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7455 Grocery products Qc & L. - Gesellschaft Für Kontrolle Und Zertifzierung Von Qualitätssicherungsstystemen Gmbh Pasta
Description : Different types of noodles, either whole meal or light noodles made of semola.
7165 Grocery products Bio Agri Bouillon cubes, sauces
Description : Pasta sauces, tomatoes paste, crushed, diced, ketchup,and all other derivatives of tomatoes
7031 Grocery products Imo Pasta
Description : Gluten-Free Organic Whole Grain Pasta Made from organic quinoa and rice. Long and short, private label packaging available. Direct from Bolivia- processed and packaged at the source by quality award winning Coronilla company.
6980 Grocery products Austria Bio Garantie, Abg Spreads and pastes
Description : organic soft snack spreads/pate
6941 Grocery products Ecocert Soy and soy derivatives (seeds, sprouts, sauces, d
Description : soybean for human and for animals; rice and linseed;
6651 Grocery products Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Other grocery products
6200 Grocery products Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Pasta
Description : We produce dried pasta of Durum wheat or Spelt wheat in many shapes and varieties (plain, with herbs & spices, vegetables or other products as eggs, Sweet Chestnuts or Hemp seeds).
6196 Grocery products Associazione Italiana Per L'agricoltura Biologica Other grocery products
Description : durum wheat pasta, olive oil
6191 Grocery products Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Other grocery products
Description : Our company is well established in our national market for the very high quality (certified by various international organisms and institutions: European Union included) and the healthy properties of our products. Indeed, we are recognized by various associations and specialized magazines of the sector (Junta de Andalucía, Hostelsur…). Our client reference is Auchan Spain (Alcampo) one of the best leaders of food distribution in Europe. We sell a large range of organic products mostly organic extra virgin olive oil, olives…available in different flavours and packed in different sizes. And in a few days we will have a new product in our range: organic almonds! Now you can discover the authentic organic Spanish olives and extra virgin olive oil from our company with the best healthy properties, the best flavour and the best quality. We are confident that our products will be a success! Moreover from now and on we will be able to provide you the labels in English, German or French.
5275 Grocery products Soil Association Certification Ltd Other grocery products
Description : This company is in trading partnership with almost 90% of the Health/Organic Food market in the United Kingdom. Since the early 90's Organic Logistics operates as both Distribution company and supplier of many Organic products. Speciality products include imported dried fruits,pulses and Organic Pitta Bread
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