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41400 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried fruit
  Description : We offer wide variety of healthy certified organic snacks with touch of pure maple syrup: almonds, cashews, nut mixes, dry fruits and cereal. All natural ingredients without preservatives, flavors and colors. None of the snacks contain any dairy or animal by-products of any kind.
Original recipes made by hand in small quantities from the finest certified organic ingredients to ensure the quality of every batch.
Kosher certified.
Bulk and private labels available.
Made in Canada.
47835 Fruit & vegetables Other Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description : We are producing organic Banana, Papaya, mixed vegetables,
We farm a PGS group in our area and our products are certified by OFAI, INDIA
35252 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried vegetables
  Description : Kindly note that our company is specialized in the production and export of a diversified range of fruits and vegetables whether its frozen, dried , in brine or syrup products , 100% of our production is for the export market , we currently export to Europe, USA, Canada, Eastern Europe and Australia.

Due to our quality product, services and competitive prices we have managed to be main suppliers for the most prominent names in the industry.

Below you will find a list of our products as follows: -

1- IQF Frozen Vegetables

- Artichokes (Bottoms-Hearts- Quarters) - Spinach( Chopped )

- Green Beans (Whole-Cut). - Broad Beans

- Okra (6 Angels - 8 Angels ) . - Molokia

- Broccoli Florets - Cauliflower Florets .

- IQF Frozen Fruits

- Apricots (Halves- Quarters) - Strawberry( Whole – Pieces )

- Figs (Whole-Halves) - Peaches (Halves- Quarters)

2- Vegetables In Brine Products

- Artichokes (Bottoms-Hearts- Quarters)

- Cauliflower Florets

- Broccoli Florets

3- Fruits In Syrup products

- Strawberry .

- Apricots .

- Peaches.

4- Dried Powder Products

Vegetables Powder Herbs Powder

- Garlic - Parsely

- Tomatoes - Mint

- Leek - Basil

- Lemon - Watercrest

- Zucchini - Dill

- Spinach - Thyme

- Carrots - Hebascus

- Cauliflower

- Artichokes

- Onion

Fruits powder

- Strawberry - Figs

- Apricots - Peaches

I hope that the above products will meet your interest and we could establish a long-term co-operation together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information, kindly take a moment and visit our web site: . Looking forward to receiving your reply soonest.
47570 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
Description : We have ~200,000lbs of fresh organic parsley available for processing. Suberb quality.
47354 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Dried fruit
Description : Dried mangos, smoothly dried by handskilled women in Burkina Faso. Excellent natural taste and flavour!
47327 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
  Description : wild lingonberry
47326 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
  Description : wild blueberry
47325 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
  Description : wild blue honeysuckle
47324 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh fruit
  Description : certified organic strawberry
47323 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh fruit
  Description : certified organic raspberry
47322 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh fruit
  Description : certified organic blackcurrant
47321 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh fruit
Description : certified organic blackberries
40481 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Frozen fruit or vegetables
  Description : We mainly manufacture and distribute organic wild blueberry and lingonberry IQF and juice concentrate products. The products have obtained the organic certificate (EU NOP JAS) from ECOCERT.

In the meanwhile, we also manufacture various conventional berry products, such as, raspberry, blackcurrant, blue honeysuckle, blackberry etc..
47225 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Dried fruit
Description : Banana
9264 Fruit & vegetables Soil Association Certification Ltd Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : Food ingredients for industrial purposes, wide range
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