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Description : we are certififed by control union for the production of high quality woven and knitted fabric.
We produce yarn dyed fabrics, bed linen fabrics and jacquard fabrics. We also produce poplin, chambric, voile , sateen , canvas, twill , drill and duck.
We produce knitted: single jersey , rib, stripes and velour.

We produce organic cotton , tencel blend and organic cotton seacell blended fabric.
Description :
We are manufacturers of high quality garments form India.We are certified organic by control union for both GOTS and OE. We comply to all factory regualtions and pay our employees state insurance and provident fund. We follow the strictly stipulated working conditions, health regualtions and hours of daily work.

We have the capacity to produce both knit and woven garments with complex patterns.
We have a sampling unit of 10 single needle machines, 5 special machines and 10 highly qualified sample tailors - who work on salesman samples and small productions.
We have a line of 50 single needle machine , with bartack , keyhole, lockstitch button attaching and feed of arm - all set of bulk production.

We will give you a list of our clients when you contact us.

Please give us further details about your requirements .
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : Herbal Hair & Body Care Products. Fantastically fragranced. Hypo-allergenic. Supplier to Luxury Hotels, Health Shops, Pharmacies, Spa's. Single & bulk. Also 100% Cotton Towels. See our website
Cosmetic products
Australian Certified Organic
Body care
Description : Annie\'s Organics is an Independent Representative of Organic and Natural Enterprise Group (or ONEgroup), an Australian based company who creates and manufactures the world\'s first Certified Organic skincare, haircare, personal care, health care and cosmetic products. ONEgroup\'s range of products stand in a class of their own by being independently certified to international food grade standards by some of the world\'s most respected organic certifying organisations, namely, Australian Certified Organic (ACO), the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) and IFOAM (Europe).
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae)
Aromatic plants
Description : Wild Organic Lavender (Lavandula Stoechus).

Retail ready packed in delighful organic cotton drawstring sacks

No minimum order quantity. Straight from the farm to the shop.

Malcolm Coxall,
Cortijo Cornelio,
29170 Provincia Mlaga

Tel /FAX +34 951163107
Fruit & vegetables
Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae)
Fresh fruit
Description : Mangos 2000kg over harvest period. For collection at farm (Malaga) or delivery by arrangment. Can be packed retail ready.

Instituto Biodinamico
Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : Aguardiente de caña de azúcar orgánica
Fruit & vegetables
Dehydrated fruit or vegetables
Description : we offer organic fruits and vegetables, please note that as manufacturers we process and can offer for export both certified organic and non-organic products depending on what potential buyer requires and whishes to have

- All kind of European fruts, vegetables and mushrooms - both wild and cultivated.

We offer the following processing :

- Fresh - quality sorted and packed / industrial packings,
- Frozen / IQF - deep frozen and / or cooled / industrial packings,
- Sliced + diced - industrial packings,
- Dried - industrial packings ,
- Blanched - indistrial packings,
- Brined - industrial packings.

Note : For the moment we do not manufacture and offer retail / supermarket packings. However we do offer open market packings / crates for example.

Partial deliveries accepted – Min. order quantity : 1 x Full Truck Load or 1 x 20 FT FLC
Exempt of the mushrooms – Min. order quantity : 1.5 – 2.5 t truck load for fresh product
Min. order quantity : 300 Kgs by air delivery
Raw materials & supplements
Description : organic vanilla from Comores
Fruit & vegetables
Fresh fruit
Description : mangos : KENT KEIT
Other Seeds
Description : oil, confectionary
Oils for cooking & dressing
Description : oil, confectionary
Oils for cooking & dressing
Description : palm oil, stearin, olein
Description : cane sugar, demeara, fair trade
Cocoa, chocolate
Description : cocoa butter, powder, beans, liquor
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