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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
33774 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description : gammes:
- santé et bien-être
- séniors
- minceur
- sport
33696 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Olive
Description : Producimos vinos \"Montepulciano D.O.C.G., Trebbiano y Cerasuolo D.O.C. con certificaciòn Biologica. Producciòn biologica de aceite de oliva.
33686 Medicinal & aromatic plants Ecocert Essences
Description : Copaiba Balsam for the cosmetic industry
33685 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Tonka Beans for the comestic industry
33683 Oils for cooking & dressing Ecocert Almond
Description : Tonka Beans for Essential Oil for Comestic Industry
33650 Drinks Letis S.a. Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : - Tofu
* 270 grs of tofu organic semihard elaborated from organic soybean certified by Letis S.A. (Biocertificación)
* Shelf Life: nine months without cold chain.
* Apt to celiac.

- Soy drink Natural Flavour
* 1000cm3 organic soybean drink certified by Letis S.A. (Biocertificación)
* Natural flavor. Ready to drink.
* Shelf Life: six months without cold chain.
* Apt to celiac.

- Vetch Suop and dehidrated vegetables.
* Very nutritive, without cholesterol, low in sodium.
* Apt to celiac.
* 23 portions.

- Extruded Soybean
* Product high in proteins, free of cholesterol.
* Apt to celiac.
* Regular : 8mm.
* Thin: 50% goes throw 1mm mesh and 50% stays in a 1mm mesh.
* Flour: The 100% goes through a 1mm mesh.

- Extruded Vetch
* Product high in protein, free of cholesterol.
* Apt to celiac.
* 6mm.
33494 Services Other Other Services
Description : Designer de vetements en tissu biologique et equitable pour femme
33436 Sugar & honey products Other Jams and jellies
Description : Organic Mermelades , such as Raspberries, Bluberries, Strawberry , Orange and Figs Mermalades . We export to Asia, China , Europe.-
33437 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : We export to Europe, Germany, UK, Netherland.
Our Organic Honey are a very competitive
33438 Products for organic farming Other Seeds
Description : Our products are organics , we export to Asia, Europe.-Corn seed, soya seeds, linseed,rosehip seed,
Olive seeds. If you are really interesting in our prodcuts please don't hesitate to contact us.-
27243 Grocery products Icea Instituto Mediterraneo Di Certificazione Spreads and pastes
Description : Biodelice is based in Tuscany and produces an innovative range of own-label organic seed and nut butters - :


Specialities from seeds :

Description weight gm.
Tahin dark 200 g
Tahin light 200 g
Sunflower seed butter 200 g
Sunflower seed butter with honey 200 g
Pumpkin seed butter 200 g
Pumpkin seed butter spicy 200 g
Hemp seed butter 200 g
Linseed butter 200 g
Hemp and linseed butter 200 g
Omega mix (sesame,sunflower,
pumpkin,hemp,linseed) 200 g
Gomasio 200 g
Gomasio with herbs 200 g

Specialities from nuts :

Description weight gm.
Dark hazelnut butter (toasted) 200 g
Light hazelnut butter (toasted) 200 g
White almond butter 200 g
Dark almond butter (toasted) 200 g
Walnut pesto 200 g
Peanut butter (toasted) 200 g
Peanut butter with salt 200 g
Peanut butter crunchy 200 g
We can offer private labelling as well as branded products.

Shelf life 24 months.

Our products are cold - processed, 100% organic and rich in proteins, vitamins and omega. We do not use any unnecessary additives, colorants, emulsifiers, salt or sugar and buy only from a carefully selected number of raw material suppliers, preferring locally grown produce or fair trade whenever possible.

We are also willing to make spreads and butters to our clients\' own specific recipies.

We are currently looking to supply distributors / wholesalers on a worldwide basis.
33435 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Essences
Description : Our products are from the South of Chile, we exports to Asia, Europe, Organics & Vegetables Extracts Oils, such as ROSEHIP OILS, Olives Oils, Avocados Hass OILS,if you are really interestging in our products please don\'t hesitate to contact us.-
33434 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried fruit
Description : Figs, Nutz, Almonds, hazelnuts ,peanuts and many others chilean deshidrated fruits.-
We are a producer and exported compay called Camino Real Ltda. if you are really interesting in our products please don\'t hesiatet to contact us.-
33432 Fruit & vegetables Other Dehydrated fruit or vegetables
Description :
Nuz, Almonds, Figs, Deshidrated Fruits.-

We exports our products to Asia and Europe, if you are really interesting in our prodcuts please don\'t hesitate to contact us.-
33431 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Garlic, onions
Description : Our products are organics chilean products, who sell to Asia, Europe, if you are really interesting please don\'t hesitate to contact us.-

As usually exports 2 X 40´ RF Contaner Reefer
weekly shipments.-
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