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6397 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : Daabon Organic Group is the pioneer and leading grower of Organic ingredients in South America. Its headquarters and farms are located in Santa Marta, Colombia. It is a family owned business now in its third generation, recognized for its innovative practices in agriculture. Most of its executives are second and third family generation.

DAABON is one of the world’s leading growers of organic bananas,
producing over 27,000 tonnes of fresh organic fruits per year,
almost all of which is exported. We have 900 ha of certified organic
farms, all of which are also Rainforest Alliance and Ecocert certified.
The conditions in northern Colombia for cultivating this product are
outstanding, allowing us to harvest delicious and nutritious fruit.
75482 Fruit & vegetables Other Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : We are a co-operation of Cambodian farmers, who are wish to sell our high-grade bio-produce internationally. We sell and can produce a wide variety of produce from

Vegetable: Rice, (b/w) pepper, chilli, lemon grass, ginger, sweetcorn, etc
Fruit: Longan, Mango, orange, banana, jackfruit, etc
Beans: Black, green, yellow, eye, soya, peanut
75292 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
  Description : Intema is a company that produces ecological fruit and vegetables. It is run by dynamic, young entrepreneurs with a strong belief in environmentally-sound farming. The firm sprang to life in 2006. Its mission statement is:
To respect the environment and Nature and to ensure sustainability, fair trade, to foster local development and to minimise environmental impact by giving priority to local produce.
75456 Fruit & vegetables Ceres Fruit or vegetables in vacuum pack
Description : We are exporter of vine leaves in brine.(as your receipt)
75455 Fruit & vegetables Ceres Dried fruit
Description : Our Company is the exporter/producer of organical dried fruit, raisin-sultana.
We can send the raisins in different size of pack or unpacked.
we are proud of being certify by CERES GmbH for our organic raisin.
Our pruduction is 600 tons/year.
75452 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
Description : Olive and virgin olive oil/extra virgin olive oil.
75451 Fruit & vegetables Other Fruit or vegetables in vacuum pack
Description : Also we are exporter for vine leaves in brine, stuffed grape leaves and olive.
75450 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried fruit
Description : Our Company is the exporter/producer of organic dried fruit, raisin-sultana.We can deliver 600 tons/year.
without unpacked or packed as you wish.

And we are proud of being certify by Ceres GmbH.
75329 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
Description : High quality organic avocados
High quality organic tomatoes
High quality organic corn
75328 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : High quality organic bananas
High quality organic pineapples
High quality organic strawberries
High quality organic blueberries
High quality organic peaches
75327 Fruit & vegetables Other Citrus fruits
Description : High quality organic mandarins
High quality organic oranges
High quality organic grapefruit
75274 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
Description : P&A Industries Pvt. Ltd. exports fresh organics vegetables from India.
6152 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Dried vegetables
  Description : Fruits secs transformés. Amandes caramélisées, grillées salées, grillées sans sel. Noisettes caramélisées, grillées sans sel. Noix de Cajou grillées salées, grillées sans sel.
6151 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : Alterbio France agit tous les jours en faveur d’une agriculture biologique basée sur des valeurs essentielles de développement durable et de respect de l’environnement. Notre mission consiste à mettre sur le marché européen des fruits et légumes de qualité issus de l'agriculture biologique tout en assurant des débouchés pérennes à nos adhérents, tout cela, dans une démarche éthique et responsable. Nous croyons non seulement que la préservation de l’environnement et le « marché » peuvent cohabiter mais surtout que leur mariage est la seule voie possible pour l’avenir. Notre passion pour ce métier et nos convictions nous poussent chaque jour à apporter notre pierre à l’édifice que nous souhaitons confier aux générations futures…
74878 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : Fresh Organic Fruits & Vegetables
Frozen Organic Fruits & Vegetables

Organic Fresh & Frozen Pomegranate
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