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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
85695 Raw materials & supplements Instituto Biodinamico Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Prover Brasil for Export Ltda. has the Organic certification IBD of Brazil.
84436 Raw materials & supplements Other Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Unrefined Raw Shea Butter imported from Cote D'Ivoire
76410 Raw materials & supplements Control Union Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Certified Organic First Cold Pressed Oils and Meals
83697 Raw materials & supplements Consejo De Agricultura Ecológica De La Región De Murcia Raw materials for cosmetics
83114 Raw materials & supplements Lacon Gmbh Flavoring additives, coloring agents, gelling agen
Description : Paprika color, Capsaisin, Curcumin, Piperine ...
82821 Raw materials & supplements Other Other raw materials & supplements
Description : Supply of Organic raw material
82689 Raw materials & supplements Other Raw materials for cosmetics
  Description : Under the Lipotec umbrella, ACTIVE ORGANICS® inspired by nature offers an extensive variety of quality natural extracts and ingredients from throughout the world, always prioritizing innovation, technology and sustainability.

The wide range of natural-oriented ingredients offers pioneering benefits to meet diverse product claims. The fundamental mission is to obtain innovative and proprietary solutions through a sustainable method. With the aim of preserving the planet, each raw material is chosen, manufactured and distributed with a commitment to the environment in mind.

To learn about our extensive product offerings, please browse through our various product categories:
ADVANCED BOTANICAL INGREDIENTS: Extensive choice of natural ingredients with relevant benefits for the personal care industry. Their performance is rigorously studied, so that each ingredient can be intended for suiting the corresponding customer's need. Every active is individually analyzed by experts, and in vitro and in vivo tests are also realized to determine efficacy.

ACTIPHYTE® botanical extracts: Basic extracts consisting of a single herb, that presents a wide range of different performance traits. According to the product claims being sought, each extract can be incorporated into specific formulas
AROMAPHYTE® fragrance ingredients: Obtention of the plant's natural fragrance to impart scent, by processing both the oil and water- soluble fractions of the plant in one extract. Using the natural essential oils of the plant allows the products to be labeled as "fragrance free".
ACTISCRUB® physical exfoliants: Variety of natural exfoliating scrubs derived from different plant sources such as fruits, legumes, nuts and seeds, giving rise to different exfoliating materials.
ACTIVERA® aloe ingredients: The large amounts of benefits that aloe vera offers has been studied since ancient times, becoming one of the most recognized natural healing and soothing products worldwide. This pure aloe vera-based product line is addressed to any skin type and highlights all of the aloe vera qualities.
82407 Raw materials & supplements Other Other raw materials & supplements
Description : More than 200 certified organic and conventional herbs. Available in raw as well as bulk powder form.
82406 Raw materials & supplements Other Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : A wide range of certified organic and conventional herbs.
82348 Raw materials & supplements Other Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Orio organic company offer a natural raw product with huge further potential in biomedicine and natural cosmetics field -10 000 years old organic mud.

Sapropelic muds are a 100% natural product rich with amino acids, enzymes, A,E, B group vitamins, mictoelements, lipids and humic acids, naturally occurring carbohydrates, minerals – potassium, magnesium, sodium, bromine, calcium and other salts.

This pure natural and ecologically clean mud can be used for:
- new cosmetic products
- new pharmaceutics - to develop new medicines
- for veterinary pharmaceuticals

Our products also can be applied in their pure form for skin, body and hair care as:
1. Face and body packs;
2. Hair strengthening and growth stimulating masks;
3. Anti-dandruff products;
4. Anti-cellulite products.
81799 Raw materials & supplements Other Other raw materials & supplements
  Description : The Green Labs is proud to offer organic powders, extracts, oils, herbs and other highly qualified organic ingredients. These ingredients are healthy, nutritious and 100% natural. It’s important to know that by using organic ingredients you do not only help avoid risky chemicals and pesticides, but also help support local farmers and companies whose purpose is to provide a deliciously fresh and natural way to supplement your diet. Our selection of organic ingredients can be used in a variety of ways; it can be incorporated in your formulations, shakes, products, etc. They are filled with vitamins, minerals, proteins and enzymes, all necessary for the best outcome in your projects.
81763 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Vanilla
Description : We can offer fair trade and certified organic:

1. Certified Organic Vanilla Beans
2. Certified Organic Vanilla Powder
3. Certified Organic Vanilla TBC
81557 Raw materials & supplements Other Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Essential oils /rose,lavender,melissa,pine,chamomile,sage officinalis,juniper berry/
80564 Raw materials & supplements Other Raw materials for cosmetics
  Description : Moroccan Black Soap (Beldi Soap) is made from the saponification of pure of olive with water and salt. All ingredients are 100% natural. The black soap is few centuries old, it was homemade by Moroccan women by mixing: olive oil + water + cedar ash rich in potassium. This mixture allows the saponification and thereof the production of black soap paste. The black soap is used to prepare the skin for scrub with an excellent exfoliant power. It is kept on the skin about 10mn and washed using warm water. The Kessa is then used to eliminate dead skin allowing it to breath while making it clean and free of toxins and impurities. The black soap is used in Hammam as well as in bathrooms.
79458 Raw materials & supplements Other Other raw materials & supplements
Description : We, group of farmers, gather in the name Organic Development Center for Internal Standards in order to produce organic materials with international organic standards to meet the needs of entrepreneurs.

Our group aims to create organic standard materials such as rice, vegetables, fruits, herbs, covering all areas in Thailand. Currently, our main area is the northern and central parts of Thailand, which is known as watershed and prosperous area for planting as well.

• Our main materials
1. Grains, such as Jasmine rice, red rice, brown rice, Berry rice, Sinlek rice,Sang Yod
(trader can own sources and Contract Farming)
2. Vegetables
3. Herbs
4. Fruits
**Under international organic standards that customers identify (IFOAM, EU, USDA, JAS)**
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