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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
60907 Fruit & vegetables Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Dried fruit
  Description : Cashew
Cashews, tray of 250g
60906 Fruit & vegetables Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Dried fruit
  Description : Dried plum without pit
Dried plum without pit, tray of 250g
60905 Fruit & vegetables Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Dried fruit
  Description : Almonds without skin 250g
Almonds without skin, tray of 250g
60904 Fruit & vegetables Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Dried fruit
  Description : Apricot
 Apricots trays of 250g
60787 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh fruit
Description : fruits de saison,, emballage selon la demande
60453 Fruit & vegetables Comité De Agricultura Ecológica De La Comunidad Valenciana Fresh fruit
Description : Naranjas de produccion ecológica de Valencia, solo disponibles en temporada.
57168 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : We are in to export-import market. We are interested to sell banana, mango fruits and okra/lady finger vegetable.We are registered with APADA(ministry of commerce,government of india)
57169 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
9495 Fruit & vegetables Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Frozen fruit or vegetables
  Description : Raspberry, Strawberry, Blackberry, Blueberry, Lingonberry, Mango, Pineapple, Plum, Papaya, Banana, Pear, Peach, Apricot
8273 Fruit & vegetables Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : All kind of vegetables and fruits : (lettuce, spinach, parsley, carrots, onion, radish, basil, cedron, ming, oregan, thyme, pilgrim, exotic fruits....)
60363 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
Description : organic fruits

•Berry Blend
•Blackberries (including the Marion variety)
•Mixed Fruit
•Tropical Fruits
60362 Fruit & vegetables Other Frozen fruit or vegetables
  Description : Our private label expertise can expand your brand into the fast-growing organic and natural market:

•IQF Fruits and Vegetables – Wide range of natural and organic IQF fruits and vegetables, including fruit or vegetable blends, sourced around the world and packaged into various polybag sizes.

•Juices – Shelf stable organic juices, and refrigerated gable top organic citrus juices, tetra pak shelf stable products.

•Tomato-based Products – Canned tomato, ketchup, pasta sauces, salsas, tomato-based soups.

•Applesauces – Various flavors packaged in single serve multi-packs or 24 oz. glass.
60360 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : Our Food Group specializes in sourcing, processing and distribution of natural and organic food products integrated from seed through packaged product.

Consists of berry processing facilities and fruit base and toppings operations, that processes frozen strawberries, peaches, mangos and other fruits and vegetables, and packs natural and organic frozen fruits and vegetables for the food service, private label retail and industrial ingredient markets. The Group also includes the Healthy Snack Operations, which produces natural and organic apple-based fruit snacks
29657 Fruit & vegetables California Certified Organic Farmers (ccof) Dried fruit
  Description : Goji Berries
Golden Berries
Sun-Dried Pineapple Pieces
Sun-Dried Heirloom Tomatoes
Sun-Dried Peruvian Mangoes
52372 Fruit & vegetables Quality Assurance International (qai) Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : NP Nutra’s mission is to produce the highest quality and best tasting Açai products. We only use the highest possible processing standards from harvest to finished product and have complete control over every step during production. NP Nutra offers certified organic Acai products

We sell wholesale exceptionally high quality Certified Organic Freeze Dried Acai Powder from Brazil. We offer unmatched potency and purity. Freeze drying is a process that retains the maximum amount of nutrients while preserving the original color, taste and texture of the product. Freeze drying results in a product that is 100% pure with no additives. Our Acai freeze-dried extract is chosen by those who need a higher concentration of nutrients and polyphenols.

Other high quality Acai products are available including Acai Juice Powder, Acai 10% Polyphenols, Acai Extract 4:1, Acai Capsules. Our water soluble Acai Juice Powder is being used in many beverages while our Acai 4:1 is the preferred choice for encapsulated products. We also fill full container orders for high grade 14% Acai frozen puree. Contact us for samples, product specs and pricing on any of our Acai materials!
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