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75220 Medicinal & aromatic plants India Medicinal plants 2014-04-01 2014-02-26
  Description : Rauwolfia serpentina (Sarpagandha), dried roots

pls offer only if you can reliably comply with below requirements:

- CITES Export Permit
- direct access to the field
- direct control of post harvest process (i.e.: cleaning, cutting, drying)

I am aiming for long term business relation with a good and serious Partner, who has good access to wild and cultivated herbs and can control and document their collection.
72085 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2015-03-02 2013-09-03
  Description : organic plants
71183 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2014-01-15 2013-06-27
  Description : We are looking for a producer of tarragon leaves good quality, but not certificated. If you are from Marruecos or Israel and have the item, please, need to buy 3000 kilos. The same for Thymus vulgaris leaves but the quantity is 1x20 feet container (7/8000 kilos)
Thanks and regards
Mauricio Ferres
70183 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2014-01-31 2013-05-02
  Description : Estoy interesada en plantas ecologicas
69354 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2013-06-04 2013-03-01
  Description : Pls offer

1-3000 kg red clover blossoms / Flores trifolii rubric / Rotkleeblüten


Dirk Müggenburg

Müggenburg Pflanzliche Rohstoffe GmbH & Co KG
Tegelbarg 35
D-24576 Bad Bramstedt
69353 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2015-05-04 2013-03-01
  Description : We are looking to buy Demeter or Bio Dynamic spices and Herbs for USA market.
If you cannopt locate Demeter or BIo Dynamic then 2nd choice is to buy Organic Herbs and Spices for USA market.

We like to buy regularly and every 6 weeks we place an order.So plz place thsi requirement

2. dry Ginger
5 Bl Pepper
6.Senna leaves
7.Orange peel
8.Licorice rt
9.Spearmint leaves
10.Sarsaparilla rt
11.Lavender flowes
12.Ajwain seeds
13.Fennel seeds
14.Hibiscus flowers.
15.Chamomile flowers
16.Tulsi leaves
17.Echinacea rt and leaves
18.Burdock rt
19.Lemon Grass
20.Corainder seeds
22.Dandelion rt
23.Stevia leaves
24.Valerian rt
25.Passion flowers
27.Raspberry leaves
28.Eucalptus leaves
31.Linden flowers
31.Ashwagandha rt
32.Shatavari rt
33. dried Roses
68916 Medicinal & aromatic plants Essences 2014-02-15 2013-02-04
  Description : organic essential oils
68683 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 0000-00-00 2013-01-24
  Description : Looking for 10T of high qualaity Organic black cumin seed (Nigella sativa) not From Egypt.
We need the copy of certification.

Please send best quotation for 10T of seeds delivered to Rades port, Tunisia.
68640 Medicinal & aromatic plants Essences 2014-02-07 2013-01-21
  Description : Organic Fennel Oil
Organic Clove Oil
Organic Thyme Linalool Leaf and Flower Oil
Organic Cinnamon Bark
Organic Myrrh Tears
Organic Turmeric Extract
Organic Indian Mint Oil
Organic Holy Basil Oil
Organic Neem Oil
Organic Licorice Oil
Organic Ginger Oil
Organic Bay Leaf Oil
Organic Orange Peal Oil
Organic Oregano Oil
67267 Medicinal & aromatic plants Macedonia Medicinal plants 2013-12-20 2012-11-15
  Description : We buy Verbena officinalis herba.
67268 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2013-01-30 2012-11-08
  Description : We're looking for organic bitterfennel from eastern europe? Would be interested in 20mtons for delivery to the netherlands in dec or january
67257 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 0000-00-00 2012-11-07
  Description : please let us know whether you can offer the below items.

• Red rose petals in Fine cut/ Rose Rosa damascena
• Lavender fine cut
• Lemon balm fine cut
• Lemon Verbena
• Holy Basil/ tulsi in fine cut

Also let us know price, MOQ & the origin.
67235 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2014-02-07 2012-11-05
  Description : Bl Pepper,Cinnamom,Cardmom,Cloves,Fennel seeds,Ajwain seeds,Peppermint,Licorice,Stevia,Sarsaparilla rt,Lavender Flowers,Rose flowers,Hibiscus flowers,Chamomile flowers,Linden Flowers,Burdock Rt,Ginger rt,Lemon Grass,Senna leaves,Orange peel,Shatavari rt,Ashwaganda rt,Tulsi leaves,Corrainder seeds,Passion Flowers,Valerian Rt,Dandelion rt,Nettles,Echinacea rt,Wild Cherry bark,Marshmallow rt,Muellin,Slippery Elm Bark,Raspberry leaves,Eucalyptus leaf,

65986 Medicinal & aromatic plants Essences 2014-03-23 2012-07-26
  Description : Looking for Earth-conscious products
65826 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other medicinal & aromatic plants 2014-03-02 2012-07-12
  Description : Looking for high quality schizandra chinensis berries in powder (not extract).
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