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99534 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Morocco Other oils for cooking & dressing 2022-12-02 2020-06-17
Description : huile de figue de barbarie certifiée bio
86309 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Morocco Other oils for cooking & dressing 2022-12-31 2020-05-13
Description : Huile d'argan alimentaire
86074 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Morocco Other oils for cooking & dressing 2021-10-10 2020-04-22
Description : Nous sommes une coopérative spécialisée dans la production et l’exportation d’Huile d’ Argan alimentaire et cosmétique certifié et 100 % Bio

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86181 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Morocco Almond 2021-05-10 2020-04-22
Description : Nous sommes une entreprise exportatrice des huiles végétales et essentielles et produits agroalimentaires implantée au Maroc, nous exportons en vrac ou en bouteille, principalement l'huile d'olive l’Huile d’Argan (50 et 100ml), huile de figue de barbarie (15 et 30ml), huile de sésame (50ml) et huile de nigelle (50ml), les savons noires, etc.
Tous nos produits sont certifiés ECOCERT et ONSSA, 100% BIO, de très bonne qualité et sans additifs chimiques.
73804 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Israel Other oils for cooking & dressing 2021-12-12 2020-04-22
Description : Certified organic Avocado oil. High values of A, D& E vitamins, Flavonoids, Carotenoids, C-18 (1) Fatty acid & Minerals. Low acidity (Max-0.8).

Agrior,EEC, NOP
99208 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Argentina Other oils for cooking & dressing 2022-01-20 2020-04-14
Description : aceite de chia orgánica, prensdo sin químicos, orgánico certificado, en bidones de 20 litros o tambores de 200 litros
94181 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Spain Almond 2022-03-18 2020-03-30
  Description : Aceite orgánico de Almendras dulce
99132 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Morocco Other oils for cooking & dressing 2021-06-06 2020-03-10
Description : we are moroccan company we seeling organic argan oil ; organic saffron ; organic prickly pear seed oil and my others products
85151 Oils for cooking & dressing Bioellas Sa Greece Olive 2022-12-31 2020-02-03
  Description : The Biological Extra Virgin Olive Oil Bio Cretan Myron is produced according to the very strict rules on organic Farming, which strictly comply with the EU regulation (2092/91). The use of chemical fertilizers and toxic pesticides is prohibited. Only biological fertilizers are allowed for trees and dacus is confronted solely by means of traps. Our Biological olive cultivation offers olive oil of a safer quality, the ??? CRETAN MYRON. The Bio Cretan Myron is the result of the collaboration of our company with organic farmers in the most fertile areas of Crete. The ?io Cretan Myron is a product of a higher quality, which is directly produced from the extrusion of olives exclusively from the “Koroneiki variety”, the queen of the Greek varieties and only through mechanical methods. Usually, the harvesting takes place from November until the end of February. It is always stored in stainless tanks, where a natural filtering process takes place, removing foreign materials and humidity.

The average acidity of the ??? CRETAN MYRON varies between 0.3 % to 0.4 % max.

Taste: It is characterized as mild, with a medium fruity and spicy taste and a deep green color.

Use: It impeccably pairs sea-food, white meats, boiled vegetables and raw salads, by enriching taste and aroma.
98508 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Italy Olive 2022-10-10 2019-12-12
  Description : JOE & CO. SRL

Joe & Co. was set up by managers who have always been present in the world of the production of extra virgin olive oils and seed oils cold-pressed. The passion for the organic world and for cold pressed oils leads the company to become the landmark in the organic oil market. This helped to conquer valuable customers in Italy and abroad within the first years of activity. The core business is focused on the distribution of their brands, the trademark present in more than 24 countries in the world with steady growth, that exceeds more than 50% of turnover.
Joe & Co. implements an integrated management concept whereby the traceability of our products is guaranteed starting from the olive groves. The traceability continues through all the stages of production and processing, including pressing, filtering, storage and subsequent packaging in bottles. The safety of our organic oils relies on the gas-chromatography, that analyzes the content of a sample of every batch by measuring and therefore assuring the absence of pesticides. Analysis of each batch is carried out by the multi residual, SINAL accredited laboratory. Organic certification of BIOAGRICERT IFOAM accredited.
The Company is also certificated IFS, KOSHER, OFDC (Chinese organic certification). The company mainly produces their own brands but it also produces in private label for leading companies in the organic field, Italian and European supermarket chains.

• Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – Origin Italy
• Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – Origin Greek
• Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – Origin Spain
• Extra-Virgin Olive Oil – Origin Tunisia
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Chili Pepper – Origin Italy
• Extra Virgin Olive Oil infused with Lemon – Origin Italy
• Sunflower Seed Oil (cold pressed/ deodorised)
• Corn Oil (deodorised)
• WOK "Frying Oil" (H.O. Sunflower deodorised & Sesame oil)
• Canola Oil (cold pressed)
• Flaxseed Oil (cold pressed/ Flax crude oil naturally infused with orange/ Flax crude oil naturally infused with lemon)
• Omega 3+6 Oil (Flax crude oil & sunflower crude oil)
• Hemp Seed Oil (cold pressed)
• Argan Oil (cold pressed)
• Pumpkin Seed Oil (cold pressed)
• Camelina Seed Oil (cold pressed)
• Safflower Seed Oil (cold pressed)
• Extra Virgin Coconut Oil (cold pressed)
• Olio di Vinacciolo - Grapeseed Oil * Non Organic
• Olio di Riso - Rice Oil * Non Organic
• Shoyu & Tamari Soy Sauce
• Balsamic Vinegar & White Wine Vinegar
• Organic Lemon juice dressings
98477 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Ukraine Sunflower 2021-11-21 2019-12-12
  Description : Organic refined sunflower oil deodorized oil – 250 mt;

Organic crude sunflower oil – 690 mt.
90134 Oils for cooking & dressing Control Union France Other oils for cooking & dressing 2021-01-01 2019-11-04
  Description : Coconut oil
Packaging 150/250/500/720/1000
Cold pressed high-grade oil
Oil from Sri Lanka
Certified organic coconut oil
Unrefined virgin coconut oil not deodorized
76466 Oils for cooking & dressing Other India Other oils for cooking & dressing 2020-10-10 2019-10-10
  Description : Your search ends here… professional services in custom sourcing of all natural and organic products and ingredients to the pharma, nutraceutical, cosmoceutical, distributors, retailers etc.
At GrassRoots we are attempting to impact lives of consumers , farmers and the eco system as a whole.
98252 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Mexico Other oils for cooking & dressing 2020-01-01 2019-10-01
Description : aceite similar al Organic Refined Coconut Oil, en este momento estamos en proceso de certificación
89651 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Morocco Olive 2021-01-01 2019-09-12
  Description : Nous somme une societe marocaine dexportation et comercialisation des produits naturel : huile d'argan bio saffran bio huile de graine de figue de barbarie bio
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