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37783 Cosmetic products Australian Certified Organic other Cosmetic products
Description : We fully support our spa range with retail beauty products.
37782 Cosmetic products Australian Certified Organic Body care
Description : Harmony Harvest is a new range of Certified Organic Spa products that offer an alternative to traditional beauty treatments. Made from 100% Organic ingredients sourced from the pristine environment of Tasmania; Australia. Harmony Harvest products do not contain any chemicals or synthetic ingredients which inhibit teh skin from functioning normally. Our products are FOOD for the skin - they complementour natural state without masking or clogging our pores.

Harmony Harvest products are based on Holistic Principles of Chi Energy Healing and Certified Organic Ingredients. At Harmony Harvest we work on the whole body, mind and spirit. We beleive that the health and appearance of our skin is the result of our lifestyle, diet, beauty product routine, general health and well being.

As a direct result of our holistic principles, Harmony Harvest products create harmony inside our body which in turn restores the natural beauty of our skin.

Our range includes:

Cleansers, exfoliaters, rehydration mists, moisturisers, Nourishing treatments, hand wash, body wash,body scrub body lotion, massage oil, multi green organic dietry supplement, detox massage oil, mud treatments, body wraps shampoo and conditioner. We can also provide HOTEL amenity ranges.
30169 Cosmetic products Ecocert Body care
Description : natural and organic skincare products: 1)cleansing gel. 2)cleansing milk. 3)purifying mask. 4)exfoliating gel. 5)toner lotion. 6)day cream. 7)night cream. 8)eye care. 9)slimming cream. 10)sun care spf30. 11)shea butter body lotion. 12)hydrating fluid. 12)men care. 13)hair care. 14)whitening serum. 15)anti aging serum. welcome to visit
37050 Cosmetic products Organic Trust Ltd other Cosmetic products
Description : Raw material Chicken, Fish available for manufacture of cosmetics.
37049 Cosmetic products Organic Trust Ltd Make up
Description : Raw material Chicken, Salmon available for manufacture of make-up
37048 Cosmetic products Organic Trust Ltd Body care
Description : Raw Materials Fish and Chicken available for manufacture of bodycare products
36792 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products
Description : organic skin care
36448 Cosmetic products Associazione Italiana Per L'agricoltura Biologica Body care
Description : Nous sommes distributeur de la ligne soin du visage et shampoing BEMA Cosmétique.
Ces produits sont 100% naturels certifiés ICEA-AIAB
Ils sont sans SLS/SLES , sans conservateurs ni colorants chimiques , sans solvants polaires ,sans OGM et non testés sur les animaux .
Ils sont testés dermatologiquement et microbiologiquement .
36213 Cosmetic products Ecocert Body care
Description : Argan oil
We are pleased to offer a high biological quality of virgin argan oil for body and skin care.
Our products are certified,ECOCERT.
We are able to supply our own label or yours but also in Bulk size.

Packaging: 250ml-125ml-90ml-60ml-30ml.
Bulk size 10L-20L.
34491 Cosmetic products Other Body care
Description : organic and sustainable aromatherapy products, essential oils and hydrosols. Golden Brown suntan oil without zinc or titanium. Moose Grease pain relief balm. Blue Balm skin healing ointment.
Suzanne Catty is author of Hydrosols: The Next Aromatherapy.
34460 Cosmetic products Soil Association Certification Ltd other Cosmetic products
Description : Crude Shea Butter.
Organic Sesame seeds, ECOCERT, Burkina Faso & Mali.
33933 Cosmetic products Other Body care
Description : We bring to the world two diferents of the purest, most natural,medicinal potencial proved, skincare products available.

Calendula Cream and Calendula Gel. We are certificaded by the INVIMA.
We have been interested to export.
33904 Cosmetic products Other Body care
Description : Natural rosehip oil and rosehip oil soap is a perfect cleaner and anti-aging product. Helps to renew cells, prevents wrinkles, protects skin against hard climate conditions with the help of omega 3, omega 6, vitamin A, linolenic and linoleic acids in its ingredients.
33797 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products
Description : Erbaviva was born to bring to the world a collection of the purest, most natural, organic skincare products available.

Beginning with our exclusive line of pure products for Baby and Mommy-to-be, we now also offer a full range of Bath & Body products for everyone else including our unique Organic Deodorant.

In our commitment to you, and to the environment, we use only the highest quality organic ingredients and essential oils, uniquely packaged and brought to you in a sophisticated form that honors the way nature created them.
33199 Cosmetic products Other Body care
Description : we are interested in finding a distributor for our products in Spain.

We are a Polish company, settled in Krakow for over 25 years, dedicated to the production and distribution of cosmetic and facial and body care products. Our products are outstanding for its quality and competitive prices. We have our own research and development laboratory where we employ top of the line specialists. These specialists are responsible for all Hean cosmetics formulas, and take care of their quality and health properties.

Nowadays, we are providers of the most important big perfumeries chains in Poland, Rossman and Drogerie Nature, and about 2 5000 drugstores around the country. we also have a long experience in exporting to Central and East European countries where Hean enjoys great popularity. Among our expanding plans, it is included the introduction of our products in new countries, standing out the Spanish market.

We have available a large product line whose quality has been recently recognized by the awards Per?a Rynku Kosmetycznego 2006, conferred by Polish consumers to the most innovative products of the year, achieving a first prize our Gloss Pearly Shine and two third prizes for our eye shadows Diamond Shine and our Powder Pearls. The prizes are granted by the magazine Wiadomo?ci Kosmetycznych, based on a poll made on a representative group of Polish consumers, indicating which products they use most often.

Besides the commercialization our products under our own brand, Hean, we also produce for other labels. We elaborate, for instance, body care products for Carrefour Poland, nail care products for Zenner Poland and the make up label “Sensique” for Drogerie Nature.
Fabryka Kosmetyków HEAN sp.j.
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