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9155 Cosmetic products Instituto Mediterraneo Certificazione other Cosmetic products
Description : World Pharm Resource srl ,is the directly Italian manufacturer of Green Energy Organics and Sharys Milano –Italy.
From chocolate, olive, fruits, plants and flower of Mediterranean ,smell so glamorous with a global distribution based of premium retailers and a friendly ,professional business culture.
We are interesting in finding creative and passionate people to work with us .To further strengthen our global presence , Green Energy Organics and Sharys Milano ,organics prestigious Skincare is constantly looking for active and professional partners to well promoted our own brands, we are ready to give very good and serious profit to compensate the positive collaborations.
Our brands have a department store legacy, are nationally marketed and advertised and very well presented since 15 years on the international fair.
If you have a distribution network or are interested in import one for one or more of these brands,
please directly answer . We are willing to offer You a international wholesale pricing.
Meanwhile we would like to invite you to visit our web side of our vast range of products
where you find just some information regarding our products .We look forward to hear from your side.
Have a lovely day. Wilma Scarton
29866 Services Other Other Services
Description : The ATTSU model \"CS\" is a horizontal type steam generator. It is pyrotubular and has three steam vents, and designed for solid fuel furnace.
In developping this steam generator, our Engineering Department kept in mind the following objetives: energy savings, respect for the Environment, safety and simplicity of use and maitenance. The result was a generator with very little smoke circuit fouling, hinged, heat-resistant doors, total access to furnace, large steam chamber, perfect balance between volume, surface and power, and quick start-up.
29864 Fish & seafood Other Seaweed
Description : algues marines recolter et seche algues rouges algues brunes algues vertes usages industrielle et alimentaire
29852 Animal food Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Pets and domestic animals
Description :

We sell as many as 1100 organic and natural products. Some OMRI certified, other by NOFA. See our web sites for the list of products we offer. Call for Bulk pricing information for organic fertilizer, organic seed and grain and mineral suppliments for live stock.
29821 Drinks Organic Agriculture Certification Thailand Other drinks
Description : Organic Coffee
29815 Grocery products Other Other grocery products

At present Jaggery being produced in India has no set of any standards and at the time of manufacturing, chemicals like hydrosulfite, synthetic colors, additives and urea fertilizers are added to make it yellow color and long life.

We prepare Jaggery under most hygienically environment and scientifically packed with no added Chemicals, Colors, Additives and Flavors. Jaggery is made from Fresh Sugar Cane Juice. It is a Natural Sweetner and contains Glucose Minerals, Calcium, Vitamins, Iron, Phosphorous, Protein, Copper and many more.

Jaggery is a traditional accompaniment of Indian meals and is also used for preparation of various sweet dishes ( instead of Sugar). Medicinal importance of Jaggery is very tremendous. Ayurved has suggested Jaggery as a daily Health Nutrition value, Supplements Food and Medicinal use of Jaggery to purify the blood, protective agent for lung from air pollution, regulates liver function and keeps the body healthy and strong of all ages.

Available in very attractive of Food Grade Plastic Container.

Krutika Agro Produce Pvt. Ltd. Rajkot are Processors, Packers and Exporters of Agricultural and Food products of high quality meeting international standards from world famous centers of Agro Products specially from Gujarat, India.
29739 Raw materials & supplements Imo Other raw materials & supplements
Description : we have 200 hectares organic green tea plantations and 2 producing process line which imported from Japan.Our mainly production is organic Green Tea Sencha ,a japaness type green tea .yield is about 1000T.
29738 Commodities Imo Tea
Description : we have 200 hectares organic green tea plantations and 2 producing process line which imported from Japan.Our mainly production is organic Green Tea Sencha ,a japaness type green tea .yield is about 1000T.
29737 Drinks Imo Plant base drinks (herb teas, concentrates, elixirs)
Description : we have 200 hectares organic green tea plantations and 2 producing process line which imported from Japan.Our mainly production is organic Green Tea Sencha ,a japaness type green tea .yield is about 1000T.
9450 Commodities Blik - Integra Vzw/asbl Sugar
Description : Candico is a Belgian dynamic medium-sized company affiliated to the Belgian ‘Tiense Suikerraffinaderij’ and the German Südzucker group, the most important European sugar producer.
29729 Products for organic farming Other Fertilizers
Description : Fertisuelos ltda is a productor of fertilazer organic and minerals based on you own soils analisys,so that make a product according of what of customer need,also we have standar products.we can produce until 2000 tons per month.but our capacity can by expanded.
Must our products is granuled but have convencional grounded presentation,soluble inmedliatly water contact and licenced registration under colombia agriculture minister based on that especification and law regulations.
see more information on our web
27139 Fruit & vegetables Other Dehydrated fruit or vegetables
Description : El aguaje ( Mauritia flexuosa)

es rico en energía, minerales, proteína y vitaminas (contenido en 100g: calorías 526, proteína 11.0%, grasa 38.6%, carbohidratos 46.0%, fibra 41.9%, ceniza 4.4%, calcio 415.4 mg, fósforo 69.9 mg, tiamina 0.11 mg, niacina 2.57 mg y riboflavina 0.85 mg
UTILIDAD: La pulpa de aguaje deshidratado, es utilizado como: base para hacer bebidas (aguajina) y helados; como ingrediente energetizante delicioso en repostería y néctares; como suplemento vitamínico para prevenir la deficiencia de vitamina A en los niños con edades entre tres y medio y doce años. Un tratamiento de 20 días es suficiente para eliminar los síntomas de hipovitaminosis A.; en la preparación del mucílago de aguaje, para ser usado como espesante en la industria de alimentos y para la fabricación de jaleas
29704 Fruit & vegetables Other Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description :
El camu Camu (dubia de Myrciaria)

La fruta de Camu-camu tiene la cantidad registrada más alta de vitamina C natural sabida en el planeta. Las naranjas proporcionan vitamina C de 500-4.000 PPM, o el ácido ascórbico; el Camu-camu proporciona hasta 500.000 PPM, o cerca de 2 gramos de vitamina C por 100 gramos de fruta. Con respecto a naranjas, el camu-camu proporciona treinta por más vitamina C, diez por más hierro, tres por más niacin, dos veces m?as riboflavina, y el 50% más fósforo. Camu-camu es también una fuente significativa del potasio, proporcionando el magnesio 711 por el kilogramo de fruta. También tiene un complemento completo de los minerales y de los aminoácidos que pueden ayudar en la absorción de la vitamina C.

UTILIDAD: EL FRUTO puede ser utilizado como jugo, para hacer la mermelada y para condimentar el caramelo o los postres congelados, en Japón, se incluye en multivitaminas y bebidas de deportes.
EN MEDICINA, las frutas maduras del camu-camu se pelan y se hacen jugo, entonces se seca en un polvo coloreado tannish. Los porcentajes significativos del contenido de la vitamina C pueden ser perdidos si el polvo se expone al calor o a la luz o si se almacena por períodos más de largo que un año. Por su alto contenido de vitamina C, se le reconoce como limpiador de gran alcance del radical antioxidante libre, alimenta la piel, estimula la regeneración del tejido fino y calma la piel manchada. También apoya firmeza y elasticidad de la piel.

Fortalece y mantiene el sistema inmunológico.

Promueve la energía y la vitalidad de las personas con disfunción crónica inmunológica.

Previene el cáncer y enfermedades del corazón.

Revitaliza el sistema nervioso.

Desintoxica el cuerpo.

Previene el estres.

Promueve una buena saluddel corazón y el sistema circulatorio.

Promueve la absorción de nutrientes (incluido el hierro) en el sistema digestivo.

Fundamental para la producción de esperma
29675 Dietetic & health foods Letis S.a. Products for extra strength
Description : Ofrezco AZUCAR MASCAVO ORGANICO, en bolsas de 20 kilos.
Con certificación BIO de Letis - IFOAM.

También se lo concoe como Azúcar no refinado o no centrifugado.

Especial para deportistas por su alto contenido de fibras, vitaminas y minerales.
29674 Dietetic & health foods Other Baby foods
Description : Ofrezco AZUCAR MASCAVO ORGANICO, en bolsas de 20 kilos.
Con certificación BIO de Letis - IFOAM.

También se lo conoce como Azúcar no refinado o no cwntrifugado.

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