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63285 Fruit & vegetables Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Processing
Description : certified organic fruits juice

Our harvested products are carefully selected, cleaned before freezing theminstantly or transformed right away as fresh fruit.

We can supply the following organic or conventional products:

Fruit-juice concentrates

We offer private labels, 14 Oz retail packing.

We also have a processing capacity to transform the fresh organic tropical and exotic fruit into 55 gal drums of purees, juices and concentrates for industrial uses and 20 kg plastic pails.
63274 Fruit & vegetables Aclave Fresh vegetables
Description : pomme de terre charlotte ou rosabelle
63247 Fruit & vegetables Soil Association Certification Ltd Fresh vegetables
Description : 200 tonnes of organic leeks available.
Packed to suit buyer.
£1.50/Kg sterling dependent on packaging requirement (loose, bunched, box type etc).

Contact me if interested
63153 Fruit & vegetables Other Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description :
Bio-Exo est spécialisée dans l’importation, l’exportation, la transformation et la distribution en gros,
demi-gros et détail des fruits et légumes exotiques issus de l’agriculture biologique
63202 Fruit & vegetables Other Fruits purees
Description : Specifications of IQF strawberries Grade A
A. Description of strawberries:
Variety All star, American 6, American 13, Honey, Darselect, Camarosa and Sena senaga, all strawberries are of Chinese origin, to be without calyx, without stalks, cleanly washed, carefully sorted, without molded strawberries, without rotten strawberries, metal detected and free from any foreign substance.
B. Packaging:
(1) Pack size: as to customers’ request, normal is 10kg or 20kg per Carton.
(2) Pack type: Export standard outer case, no nails, flaps are to be sealed with self adhesive freezer stable tape, the cartons is waterproof, new polythene food grade liner.
(3) Labeling: buyers’ request, normally including product Description, Country of Origin, Weight, Product Date (dd-mm-yy), Best Before date.
C.Standard Analytical Data of Grade A strawberries (per 10kg).
Brix level: All star, American six, Darselect 6.0-6.5, American 13, honey, Camarosa and Sena senaga 6.5-7.5
Size: 15-25mm, 25-35mm, 25-40mm, Min 97% fruits fall within this size.
Colour: minimum 97% fruits of fine regular red strawberries color.
Taste: typical of the strawberries, without any off-taste.
Unripe and overripe fruits: each max.2% by weight.
Broken-damaged squashed and misshapen fruits: Max 2% by weight.
Clumps less than 3 fruits: under 2% by weight.
Calyx: Max 1 piece.
Leaves: Max 1 piece.
Metal/glass/plastic/stone/sand/soil or any other FMV/EVM: Non-existence.
Contamination: pesticides, fungicides, metals, mycotoxines, radioactivity, according to EEC regulations, USFDA and China National Standards.
Microbiology: NO apparent disease.
Storage and transporting: cleanly stored and transported at or under temperature of minus 18 degrees centigrade (DC).
D. Microbiological Description:
(1) T.V.C. 10000/G
(2) Yeast <500CFU/G
(3) Moulds <500CFU/G
(4) Salmonella NIL
(5) Pathogenic bacteria NIL
(6) Coliforms NIL
(7) E.coli NIL
63201 Fruit & vegetables Other Frozen fruit or vegetables
Description : Specifications for IQF broccoli florets & cuts
Definition of product :
Produced from fresh broccoli which have been trimmed, washed, blanched, cooled and individually quick frozen. This is an all natural product, containing no additives or preservatives. And may therefore be subject to seasonal colour and flavour variations. Origin of China.
By waterproof cardboard carton with polyethylene liner.
Pack type: 10kg or 30lb carton
Storage condition: deep frozen, store at less than –18 C
Shelf life: 24 months from date of manufacture/packing.
Physical Description:
Flavour: typical of broccoli, free from off or objectionable flavour.
Appearance: free flowing-pieces
Odour: typical of broccoli, free from off or objectionable odours
Size/count: *refer to comments.20-40,30-50,40-60mm
Colour: Fine regular green colour
Taste: typical of the broccoli, without any off-taste.
Foreign substance: non existence
Broken pieces: non existence
Metal/glass/plastic/stone/wood/sand/soil or any other FMV/EVM:
Contamination: pesticides, fungicides, metals, mycotoxines, radioactivity, according to EEC regulations and China National Standards.
Microbiological Description:
(1) T.V.C. <5000/G
(2)Yeast <500CFU/G
(3) Moulds <500CFU/G
(4) Salmonella NIL
(5) Pathogenic bacteria NIL
(6) Coliforms NIL
(7) E.coli NIL
Storage, shelf life and transporting conditions:
Products must be kept at a temperature of minus 18DC or less to maintain it's required condition and attain a shelf life of 24 months in unopened packs. Transported also at or under temperature of minus 18 degrees centigrade (DC).
63019 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
Description : organic cranberries

Pack size: 18, 16 or 12 packs or 25lb Bulk

Size: 8oz (227g) bags
63000 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Dehydrated fruit or vegetables
Description : Nous sommes une unité de transformation d\'ananas séchés bio basée au Togo et en France.Nous exportons nos produits vers l\'Europe et bien tôt les USA
62998 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description : nous sommes une unité de production et transformation de fruits et légumes bio principalement l\'ananas basée au Togo et en France .
Nous sommes spécialisés dans la production d\'ananas conventionnels et biologiques
62944 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Frozen fruit or vegetables
  Description :


Organic IQF (individual Quick Frozen)
Packing 1 x 10 kg bag per carton, 20.000 kg per 40' Reefer, 10.000 kg per 20' Reefer

Banana slices
Mango Chunks
Papaya Chunks
Pineapple Chunks
Jackfruit Chunks
62842 Fruit & vegetables Consejo De Agricultura Ecológica De La Región De Murcia Frozen fruit or vegetables
  Description : We are IQF organic vegetables processors.
Pepper, brocolli, cherry tomato, tomato, aubergine, cucumber and courgette are some of our products.

We also have a line of CRAFT ORGANIC PRODUCTS.
. Pepper bottoms
. calibrated pepper halves
. halves courgettes
. empty peppers
62852 Fruit & vegetables Consejo De Agricultura Ecológica De La Región De Murcia Frozen fruit or vegetables
  Description : We sell IQF Organic Vegetables.

- Pepper
- Aubergine
- Brocolli
- Courgette
- Cucumber
62613 Fruit & vegetables Other Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : we have Organic Mangos
62495 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : Fresh Produce Group NZ is an innovative exporter of quality New Zealand-grown berries, stonefruit, pipfruit, subtropicals, speciality products and vegetables. We send our tastiest produce to markets in Australia, Asia, North America, and Europe.
62448 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : SunOpta Fruit Group Products and Services

Our company is focused on providing high quality and competitively priced organic and natural food ingredients and private label products. Food manufacturers and retailers worldwide rely on SunOpta for the highest level of quality, consistency and a wide range of products.

Food Ingredients

SunOpta is a leading provider of organic food ingredients to the manufacturing trade:

Natural and organic IQF and frozen fruits and vegetables
Berry products: IQF, frozen, purees, juice concentrates
Organic juices and juice concentrates
Natural and organic fruit and vegetable purees
Organic tomato ingredients
Natural and organic custom-formulated fruit bases and preps
Organic sweeteners, including evaporated cane juice, sugar and agave

Private Label Products

Our private label expertise can expand your brand into the fast-growing organic and natural market:

IQF Fruits and Vegetables – Wide range of natural and organic IQF fruits and vegetables, including fruit or vegetable blends, sourced around the world and packaged into various polybag sizes.
Juices – Shelf stable organic juices, and refrigerated gable top organic citrus juices, tetra pak shelf stable products.
Tomato-based Products – Canned tomato, ketchup, pasta sauces, salsas, tomato-based soups.
Applesauces – Various flavors packaged in single serve multi-packs or 24 oz. glass.
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