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89659 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Iran Aromatic plants 2021-10-10 2019-09-12
Description : The golchekan khorasan(zamani) company is established 1330(1951)started its activity in the field of rose water .herbal disttiles. Lemon juice. Sour grape juice (verjuice).beverage and herbal flavors.

we are producer for :
apple venigar
lime juice
aluvera distealed water
chamomile distilled water
salix distilled water
walnut leaf distilled water
thickrose distilled water
wiled choicory distiled water
maytree distiled water
savory distild water
mint distilled water
fennel distilled water
and ...
67230 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other South Africa Medicinal plants 2020-07-07 2019-09-12
  Description : All Zizamele's medicinal plants and herbal tea is processed and packed to the highest standard in our own production facility. Certain organic herbs and herbal tea on our supply list are not adaptable to our geographic region, and for those we do our utmost to ensure that only the best quality organic herbs are sourced from strictly selected medicinal plant producers that meet our standards. Zizamele has been a successful wholesale supplier of organic herbs and herbal tea to the local and export market since 2004. Our main focus is the supply of organic herbs cultivated from medicinal plant material, endemic to Southern Africa. However we also supply local and export markets with non-endemic organic herbs as listed on our product list.
66001 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Netherlands Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2020-01-10 2019-09-12
  Description : All kinds of in open air grown herbs such as Basil, Chervil, Dill and Parsley.
66095 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Turkey Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2020-01-01 2019-09-12
  Description : Our company have been producing organic products in our 400 hectare (1000 acre) farm since 2000 in Turkey. Our corporation has been certified by ECOCERT. We are member of IFOAM, London-based Turkish-British Chamber of Commerce and Industry (TBBCI), and Aegean Exporters’ Association (EIB). And we are founder of Organic Product Producers and Industrialists Association (ORGUDER).

Some of our products are:
• Sage (Salvia Officinalis)
• Black Cumin (Nigella Sativa)
• Oregano (Origanum Onites)
• Peppermint (Mentha piperita)
• Traditional Red Pepper
• Pistachio

We are also producing organic products for our clients as contract farming. If you interested in any of our products or to have us to produce organic products for you, we will be happy to send you any further information.
89672 Medicinal & aromatic plants Dio Certification And Inspection Organisation For Biological Production Methods Greece Medicinal plants 2021-10-10 2019-09-12
  Description : Dear Sir/Madam,
I am looking for a food sales agent, distributor, wholesaler , importer of pre-packed organic herbal teas and even bulk organic and conventional herbs.

Our herbal plantations thrive under optimal conditions in the valleys of Varnounta mountain in extreme northwestern Greece where the nights are cool and the days flooded with sunshine. Our family business , Anthemis, was born here,an industry in which we produce herbs with loving attention to detail. The method of cultivation is traditional, our use of the land characterized by care and respect. Products are 100% biologically cultivated and free from additional substances and preservatives. Nature itself offers the most diversified herbs in a variety of colors and aromas, products of the purest quality, the finest taste and exceptional benefit.

Mint piperita, oregano, thyme, sage, lemon balm, spearmint and others. These dry organic herbs , are packed in small pp packs. These small pp are then packaged in carton packets with our brand name-Anthemis- hellenic organic herbs.

a)Four of them are in the form of whole leaf(mint,lemon balm,sage and spearmint) packet dimentions: hight 18cm,width 12cm,depth 6cm.b) The other two are oregano and thyme . Packet dimentions:hight16cm, width7cm, depth3,5cm. In above both cases a) and b) , everything has been done by hand , by us , the whole family ,in other words these 6 products are really pure in quality and you will not find any stems, dirt e.t.c. in the packaging.

The drying process has been done in the most natural way( ware house).Not under the sun, not in electric ovens, where most of the essential oils of the herbs will be lost.
I also have to mention that we , as a family business, have already started preparations of the next step which is the lipton type tea bag production with the thread and the tag ( flat and pyramid ). We are even preparing the creation of mixtures of herbs .

Please do not hesitate to suggest me any kind of herbs , or mixture of herbs,, or way of packaging, or anything else that would contribute to an even better presentation – promotion of our products.

In Anthemis we have the willing to do our best and go according to your needs and suggestions.

Please feel free to ask me anything.

Thank you in advance.

Best regards
Vasileios Gkekas
Hellenic organic herbs
89791 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Egypt Medicinal plants 2020-12-12 2019-09-12
Description : El-Atahad for herbs is a leading cultivator , producer and supplier of finest quality 100 % organic herbal teas and medicinal herbs in the famed Nile valley in Egypt , packing all kinds of nature herbs , tea mixed with different types of herbs and fruit flavors.

We exported to all countries of the world such as Canada , United States , Saudi Arabia . Nigeria ,United Arab Emirates and many of other countries.

We can packaging your products that carry your Brand with your own design and we will provide you our best price.

For more information please feel free to contact me.

Mr.Mohamed Yosery
El-Atahad for herbs and tea
79876 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Iran Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2021-04-10 2019-08-13
  Description : We can provide the best iranian herbs and saeeron
58303 Medicinal & aromatic plants Ecocert France Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2021-04-20 2019-08-13

The expertise of ORIANE in farming, harvesting, processing and trading organic medicinal plants is backed by over twenty years of passion for nature, as well as knowledge and experience of traditional productions in France and Morocco.

Here are some of our main organic dried plants from France ; each of them can be supplied unprocessed or cut, or even in powder :

- Ash tree (Frêne – Fraxinus excelsior),
- Billberry (Myrtillier – Vaccinum myrtillus),
- Blackberry (Ronce des bois – Rubus fructicosus),
- Blue mallow (Mauve – Malva sylvestris), …
- Borage (Bourrache – Borrago officinalis),
- Epilobium (Epilobe – Epilobium angustifolium),
- Hawthorn (Aubépine – Crataegus oxyacantha)
- Meadowsweet (Reine des prés – Filipendula ulmaria)
- Mullein (Bouillon blanc – Verbascum Thapsus),
- Nettle (stinging N.) (Ortie piquante – Urtica dioïca)
- Raspberry (Framboisier – Rubus idaeus),

Our list of organic dried plants from France also includes :

Agrimony ; Angelica ; Bear’s garlic ; Birch ; Box tree ; Broom ; Buckthorn ; Burdock Cedar ; Butcher’s broom ; Celandine ; Cherry tree ;Chestnut ; Comfrey ; Couch grass ; Cowslip ; Cypress ; Elderberry ; Elecampene ; Ginkgo biloba ; Goldenrod ; Hart’s tongue ; Heather ; Horsetail ; Horseweed ; Ivy ; Juniper ; Kidney vetch ; Marshmallow ; Marigold ; Mugwort ; Oak Moss ; Peach tree ; Peppermint ; Periwinkle ; Pine ; Poplar ; Purple loosestrife ; Rose hip ; Sage ; Scabiosa ; Soap wort ; St.John’s wort ; Thyme ;Valerian ; Walnut tree ; White dead nettle ; Willow ; Woodruff ; Yellow sweet clover, …

Don’t hesitate to contact us ! We will be pleased to give you detailed information and quotations, and will do our best to meet your needs and expectations.
Yours sincerely, The ORIANE team
80632 Medicinal & aromatic plants Ecocert France Medicinal plants 2020-02-20 2019-08-13
Description : Producteur-cueilleur de plantes aromatiques et médicinales; utilisant les techniques de culture naturelles.
Verveine, Sauge officinale, Thyms, Menthes, Camomille Matricaire, Physalis, Millepertuis, Ronce...
92175 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Egypt Aromatic plants 2021-02-03 2019-08-13
Description : we have a bout 50000 acre for in the desert of Egypt and we have pure ground water wells we did not use pesticide herbicides or chemicals.
The medicinal plants produced on our farm include:
-Aloe Vera
80723 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Ireland Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2021-04-15 2019-08-13
Description : Organic herbs
60472 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Bulgaria Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2021-03-31 2019-08-13
  Description : We offer great variety of more than 150 kinds of dry herbs and spices of Bulgarian origin - aerial part, flowers, leaves, roots, bark, seeds, fruits, diverse; whole, cut, coarse or fine crushed, powdered; wild-crafted and cultivated – collected and prepared following the customer requirements; botanical extracts, essential oils and floral water obtained from the above items.
80941 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Greece Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2021-12-12 2019-08-13
Description : Aromatic and medicinal plants.
Various herbs.
71170 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other United Kingdom Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2021-02-15 2019-08-13
Description : Dried ascophyllum seaweed.
97936 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Bulgaria Medicinal plants 2001-09-20 2019-07-11
Description : Ofresemos ortigas ojas,tila sacas muy buena caludad
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