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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
41399 Delicatessen products Other Other delicatessen products
Description : We offer variety of superior quality Canadian certified organic pasta (fettuccini, spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni, spirals).
Available in retail packages. All kosher certified as well.
41171 Oils for cooking & dressing Instituto Per La Certificazione Etica E Ambientale Olive
Description : I produce excellent extravirgin olive oil in small amounts and I package it in bottles (0,75 l and 1 l) and cans (3 l and 5 l). I am a little producer.
41172 Fruit & vegetables Instituto Per La Certificazione Etica E Ambientale Fresh fruit
Description : fresh season fruits and vegetables (availability following the season), mainly during summer, fall. Small farm
41169 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : Sourcing Company with a network of some 15 direct exporting producers in Siberia, Korea, China, Vietnam, India, Pakistan, Iran, Bosnia, Ghana, Uganda, Kenya, South Afrika, Ecuador, Peru etc.

They supply you direct with:

- Dried Culinary and Medicinal Herbs
- Oleoresins
- Extracts

both: organic and conventional

Rhodiola Root and Maral Root fm sustainable wild collection in Altai Mountains. Organic Macadamia Oil fm Kenya, etc pp
41173 Dietetic & health foods Instituto Per La Certificazione Etica E Ambientale Fresh plant extracts
Description : Haromatic plants (sage, marjorane, rosemary, thyme, mint and others). Herbs and spices for cooking both fresh and/or dried, small amounts.
41134 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Bread, bakery products
Description : The Confraternity of the Mediterranean Diet is an association to promove high quality food products.
The food products that the Confraternity is promoting, are coming from our associated producers, most of them , biological food producers.
40986 Services Other Consulting
Description : NATURAKEM supports your company in exporting to the european market :

- As “Only representative” acc. to REACH regulation
- Writing Safety Data Sheet
- Labelling acc Ec regulation,
- (pre) registring your substance acc. to REACH regulation
40978 Textile Control Union Fabrics
Description : offers 100% Organic cotton yarn dyed, piece dyed and printed fabrics
40977 Textile Control Union Clothes
Description : Offer 100% Organic cotton Baby, men\'s and women\'s wear
40875 Delicatessen products Ecocert Pizzas, pies
Description : pies for pizza
40921 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
Description : Production of organic coffee from Honduras
40861 Raw materials & supplements Other Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Produccion of organic aloe vera.
40918 Drinks Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : Bière artisanale biologique :
la \"JOSEPH\" à base bière d\'épeautre blonde 5% vol alc
40878 Fruit & vegetables Icea Instituto Mediterraneo Di Certificazione Dehydrated fruit or vegetables
40868 Raw materials & supplements Other Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : importer of Brazilian and Amazonian food supplement (Guarana, Muirapuama, Brazilian Ginseng...), vegetal and essencial oils.
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