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68484 Commodities Other Sugar
  Description : Organic Sugar is unrefined, evaporated sugar cane juice, 100% natural, and 100% organic sugar that maintain all of its natural occurring vitamins, minerals and nutrients. Maintaining a natural blonde color, Organic Sugar is a healthier option as opposed to refined sugar that is pure white in color. Organic Sugar is processed with a unique single crystallization process that preserves the flavor of the sugar cane. Organic Sugar is a great source of energy and has essential minerals without harsh chemicals or additives . Growth and harvesting of organic sugar is performed with organic fertilizers and manual weed control. Recovery and conservation of soil conditions are always a focus when harvesting organic sugar. Processing organic sugar occurs without burning the sugar cane leaves, which leads to preservation of compostable materials that do not increase the greenhouse effect.
70559 Commodities Other Sugar
  Description : All our sugar is extracted from sugarcane juice. We produce wide varieties of Organic Sugar right from 40 icumsa to 2300 icumsa i.e. White refined, Extra Light, Golden, Raw and Demarara. The sugar is packed and distributed in 25 kg paper bags and 1 ton jumbo bags.
70558 Commodities Other Sugar
  Description : Molasses
During the sugar making process, juice extracted from sugarcane is boiled down until the sugar crystallizes. This is then further processed in a centrifugal machine to separate the crystal and the left over liquid. This liquid is referred to as molasses. Our Molasses is rich, viscous and high in vitamins and mineral contents. It offers the best nutrients and has versatile usage in industries like baking, alcohol or sugar.
70466 Commodities Other Tea
Description : TEA
70465 Commodities Other Sugar
Description : WHITE SUGAR
70464 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
69758 Commodities Ecocert Sugar
Description : organic sugar golden light,brown(demerara)
68944 Commodities Other Tea
Description : Redistributrice des produits SERENIGY ( café , thé et boisson chocolatée 100% bio a base de ganoderma )
La société SERENIGY est ouverte dans 47 pays et livre les DOM TOM
68802 Commodities Quality Assurance International (qai) Sugar
Description : organic cane juice, organic sugar
68801 Commodities Quality Assurance International (qai) Cocoa, chocolate
Description : organic chocolate bulk
68268 Commodities Other Sugar
Description : White Cane SUgar
67809 Commodities Control Union Sugar
Description : Offering organic sugar Argentina, Brazil, Thailand, India
67755 Commodities Naturand Verband Für Naturgemässen Landbau E.v. Coffee & substitutes
  Description : Anual production: 40,000 69kg bags of green coffee

Roasted coffee

Various roasted
Descaffeinated (swiss water)

FOB Veracruz
CIF Destination harbor
DAT Destination airport
67582 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
Description : organic cofee beans and powder from wayanad one of the best coffee produced in world
67176 Commodities O.i.a. Sugar
  Description : Organic Sugar
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