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94201 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Italy Other oils for cooking & dressing 2020-02-10 2018-01-22
Description : Aceite de chia orgánica, prensdo sin químicos, orgánico certificado, en bidones de 20 litros o tambores de 200 litros
94200 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Madagascar Essences 2019-01-29 2018-01-22
Description : Endemic plant Oil essentials of Madagascar
94199 Animal food Other Australia Other animal food 2019-12-12 2018-01-22
Description : Raw dried organic Seagrass. Can offer dried natural, powdered, or liquid extract.
Rich in antioxidants, antibacterial and antiinflammatory properties. Raw material for medicine or health care ,cosmetics use.
Cellulose fibre rich in essential minerals for animal or marine feeds.
94198 Products for organic farming Other Iran Seeds 2019-01-29 2018-01-22
Description : Iran saffron , cumin seed factory
72277 Cosmetic products Other Portugal other Cosmetic products 2019-09-30 2018-01-18
Description : We transform prickly pear produced in biological system.
We have prickly pear seed oil cold extraction
72634 Delicatessen products Other Ecuador Other delicatessen products 2019-12-31 2018-01-18

72536 Cereals & derived products Imo Ukraine Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various 2019-09-13 2018-01-18
Description : Hulled millet (Panicum miliaceum)
83296 Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way Other Brazil other Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way 2019-08-30 2018-01-18
Description : Organic Technology Company, green chemistry, produces blends with objective is to develop natural and biodegradable cleaning products - compared to the chemicals present in the current market
83555 Fruit & vegetables Other India Fresh vegetables 2019-02-15 2018-01-18
Description : We grow organic vegetables in our farm to sell.
62337 Fruit & vegetables Other Mexico Fruits purees 2019-07-20 2018-01-18
  Description : Mermeladas de frutas orgánicas (noni, carambolo, chicozapote, mango, mamey, platano, jaca, guanabana, jugo noni)
73242 Medicinal & aromatic plants Imo India Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2019-07-14 2018-01-18
  Description : We are producers and processors of major organic medicinal and aromatic herbs. We have more than 1000 acres of farms were we grow medicinal herbs and plants.

- We dry them in our state-of-art facility, sterilize, powder (large granules) and vacuum pack in food grade bags

- In addition we provide quality certificate (from NABL accredited Laboratory) for each batch that we process.

- We completely guarantee all the products that we process for its quality and hygienicity
65825 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Morocco Raw materials for cosmetics 2019-03-02 2018-01-18
  Description : We are a Moroccan company specialized in the production and the commercialization of culinary and cosmetic argan oil. We are looking for serious wholesalers, distributors or buyers.

Of exceptional quality, our oil, certified Ecocert (NOP and BRC certifications are being), is obtained by cold pressure from argan almonds carefully selected from organic farming.

Specific in its composition exceptionally rich in oleic, linoleic fatty acids (45%)and antioxidants , argan oil is beneficial and can be used in dietetic, cosmetic and medicinal product.

Apart from argan oil, we can also offer prickly pear oil, cactus oil, cumin oil and sesame oil.

Depending in your choice, our oils can be sold in bulk or conditioned by our own care in our production units.

Observing a strict laboratory charter our production units fully meet international standards in terms of safety.

A complete range of cosmetic based on argan oil including slimming capsules will be available soon.
73549 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Morocco Other oils for cooking & dressing 2019-12-31 2018-01-18
  Description : Mybio is a companyspecialized in the production of organiccosmetic and culinary argan oil, it’s obtained by cold pressure from argan almonds carefully selected from organic farming.

specific in its composition exceptionallyrich in oleic and linoleicfattyacids (80%), argan oilisbeneficial and canbeused in dieteticcosmetic and medicinalproduct.

For your information, we are certified Ecocert, EcocertOrganiccosmetic, Greenlife, Usda (Nop), ourproductswereselected as innovativeproductsat the IFE fair 2011, we won the International Crown Quality 2011 at London, Wewerenominatedat the MoroccoAwards 2011, and thisyear, we won the MoroccoAwards 2012 with a special distinction from the jury. We have a FDA number.

Wecan propose an innovativeproduct: Aromaticculinary Argan oil.

Our aromatic argan oil ranges "Argalight" and "Argadiet" waselaboredwith passion by an artist chef in collaboration with a foodengineer and itsincluded
11 différents flavorsreferences (lemon, pomegranateflower, cinnamon, clove, cumin ,thyme, fennel, rosemary, garlic, coriander, nature ...).

"Argabio" isour nature organic argan oilproduct

"Argalift" ourorganic argan oil for skin and hair care
66000 Grocery products Other Spain Other grocery products 2019-01-29 2018-01-18
  Description : Somos un pequeño negocio familiar y no una gran empresa. Nos dedicamos a la venta y distribución de todo tipo de productos procedentes de cultivos ecológicos y de nuestro País. Nuestro deseo es ofrecer productos de alta calidad con un servicio adecuado para cada cliente.

Puede comprar a través de nuestra tienda virtual o puede pasarse por nuestro almacén y beneficiarse de nuestros descuentos especiales. También disponemos de reparto a domicilio. Si tiene tienda no dude en solicitar nuestros precios de tienda y su etiquetado personalizado.


Bebidas vegetales
Cereales y derivados
Complementos Naturales
Copos y desayunos
Fruta y Verdura
Frutos Secos
Miel y edulcorantes
Pan y repostería
Sal artesanal
Yerba Mate
67756 Commodities Other Mexico Coffee & substitutes 2019-06-30 2018-01-18
  Description : Green coffee
Origen Chiapas

Arabica from Chiapas, 1200m above see level
European quality
American quality
"Prima lavado"
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