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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
32534 Fruit & vegetables Control Union Fresh fruit
Description : tropical fruits : fresh and frozen
32577 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products

made from >99% vegetable raw materials
vegetable surface-active agent, non ionic (derived from glucose: low environment impact both in production and disposal; excellent skin toleration)
selected raw materials (no SLS, SLES, PEGs, PPG, OGM, synthetic perfumes, colouring agents, petrochemical substances, ethoxilated, or other risk factors)
does not alter skin pH
not irritating
completely biodegradable
respects hydrolipidic skin-surface
gently deterges skin and hair
contains exclusively pure essential oil
moderately foaming
does not contain ingredient of animal origin
100% alimentary or vegetable ingredients

Bath/Shower gel, Hemp and Lavender
Bath/Shower gel, Hemp and Citrus Fruit
Bath/Shower gel, Hemp and Vetiver
Shampoo for greasy hair, Hemp and Tea Tree
Healthy-hair shampoo: prevents hair-loss, Hemp and Ginseng
Anti-dandruff shampoo, Hemp and Birch
Mild shampoo for fine hair, Hemp and Wheat proteins
Hair conditioner for curly, fine and stressed hair
32576 Cosmetic products Other Body care
Description : Made mainly with vegetable ingredients
Contains exclusively pure essential and vegetable oils
Selected raw materials (no SLS, SLES, PEGs, PPG, OGM, synthetic perfumes, colouring agents, petrochemical substances, ethoxilated, or other risk factors)
Does not alter the skin pH
Respects the hydrolipidic surface of the skin
Made with glyceric extracts
Does not contain preservatives considered allergic causing
No animal testing on finished product

Anti-age face cream, Hemp and Hamamelis
Moisturizing face cream, Hemp and Sweet Almonds
Moisturizing face cream
Cleansing lotion, Hemp and Mallow
Mask, Hemp and Mud from the Dead Sea
Body lotion, Hemp and Marigold
Hand cream, Hemp and Jojoba
Foot cream, Hemp and Mint
Pure Hemp Oil: for massage, hair, sun bathing; contains pure essential oils
Post-depilation moisturizing lotion, Hemp and Tea Tree
Aftershave lotion
32558 Dietetic & health foods Hungaria öko Garancia Kft Other dietetic & health foods
Description : Organic wholegrain spelt cracker,baked using only flower and water without added sugar, salt, fat and yeast.It is ideal for a low fat,balanced diet.For supporting a healthier lifestyle we now have the cracker combined with Omega 3 fatty acids and blue green alga.It is also very useful for allergic, diabetic and neurodermitic patients.
32518 Medicinal & aromatic plants Ecocert Aromatic plants
Description : The Farm of Zoe is an ECOCERTcertified organic farm . It produces organic cultures in harmony with the Nature and
and works according to our customers requirement. Moreover, it has many certified lands ready to answer the future orders of its customers (aromatic plants, medicinal, vegetable plants). It produces, packs its production and exports it, in order to get the best quality till the customers stores. It can also develop “derived products” on request.

Spearmint ( Mentha spicata )
32526 Animal food Other Other animal food
Description : Northland specializes in the development, production and sales of Conventional Non-GMO and Certified Organic specialty variety seeds, grains, food ingredients and animal feed.

Corn and other Cereal Grains
Flour, Meals & Feeds
Soy Oil
Soy Lecithin
Soy Beverage Powders
Specialty IP Food Use Seeds
32413 Dietetic & health foods Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Food supplements
Description : 100% Certified Organic Pomegranate and Red Grape Seed Extract
Elite Naturel Pomegranate and Red Grape Seed Extract are the perfect dietary supplements and serve as powerful antioxidants.
32523 Drinks Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : 100% Certified Organic Juice and Seed Extract

Black Mulberry
Rose Sherbet
Bionix (Energy Drink)
Baby Juice
Red Grape Seed Extract
Pomegranate Seed Extract

Pomegranate, Grape, Quince, Pear, and Melon Juice also available in 100% Natural Juice.
32521 Fruit & vegetables Other Processing
Description : We are looking for a partnership/business contract for production of fresh and processed organic pears and plums.
32520 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
Description : We are looking for a partnership/business contract for production of fresh and processed organic pears and plums.
32477 Grocery products Ecocert Pasta
Description : Los fideos o pastas son productos que estan libres de Gluten, y son conformados con Quinoa, Cañahua y Amaranto esto quiere decir que su vaolr nutritivo es muy elevado.
32476 Cereals & derived products Ecocert Other cereals & derived products
Description : La Quinoa es talvez el producto que tiene el mas alto valor energético y nutritivo entre los cereales y alimentos en general, el grano de Quinoa crece a más de 4000 mtrs sobre el nivel del mar eso hace que su concentración de minerales y nutrientes sea alta, el producto puede ser consumido en reemplazo del arroz, es utilizado para la producción de harina la cual puede ser utilizada para hacer pan , tortas y toda clase de alimento a base de harina al igual que se utiliza para la producción de fideos si Gluten. En resumen la Quinoa es uno de los alimentos mas completos que existen y su consumo significa la forma mas sana de obtener una nuena salud.
32472 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products
Description : Natural & Organic Beauty Products

31932 Services Other Consulting
Description : Consulting about marketing and tecnical research in food production.
32441 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Spices, peppers
Description : Organic producers of Turmeric.Certification from INDOCERT for EEC regulation 2092/91.Can also take specific plantations.
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