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27466 Medicinal & aromatic plants Qualite France Essences
Description : Supplier of organic essential oils :
Bay laurel
Black peper
Bleue chamomile
Cedar Atlas
Cinnamon leave
Cinnamon bark (cinnamaldehyde 40%, 50% and 60%)
Eucalyptus citriodora
Eucalyptus globulare
Glove bude clous, leave and steame
Rose of Damas
Thym (Borneol)
Wild chamomile
Ylang Ylang (all grades)
27456 Cosmetic products Ofc Make up

This season green is the new black! More than just a colour, NVEY ECO launches the new green in make-up - A True Organic Make-up line that fuses fashion and nature,certified Organic by OFC Australia

After years of expansion internationally, NVEY Make-up (pronounced na-vay) from Down Under launches the latest in true organic make-up. Nvey has been created through six years of stringent research, testing and access to the expertise that comes with 46 years of experience in the beauty industry, and with the launch of the new ECO Organic Make-up line, NVEY is now positioned at the cutting edge of the colour cosmetics sector.

NVEY ECO explodes the myth that going green reduces the performance and application of make-up, with the development of unique production methods that retain the organic profile, while delivering the high performance colour and long lasting characteristics that NVEY Make-up is known for internationally.

The high performance characteristics are achieved without the use of chemical ingredients such as parabens, petrochemicals or synthetic fragrances, and ECO comes with a guarantee that the brand is not tested on animals. Manufactured in Australia , Nvey Eco is made with the most natural organic ingredients with high colour value pigments to make the application of a professional look easy to achieve.
27453 Fish & seafood Other Fresh fish
Description : Tilapia - The most popular fresh water fish in the U.S.A. that does not contain any chemicals, Hormones, Mercury, Probiotics and Antibiotics is available for sale.
Scientific Name: Aerchromous Niloticus
Name: Tilapia Fresh water fish (Farm raised)
Harvest Area: Karachi, Pakistan
Seasons: Available year round.
Type: Whole Fish,or gutted.
Plate Size each 400 - 800 gms
27452 Drinks Other Other drinks
Description : We are the manufacturer of Confectionery and instant drinks. Based in Pakistan, we are currently selling instant drinks (in a powder form) with a brand name “Insta Energy”. It is available in 5 flavors: orange, lemon, mango, peach and black currant and two different packaging 30 gm sachet and 500 gm box. We can supply any type of packaging required by you
27451 Drinks International Certification Services Inc. Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : organic instant drink available in 3 flavors: orange, lemon, and apple. packaging 1 lb card board container 10 pcs per carton.
27450 Bread, confectionery & chocolate International Certification Services Inc. Confectionery
Description : Organic candy with all natual ingredients 99% organic, available in orange, lemon, mixed berry, and pineapple flavors 20 count per pouch.
23340 Cosmetic products Ecocert Body care
Description : Organic Aloe Vera Shampoo, Organic Aloe Vera Conditioner, Organic Aloe Vera Styling Gel, Organic Aloe Vera Moisturizing Lotion, Organic Aloe Vera Moisturizing Spray, Organic Aloe Vera Mouthwash, Organic Aloe Vera Body Wash, Organic Aloe Vera Exfoliating Facial Scrub.
23341 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products
Description : natural handmade Soap, natural Massage Oil
26836 Delicatessen products Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Other delicatessen products
Description : natural, organic goat's cheese and cured ham from porc .
26840 Milk & dairy products Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Cheese
Description : Natural Goats cheese in a wide range of presentation
26838 Meat & sausages etc,,, Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Beef, mutton, lamb, pork
Description : cured salami, cured loin, cooked ham and poultry products. all of top quality.
26839 Meat & sausages etc,,, Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Other meat, sausages etc
Description : Dry cured Ham, with only porc, sea salt and time as ingredients.
cured with bone during 9 months minimum.
sold with bone, deboned, sliced. also private label.
27418 Drinks Other Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : 100% Pure USDA Certified Organic
Noni Juice and Capsules

For over 2000 years, the healers around the world have depended on a small evergreen they called Noni to keep their people healthy. The fruit of the tree was sacred - and no wonder! They used its juice to stimulate the immune system and help rid the body of toxins. They made an extract of the leaves to maintain a healthy intestinal system and normal bowel function. Today, the health-giving benefits of the Noni tree are yours in Noni Pacific.

The fruit from the noni tree has over 140 active nutraceuticals and has been used for centuries as an antioxidant, emollient, laxative, analgesic, hypotensive and detoxifier. Noni Pacific is 100% pure, low temperature pasteurized and 100% bioactive. Noni Pacific capsules offer all the benefits of Noni in an easy to take supplement.
6478 Raw materials & supplements Other Other raw materials & supplements
Description : We are in a need of coco/coir poles. Spec: coconut fibre fixed around a PVC pole
27401 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : Surrounded by a mixture of savanna and pristine rainforest where plants compete for pollination by profuse and vivid flowering, the El Dorado Honey and Beeswax Traders produce a low volume high quality product to meet customers demand and services.
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