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Fruit & vegetables
Dried vegetables
Description :
Fruit & vegetables
Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description :
Exotic fruits and vegetables
Milk & dairy products
Butter, cream
Description : Our range of organic products includes:


Sweetcream Salted
Sweetcream Unsalted
Lactic Salted
Lactic Unsalted
Milk & dairy products
Skimmed or powdered milk
Description : County Milk Products is one of Europe's leading suppliers of Organic Dairy Ingredients, having been active in this area for several years.

Our range of organic products includes:

Full Cream Milk Powder
Fat Filled Milk Powder
Skim Milk Powder
Cream Powder
Whey Powder
Whey Protein Concentrate


Whole Milk
Skimmed Milk
Whole Milk Concentrate
Skimmed Milk Concentrate
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : Stretch-less

Stretch marks (striae distensae) are cutaneous lesions that accompany the hormonal upheavals of the major stages of life: Puberty and pregnancy are the main causes. Stretch marks develop abruptly and progress slowly from a pink to violet color, then to an ivory white or sometimes nacreous hue. They never disappear. They are thus experienced as an uncalled for calamity.

Strechless is a revolutionary concept for preventing the emergence of stretch marks and limiting their extension. Thanks to a combination of seven active natural ingredients with exclusive jojoba oil, shea butter and highly skin conditioning lipids and moisturizing agents in a rich cream super formula, strechless now makes it possible within two months for way.
Cosmetic products
other Cosmetic products
Description : Henna Penna

Henna Pen is a pen filled with henna extract for the making of natural tattoos and skin decorations. The revolutionary technique of extracting the henna and formulating ink is a patented technology. Henna Pen is quick and easy to use.
1- Easy and safe application at free hand or with stencils.
2- Dries up quickly on the skin.
3- A two-tipped pen A thin and a thick tip for better designs!

To beautify ones body with henna tattoos on festive occasions is a tradition that is present in many cultures. In the last decade, tattoos and body decorations have also become a popular trend among young people all over the world.
1- Enhance make-up and can replace jewellery.
2- Stays on the skin for a few days.
3- Refresh the tattoo and make it darker by reapplying.
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : Fairyskin

Pigmentation whitening gel, whitens and exfoliates.

Face and body gel that will gently erase hyper pigmentation caused by an excess of melanin. The synergy of the different plant extracts helps to achieve a whitening effect. The gel also acts as a stimulant of microcirculation and has astringent and gentle exfoliating properties.

-protects sensitive skins against chemical and mechanical aggression.
-diminishes brown spots caused by the excess of melanin and due to skin aging processes.
-reduce skin pigmentation problems occurring during pregnancy and hormonal malfunctioning periods.
-botanically derived.
-hydroquinone free.
Cosmetic products
other Cosmetic products
Description : Lemonose

-clear nad fresh skin.
-decreases glycation & skin roughness.
-increases brightness, luster and colour of skin.
-improves skin radiance.

Lemonose is a revolutionary purifying and astringing gel for the skin on and around the nose but also for other oil prone skin areas. Lemonose leaves your skin clear and fresh all day long and relieves your skin from eventual oily and shiny surfaces.

With newest technology of combining lemon and other beneficial herbal purifying extracts together with saccharmyces ferment enzyme lemonose leaves the skin refreshed, clarified, smoothed and completely clean without being stripped of vital moisture. Lemonose is suitable for all skin types as it balances the sebaceous function of oily, dry and combined skin by reducing the sebum flow of the oily skin and restoring the hydrolipidic film of the dry skin. By balancing the oil prone skin lemonose soothes and tightens the pores and offers a protection against acne.
Cosmetic products
Make up
Description : Curiosa Lipbalm

With vitamin e & UV filter

1- relieves chapped or cracked lips.
2- spf 4 sunscreen.
3- not tested on animals.
4- temporarily protects and helps relieve chapped or cracked lips.
5- helps protect lips from the drying effects of wind and cold weather.
6- comes in five colours.
7- cute and needs small space in your purse.
8- tastes great!

Colours and matching flavours:
Lipbalm blueberry, lipbalm pineapple, lipbalm cherry, lipbalm peach, and lipbalm kiwi.

Active ingredients
1- natural lanoline.
2- beeswax.
3- tocopheryl acetate vitamin e.
4- essential oils.

1- the texture is a very special indication for dry lips with a very high moisturizing and nuturing effect.
2- additional with UV filters the quality are giving a maximum of protection.
3- the tender application has a glossy and shimmering coverage, it S like a sense of well being.
4- dermatologic ally tested!
5- applicable as topcoat together with long-lasting lipsticks.
Cosmetic products
other Cosmetic products
Description : Capiless

Capiless is a face and body gel minimizing the appearance of broken capillaries and spider veins on distressed skin.
Thanks to its composition capiless improves the problem linked to capillary fragility by decreasing telangiectasias, erythrosis and reinforces vascular walls and improves microcirculation in veins and capillary vessels.
The virtues of safe plant concentrates in capiless, rich in flavonoids, saponosides and procyanidols, are close to the activity of vitamin p, favouring microcirculation and strengthening
Vein walls. Capiless is able to decrease the blood capillaries permeability and reinforce their resistance as well as soothing of skin.

It has the following activities:
- reinforcement of capillary wall,
- anti-couperose,
- soothing,
- anti-irritating.

Couperose is a chronic skin affection, which developes in stages
And leads to inflammation and unaesthetic facial redness.
Couperose affects 15% of the population, mostly people
Between 30 and 50 years old with fair skin complexion. It is more
Prevalent among woman than men.
Couperose has 4 stages:
- stage 1: Areas of redness in the face during exposure to activating factors.
- stage 2: The redness has become permanent: It is called erythocouperose,
- stage 3: Appearance of spots,
- stage 4: Constant swelling of certain zones of the face.
Couperose is aggravated by different factors:
- prolonged sun or sunbed exposure. The UV - and ir rays
Increase the dilation of blood vessels,
- sudden temprature changes,
- eating spicy food, drinking hot beverages or alcohol,
- hormonal influences (pregnancy or menopause),
- skin type.
Up to now the real causes of couperose are still unknown.
Cosmetic products
Make up
Description : Henna Eyes

Henna Eyes is a revolutionary product that gives the contour of your eyes a fashionable and a long lasting colour thanks to pure henna extract. Henna Eyes is a semi permanent eyeliner based on 100% natural ingredients.
Double function an eyeliner and a brow liner.
Long lasting and natural make up thanks to pure henna extract.
Touch proof does not smudge.

Henna Eyes is based on 100% natural ingredients and on pure henna extyract.
Soft and gentle.
Free from preservatives and artificial colours.
Not tested on animals.

Henna Eyes represents all the beauty enhancing benefits of henna, Lawsonia Inermis, without the complicated process that traditional uses of henna requires. Thanks to its unique formula and shape Henna Eyes is a straightforward and easy to use product.
Perfect look all day long
A two tipped open for high precision.
Colours for all tastes.

Choose from our range of colours to match your mood and clothes!
Choose to be a Classic Beauty with our traditional colours: Liquorice Black, Agave Grey, Black Currant, Blueberry, Cocoa Brown, Hazelnut and Fudge.
Or go wild with our trendy palette of colours: Raspberry Pink, Purple Plum, Mint Blue, Avocado Green and Golden Honey.
Cosmetic products
Make up
Description : Henna Lipsize

Try Henna Lipsize for voluptuous and sensual lips. Henna lipsize works as a booster for your lips and will give them a fuller look.
1-enhance the volume of the lips.
2-reduces furrows and desquamation.
3-gives you sensual and shiny lips.

The presence of refreshing orange extract and natural oils also give henna lipsize smoothing and moisturizing qualities, making it very gentle and agreeable to apply and leaving your lips shiny and bright.
1-acts as an emollient and moisturizer for softer lips.
2-protect lips from UV and free radicals.
3-results visible already after a month S use!

Henna lipsize is the perfect alternative to expensive surgery, such as collagen injection and to painful tattooing of the lips contour. Henna lipsize S ingredients hydrate and stimulate the collagen and gag (glycosaminoglycolas) synthesis in the connective tissue of the lips thanks to which you can get the same results in a better way!
1-quick, painless and cheap.
2-gentle and agreeable to wear.
3-made of 100% natural ingredients.

Double size double concentration
Cosmetic products
Make up
Description : Henna Lips

Henna Lips is a semi-permanent, two tipped lip liner based on 100% natural ingredients. Since Henna Lips is water based and not waxy, it will not feel sticky on your lips.
Soft and gentle.
Double function a lip liner and a lipstick!
Colours for all tastes.

The presence of Wheat Protein also gives Henna Lips smoothing and moisturizing qualities. A fresh peppermint fragrance will make your lips feel cool and refreshed.
Cooling sensation.
Long lasting colour thanks to pure henna extract.
Kiss proof does not smudge.

This product represents all the beauty enhancing benefits of henna, Lawsonia Inermis, without the complicated process that traditional uses of henna requires. Henna Lips is a straightforward and easy to use product.
Revolutionary and unique formula.
100% natural ingredients.
Not tested on animals.

Choose from our range of colours to match your mood and clothes! Cherry Pink, Grape, Burgundy, Cappuccino, Strawberry Red and Chocolate Brown.
Cosmetic products
other Cosmetic products
Description : Bingo Mango

Bingo Mango is a revolutionary gel for enhanced sexual pleasure. Thanks to a combination of natural ingredients and modern technology, Bingo Mango now makes it easier for women to increase their enjoyment of sex in a safe and natural way.
Bingo Mango is a gel that increases clitoral sensitivity thanks to the advantagous characteristics of its natural herbs. Wild Yam, in combination with other natural extracts, has shown to amplify sexual sensation and orgasm for both men and women.
All ingredients used in Bingo Mango are natural and well known for their beneficial activities. They have been carefully selected to attain the best results and to help women have a more satisfying sexual life by increasing desire.
The cautiously selected ingredients used in Bingo Mango work in synergy to enhance sexual pleasure and enjoyment. The gel is easily absorbed by the skin, which allows both men and women to benefit from the herbs positive properties. Bingo Mango also feels agreeable and refreshing to use.
Cosmetic products
Make up
Description : Vitamines Lip Liner

Automatic outliner + nib-end. " An automatic Up & Down disposable pencil with a nib-end (lip pencil).

Developed exclusively for your sweet lips ... With natural vitamin C and E to beutify and protect! A new product with an added value brought by the double application: " Automatic outliner + nib-end. " An automatic Up & Down disposable pencil with a nib-end (eye shadow and lip pencil). " A modern, matte-finish, automatic pencil with exclusiveeye shadowand lip pencil applicators. " A new and original product in stylised forms. " A perfect combination of design and practicality in womens make-up. " The double action enables quick, convenient and simple application; perfect for modern lifestyles. Pamper your lips with a touch of colour: " A texture achieved by the combination of light, moisturising and sexy softening ingredients, which welcome the soft brush application to definethefinalcolour. " Both products ensure an original and long-lasting effectin your make up. " Prepare the area eye/lip area with the initial colour application and finishwithexpansiveretouching. " Easy to apply.
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