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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
77025 Seeds Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Bulk seeds
  Description : chia seeds- hemp seeds
76773 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : BUSCAMOS CHIA
75766 Seeds Control Union Bulk seeds
Description : poppy seeds, cumin seeds, sesame seeds, coriander seeds
75765 Seeds Control Union Other Seeds
Description : Cumin seeds, poppy seeds, sesame seeds, flax seeds, etc
75218 Seeds Other Retail seeds
Description : fenugreek seeds
75217 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : poopy seeds
74601 Seeds Ecocert Bulk seeds
Description : Organic Aromatic seeds for cultivation (27 hectars). The farm is organic certified.
74504 Seeds Other Other Seeds
  Description : Amaranth is a highly important food for people who are allergic to gluten as it is 100% gluten free. Amaranth is actually not a true cereal grain but a seed of an annual plant which related to spinach. The green part of amaranth is eaten as vegetable and the seeds are utilized as grains. The seeds of amaranth are a boon for those allergic to grains.

The high nutritional values of Amaranth have been noted even by the United Nations Food And Agriculture Organization and it has been observed that wherever amaranth is consumed there is no problem of malnutritions.

Our organic food products have been grown in accordance with the standards set by organic certification agencies like USDA and EU and carry a 100% organic label. So please browse through our website and let us know of your requirements. We take both small and large orders with the best price in the market.
74534 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : producing Sesame seed (5 - 10 tones/year).
74466 Seeds Ascisco Ltd Bulk seeds
Description : I produce sesame seed (5 tones/year)
74451 Seeds Ascisco Ltd Bulk seeds
Description : Sesame seed.
selling sesame seed and medicinal plants seed.
74410 Seeds Inac Other Seeds
Description : We produce medicinal plants in high amounts in Iran like:
Mentha (Dry leaves, 15 tone/year or more)
Peppermint (Dry leaves, 15 tone/year or more)
Lemon balm (Dry leaves, 15 tone/year or more. Seed, 500 kg/year)
Lemon beebrush (Dry leaves, 15 tone/year or more)
Purple coneflower (Dry leaves, 15 tone/year or more. Seed, 1 tone/year )

We either get order for other plant and seeds which are not in this list.
72341 Seeds Other Other Seeds
Description : Organic flax, millet, mustard of Ukrainian origin, crop 2013, in bulk.
Delivery terms CPT/DDU.
Delivery by containers acceptable.
71585 Seeds Other Bulk seeds
Description : Our company is among the leading Manufacturers and Suppliers of the best quality Organic Seeds. We bring forth different Organic Seeds, such as Organic Mustard Seeds and Organic Wheat Seeds. Organic Seeds, available with us, are hygienically processed and properly packed.
70840 Seeds Agrocert Bulk seeds
Description : toutes semences en vrac des plantes médicinales
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