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Herbs, spices & condiments
Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : ACO Standard Compliances certificate
Alcohol Statement - Extract products
Allergen Statement
Allergen Statement Cobra Vanilla Extract 1 Fold
Allergen Statement Cobra Vanilla Paste
Anti Bioterorism
Continuing Guarantee
ECOCERT - EEC certified for Tripper Indo
ECOCERT - EEC certified for Tripper Nature
ECOCERT - NOP certified for Tripper Indo
ECOCERT - NOP certified for Tripper Nature
Food Products Association
Forced Labor Denouncement
Generally Recognized As Safe (GRAS) - Statement
GMA - SAFE audit certificate
Halal Certificate
Halal Certificate - Oleoresin Products
Ingredient Statement - High Fructose
Ingredient Statement - Organic Alcohol
Ingredient Statement Cobra Vanilla Extract 1 Fold
Ingredient Statement Cobra Vanilla Paste
ISO 9001:2000
Kosher Certificate
Oregon Tilth Certified Organic (OTCO)
USDA Compliances certificate
Bread, confectionery & chocolate
Dirección General De Alimentación Y Cooperativas Consejeria De Agricultura Y Medio Amblente
Description : Chocolate against Chainsaws.

For every bar of Single-Origin, Premium Organic Chocolate purchased, Organic Meltdown™ in partnership with the World Land Trust (WLT) helps to save one tropical forest tree from being destroyed. Forever. Their goal is to save 5 million trees by 2012, which will surely leave a lot of smiles on our faces while taking a big bite out of global warming.

Now available in nine TREE-rific flavours, Organic Meltdown has paired our traditional favourites like 73% Organic Dark, Cocoa Nibs and Milk Chocolate with first-time flavors like Rooibos with Raspberry, the spicy Chili, or alluring Maca.

Organic Meltdown is the innovative sweet solution to climate change. Bar by bar, tree by tree, we can fight global warming and help to avert the real Organic Meltdown.

For information, visit their online community at:
w w w . organicmeltdown . c o m
Raw materials & supplements
Description : VANILLA AROMA. LLC
Empresa originaria de Papantla, México.
Con experiencia en la siembra en sus propios cultivos y secado al sol siguiendo las normas y tradiciones del pueblo de Papantla. Con uso de la mas alta tecnología en el cuidado y análisis de la calidad de la vainilla. Garantizando así el proceso de Calidad en el cultivo, secado, etiquetado Buscamos como productores:
Cuidado de nuestro medio ambiente y tradiciones
milenarias, Alta Calidad en nuestros productos, Innovación
tecnológica en técnicas de sembrado.
Integración de todo el ciclo productivo en nuestros cultivos e instalaciones. Producción sustentable.
Certificación Internacional Orgánica
Nuestra Vainilla de Papantla México es un producto único y debido al uso de la más alta tecnología en el cuidado y análisis de la calidad de la vainilla, garantizando así el proceso de Calidad en el cultivo, secado, envasado y etiquetado.

La gran calidad nuestras vainas y extractos ofrecen cualidades excepcionales como aromatizantes y saborizantes para los alimentos, bebidas, postres y aromas, esto debido a que, nuestras vainas tienen el mayor contenido de vainillina del mundo, porque junto a la mejor variedad de la planta Vainilla Mexicana (“Planifolia Andrews”) aplicamos el proceso que se llama “de Beneficiado de la vaina” con unos 12 pasos diferentes, dedicando para ello aproximadamente seis meses con unos 38 días de sol para el secado natural de la vaina.

Nuestras vainas de Calidad Premium Gourmet Se empacan al alto Vacío para mantener toda su calidad

Delicatessen products
Other delicatessen products
Description : We offer variety of superior quality Canadian certified organic pasta (fettuccini, spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni, spirals).
Available in retail packages. All kosher certified as well.
Oils for cooking & dressing
Instituto Per La Certificazione Etica E Ambientale
Description : I produce excellent extravirgin olive oil in small amounts and I package it in bottles (0,75 l and 1 l) and cans (3 l and 5 l). I am a little producer.
Fruit & vegetables
Instituto Per La Certificazione Etica E Ambientale
Fresh fruit
Description : fresh season fruits and vegetables (availability following the season), mainly during summer, fall. Small farm
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : Sourcing Company with a network of some 15 direct exporting producers in Siberia, Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Iran, Bosnia, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, South Afrika, Ecuador, Peru etc.

They supply you direct with:

- Dried Culinary and Medicinal Herbs
- Oleoresins
- Extracts

both: organic and conventional

Rhodiola Root and Maral Root fm sustainable wild collection in Altai Mountains. Organic Macadamia Oil fm Kenya, etc pp
Dietetic & health foods
Instituto Per La Certificazione Etica E Ambientale
Fresh plant extracts
Description : Haromatic plants (sage, marjorane, rosemary, thyme, mint and others). Herbs and spices for cooking both fresh and/or dried, small amounts.
Bread, confectionery & chocolate
Bread, bakery products
Description : The Confraternity of the Mediterranean Diet is an association to promove high quality food products.
The food products that the Confraternity is promoting, are coming from our associated producers, most of them , biological food producers.
Description : NATURAKEM supports your company in exporting to the european market :

- As “Only representative” acc. to REACH regulation
- Writing Safety Data Sheet
- Labelling acc Ec regulation,
- (pre) registring your substance acc. to REACH regulation
Control Union
Description : offers 100% Organic cotton yarn dyed, piece dyed and printed fabrics
Control Union
Description : Offer 100% Organic cotton Baby, men\'s and women\'s wear
Delicatessen products
Pizzas, pies
Description : pies for pizza
Coffee & substitutes
Description : Production of organic coffee from Honduras
Raw materials & supplements
Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Produccion of organic aloe vera.
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