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64038 Cereals & derived products Australian Certified Organic Australia Flour 2020-04-10 2019-02-25
  Description : Australian Certified Organic Besan Flour - milled in same mill used for wheat flour from Desi Chickpeas -
82033 Cosmetic products Other Morocco Body care 2020-02-02 2019-02-25
  Description : huile d'argan cosmétique bio, Certifié par ECOCERT NOP, AB et USDA.
82034 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Morocco Other oils for cooking & dressing 2020-03-10 2019-02-25
  Description : huile d'argan bio cosmétique et alimentaire.
Certifié par ECOCERT et USDA.
82035 Cosmetic products Other Morocco Body care 2020-02-02 2019-02-25
  Description : Produits cosmétique bio a base d'huile d'argan bio et huile de figue de barbarie bio.
63497 Products for organic farming Ceres Turkey Fertilizers 2020-11-21 2019-02-25
Description : microbakterial fertilizer varieties to root-thriving, stem stabilization, increasing the number of flowers and increase in efficiency
83693 Grocery products Control Union India Other grocery products 2020-10-07 2019-02-25
  Description : Dear Mr Ivan,

We the ALVES GROUP introduce ourselves as exporters of top quality Certified Fresh & frozen -Organic Vegetables & fruits .

We have over 5000 Certified farmers associated with us from all over India - cultivating Fresh Vegetables & fruits ,Various grains like Basmati Rice ,Wheat ,Corn - Oil seeds like -Sesame seeds ,Soya beans ,Spices like Chilly,Turmeric ,Fresh & frozen fruits -Vegetables ,Aromatic & Essential Oils ,Aromatic & Herbal products.

Please let us know your specific requiretemnt along with Quantity required & specifications to enable us to offer the best Price .

Thanks & Best Regards
83876 Fruit & vegetables Other Italy Fresh fruit 2020-02-02 2019-02-25
Description : Rago is one of the largest exporters of arugula (wild rocket) in Europe, producing it for 12 months per year, with the whole range of baby leaves, especially green and red salad, baby spinach and lamb’s lettuce.
84098 Sugar & honey products Other Russia Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products 2020-12-31 2019-02-25
Description : We produce organic honey.
Our bee yards are located in Russia, Republic of Mordovia.
The following plants have been used by our bees: Linden, Mint, Tutsan, Échium vulgáre, Willow Herb, Clover and Sunflower.
84099 Seeds Other Russia Bulk seeds 2020-10-02 2019-02-25
Description : We have seeds of phacelia and red clover.
Our farm locate in Russia, Republic of Mordovia.
84106 Herbs, spices & condiments Other India Spices, peppers 2020-02-02 2019-02-25
We are one of the first manufacturers of certified organic papadums as per USDA NOP. We are currently looking for new markets and distributors for this product. If you are interested, please contact us for further information. We also produce and export a whole range of other certified organic products. Look forward to disucssing further. Thank you.
84069 Sugar & honey products Other Russia Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products 2020-12-31 2019-02-25
Description : We have many sorts of natural honey to sell, of very good quality, wholesale qualities. There are specifications of qualities from special laboratories.
84147 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other India Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2020-02-10 2019-02-25
Description : We offer all kinds of Indian herbs,medicinal and aromatic plants,medicinal flowers,petals,roots,stems,leaves,medicinal seeds,pomace etc.
84173 Cosmetic products Other France Body care 2020-02-02 2019-02-25
  Description : Nature et Stratégie Group
30 years of excellence
Three businesses : private label manufacturer of organic hygiene products, distribution in organic stores, and home party selling.
80944 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Iran Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2020-12-10 2019-02-25
  Description : High Quality Medicinal Herbs

Organic Medicinal Herbs
81123 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Morocco Raw materials for cosmetics 2020-12-10 2019-02-25
  Description : l'huile de pépins de figue de barbarie
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