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50691 Fruit & vegetables Aclave Dried vegetables
Description : legumes secs ,haricots blancs lingots coco,lentilles vertes,flageolets verts ,pois chiches;triés ,passer en congelation ,repondant aux normes du codex
50675 Fruit & vegetables Aclave Dried vegetables
Description : legumes secs biologiques :
haricots blancs lingots ,coco, flageolets verts ,lentilles vertes, pois chiches ,normes du codex
50625 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : Organic Wild Rocket
43883 Fruit & vegetables Associazione Italiana Per L'agricoltura Biologica Fresh fruit
  Description : We have been growing organic products for many years and we have been certified for the last 10 years. This June we will have an 15 additional Organic hectares to increase our capacity to grow greater volumes and many new types of organic salads, herbs and other crops. .

Rago, is a forward thinking 6th generation (115 years) family of growers with a passion for farming. Specializing in a wide range of baby leaf products (rucola, spinach, red and green batavia, lambs lettuce, red chard, red mustard, bull\'s blood etc.) all grown in tunnels we also grow many specialty items such as herbs, green pac choi, mini pack choi and others.

Rago farms over 125 hectares of conventional and organic land all grown under plastic tunnels which guarantee a constant vibrant growing environment. We will replace 20 hectares of tunnels in the next few months as our continuing commitment to having the latest technology.

We are certified by GlobalGap, IFS, BRC, Tesco Nature’s Choice - tomatoes, ICEA (organic), ISO 2001, Conad PQC and more.

We are very fortunate do have a very deep, pure mineral water lake under our farm. In addition to giving the healthy benefit of products grown with fresh mineral water, because of the size of the water mass, we are not reliant on municipal water supplies and have never been affected by any drought.

We can harvest the product early in the morning and have the product on the way to you by the afternoon. This gives you a stronger, healthier product with 2 or 3 days additional shelf life.

We offer a full line of baby leaf products such as rucola, baby spinach, red chard, red mustard and more. ( )

Rago has been in business for over 115 years by growing quality products, placing the client’s needs first and delivering the product on time as promised. We are dedicated to bringing the best, freshest product to your doorstep. I truly believe that we would be a very good link in your supply chain for both your summer and winter programs.

Rago also has a division called Rago Europe ( which acts at a type of category manager for all Italian vegetables and fruits as well as items such as olive oil, pasta, canned and bottled tomatoes. We supply Tesco\'s in the Central and Eastern Europe and many supermarket chains throughout Italy, Greece, Germany and other areas

In our fields we use all new tractors, new Forigo bed formers, new Spider drilling machines, new Ortomec Harvesters and many other ground preparation machines to ensure the highest quality possible.

CELL +39 320 794 3225
Italy +39 082 867 1404
Fax +39 0828 679 669
37728 Fruit & vegetables Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Fresh fruit
Description : mango,avocado,lemon,
37729 Fruit & vegetables Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Fresh vegetables
Description : dutch cucumber,cherry tomato round & pear,pepper, courgette,zucchini,sweet potato,lemon,
50004 Fruit & vegetables Other Preserved fruit or vegetables
Description : Marmalades and chutneys made from exotic fruits and sweetened with organic sugar
50003 Fruit & vegetables Other Fruits purees
Description : Exotic fruit purees
50002 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : Exotic fruits NOT bananas
50001 Fruit & vegetables Other Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description : Exotic fruits as well as avocados and limes
50000 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried fruit
Description : Exotic dried fruits.
49624 Fruit & vegetables Other Frozen fruit or vegetables
Description : IQF raspberries, blackberries and blueberries with NOP and CE (Germany).
49822 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
49814 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fruits purees
Description : Organic apricot puree in aseptic drum
49813 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Frozen fruit or vegetables
Description : Organic strawberries IQF
Organic raspberries IQF
Organic blackcurrant IQF
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