oats
* Peanuts
* Pumpkin
* Quinoa
* Rye
* Safflower

* Sesame
* Sorghum
* Triticale
* Sunflower
* Wheat
59085 Seeds Qualite France Other Seeds
Description : Notre société créé en 1984 agit dans le but d\'œuvrer à la restitution des sols par le réemploi des matières organiques fortement délaissées depuis les années 50. Les terreaux et amendements 100% Biologique distribués sous la marque TONUSOL incorporent tous du Lombric Compost. Le Lombric Compost \"produit emblématique de l\'agriculture biologique\" est la transformation des fumiers par les vers de terre, dix fois plus riche que le fumier traditionnel, il permet d\'alléger et de régénérer la terre ainsi que de stimuler la croissance des plantes. Nous sommes d\'autre part certifiés par Qualité France depuis le début de notre activité.
57993 Seeds Ecocert Other Seeds
  Description : Organic Flaxseed
57664 Seeds Inac Bulk seeds
  Description : nuts,sunflower seeds,almonds,inside hazelnut,mixed nuts,chickpeas,pistachio vs
57665 Seeds Inac Retail seeds
  Description : nuts,sunflower seeds,almonds,inside hazelnut,mixed nuts,chickpeas,pistachio vs
57653 Seeds Ecocert Bulk seeds
  Description : Organic Pumpkin Kernels – GWS, Shine Skin, Snow Skin
Organic Sunflower kernels - Bakery, Confectionary, broken
Organic Peanuts – In Shell, Red Skin, Baisha,
Organic Flaxseed – Brown (Variety : Yama, Huma)
Organic Walnut
Organic Hempseed
Organic Perilla Seed
Organic Borage Seed
Organic Buckwheat – Hulled/Unhulled

Packaging Options: 5kg, 10kg, 12.5kg, 25kg, 25lbs, 1000kg, Paperbag, Vacuum pack.

Options : Dry Roasted & Salted

Certified Organic : USDA NOP, EC 834/2007, JAS, KOSHER
57627 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : We offer brown flax seed (approved by BIOSUISSE), Origin Romania, Crop 2009, purity of degree 98 % (in Big Bags or Bulk) or cleaned by our company up to 99,95 % (in 25 kg paperbags and palletized).
Analyzed for GMO, Pesticides and Heavy Metals.
Availability: prompt delivery
53220 Seeds Ecocert Other Seeds
Description :
56955 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : Our company SKYLIFE Export House limited is an indigenous business firm based in Ethiopia with a primary interest in organic oilseeds, specifically sesame farming, packing and exporting to the European, US and Asian market.
Based on the above premise, we are currently promoting 2500 hectares organic sesame farming to export market. Therefore, in order to fulfill the above plan, our company\'s management has resolved as part of our objective, too seek out an international business partner, eager in working together with our company in Ethiopia to produce and export 2200 tones o f organic sesame annually.
Hoping that you have real knowledge and experience about our country and its agricultural resource ,we would like to propose a partnership that will make us both a steady stream of income . As you may know, sesame business is very hot right now and Ethiopia is 2nd largest exporter of sesame in the world.
Therefore, we look forward to a mutually beneficial partnership, as we can help reap the benefits of the global economy and achieve successes in partnership and business synergy.
55782 Seeds Other Other Seeds
Description : Blue poppy seeds. Czech Republic
55057 Seeds Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Bulk seeds
  Description : BATA FOOD exports seeds, aromatic herbs, spices and many other organic products to the world.
55006 Seeds Associazione Suolo E Saluter Bulk seeds

40479 Seeds Other Other Seeds
  Description : BIO SUISSE
51106 Seeds California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof) Bulk seeds
  Description : ALMOND - Certified Organic Almonds from California USA - all forms available, Whole or Manufactured, Natural, Blanched, Roasted, Sliced, Diced, Slivered, Butter (paste).
52790 Seeds Letis S.a. Bulk seeds
Description : Organic Pop Corn
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