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Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
other Textile
Description : Sheepskins
Cereals & derived products
Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
Description : Organic Rice is healthy rice, no chemical pesticides, free synthetic fertilizer, irrigation from natural mountain water.
White rice, medium grain, and aromatic rice.
Certified by SUCOFINDO Indonesia.
Raw materials & supplements
Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Organic 96% alcohol.
Description : we search for any organic product, contacted suppliers or direct producers, negotiate and verify quality, quantity and price
Fruit & vegetables
Citrus fruits
Description : Bonjour,
Je recherche des patenaire pour la vente de nous fruits et legumes bio

Notre société de distribution de fruits et légumes est présente sur le sud ouest de la France avec des entrepôts frigorifiques à Montpellier

Nous allons commencer, courant juin, un programme d’importation de produits bio au départ du Maroc (direct production)
Other Services
Description : We are one of leading feed machinery manufacturers in China, hereunder is part of our products for reference.

Since mid of 80’s, our factory started to R & D the feed machinery due to local demanding rising sharply, the first electronic control unit ZPS5000 was successfully and completely accepted by both Government and overseas buyers. Currently, we are enlarge our production scale and would like to introduce more and more new models for industrial buyers worldwide.
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : 100%Organic Schizandra Berries.
100%Organic Astragalus Slice.
100% Organic Arnebia Root.
100% Organic Rhodiola.
100% Organic Snow Lotus Herb.
100% Organic Pink Rose Bud
Description : We're able to offer certified organic green tea, red tea, rosehip tea , yerba mate tea and natural jasmine tea packed in individual small bags.
Oils for cooking & dressing
Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : we're able to offer a first quality natural nonGM canola oil made in cold pressed packed in cans or in pet bottles .
Sugar & honey products
Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : From different regions of Argentina we're able to offer certified organic honeys packed in glass jars for retailing or in bulk in 320 kgs drums . We have an ample range of colours (from 8 to 100 mm pfund) and tastes ( honeys from the meadows, from tne river side and islands of the Paraná River, from the Andes mountains and from the northern woods of the mesopotamia .
Fish & seafood
Letis S.a.
Frozen fish
Description :
Allow me to present to you the firm Aguas Claras S.A. , a trout breeder from the southern lakes of Argentina who is working with high standards of quality applying the world wide well known genetics of Troutlodge . I've been nominated by this company for negotiating international supplying contracts of its products with or without organic certification and in its different presentations : a) packed frozen (whole or fillets) and b) cured (packed smoked fillets) . We can provide of large quantities of these products .

We work with the specs that our customer may ask related to the trout pigmentation , size, weight, etc. making the formal contracts for starting with the shipments between 8 up to 10 months ahead. This schedule is provided because the producer will need the time to make the production from the beginning under those determinations . Please, visit our web page at : . Besides, we´re able to provide frozen natural trouts from lots at this moment available.
Dietetic & health foods
Other dietetic & health foods
Description : natural gluten free and dairy free products for celiacs such as premixed flours, cookies, puddings, small sponge cakes covered with chocolate and stuffed with dairy caramel, rice pasta
Bread, confectionery & chocolate
Bread, bakery products
Description : natural gluten free and dairy free products for celiacs such as premixed flours, cookies, puddings, small sponge cakes covered with chocolate and stuffed with dairy caramel, rice pasta
Bread, confectionery & chocolate
Biscuits, pancakes
Description : Toda la riqueza nutritiva y energética del amaranto la maca el tarhui y la quinua.
Elaboradas sin conservantes ni quimicos.
Con productos 100% naturales, en diferentes presentaciones.
Cereals & derived products
Control Union
Description : La Maca es una raíz estilo tubérculo que crece a una gran elevación en las montañas de los Andes. Estimada por los Incas y después por los españoles, la Maca ahora, está emergiendo de la oscuridad y del borde de la extinción para tomar su lugar entre las hierbas más valiosas conocidas por el hombre. Contiene grandes cantidades de Calcio y Potasio, también Hierro, Silicio, y muchos minerales. Por esta razón es usada para tratar y prevenir la osteoporosis.

La raíz de la Maca contiene sustancias naturales que estimulan la Pituitaria y el Hipotálamo. Estas glándulas, a su vez, activan los ovarios, adrenales, testículos, tiroides y páncreas para regresarlos a su funcionamiento saludables, además de producir un número normal de hormonas. Esto ha sido demostrado con las hormonas sexuales mediante ensayos con hormonas salivales. En adición, un número de personas tomando medicamentos para la tiroides se han dado cuenta de que ellos pueden dejar de tomar o reducir el uso de la hormona tiroidal
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