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Oregon Tilth Certified Organic
Other drinks
Description : Klamath’s Best® Blue Green Algae products are Certified Organic, 100% USDA Organic, 100% Vegan, Kosher, GMO-free and Gluten-free; available in bulk powdered form, bulk tablets, bulk capsules or labeled bottled product. Its high nutrient density and the synergistic effect of the trace nutrients that it contains that makes the blue-green algae the ultimate superfood. It offers a maximum of important micronutrients and simultaneously a minimum of calories. And as such it is one of the most concentrated foodstuffs on our planet. Currently Klamath’s Best® BGA is used as a daily whole food dietary supplement, in lotions and other cosmetic products, shampoos, pet products and in green food drinks worldwide.
Oils for cooking & dressing
Other oils for cooking & dressing
Description : certified organic oils

The company today called Huilerie Emile Noël, located in Pont-St-Esprit – in olive country, between Provence and the Cévennes – has since 1920 been renowned as a miller of quality oils.

In 1972 Huilerie Emile Noël again stood out from the crowd, becoming the first oil producer in France to crush organic seeds.

In 1998 a new 6,000 sq.m. building was constructed – a far-reaching change that resulted in a full reorganisation of the company's facilities and teams: a new stainless-steel tank room was installed, the laboratory was extended, and a purchasing department and logistics areas were created.

Today Huilerie Emile Noël is an independent, family-owned SME which leads the French market in its specialist area – producing virgin, first cold-pressed organic oils.

The company is also building a strong export business.
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Medicinal plants
Description : We are manufacturers exporters of Anti-diabetic herbal supplements & other herbal products to combat lifestyle problems.
Certification body : APEDA
The inspection authority in India is Agricultural and Processed Food Products Export Development Authority (APEDA), Ministry of Commerce, a Government of India body. We also adhere to the National Organic Standards formulated by APEDA.
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : We, at Cobble have successfully developed and released 14 items of the Ecocert Certified Organic Skin Care Products in recently, it has contains two different kind Cleansers, two different kind Toners, four different kind Essences, four different kind Lotions, Eye Cream and Day Cream, we was just get approved from Ecocert about a few months ago.

And we now is in the developing stage of another 58 new items, it has includes the body care for adults, Childs\' body care....etc. baby\'s care...etc. and the detergents for hands, detergent for dishes, detergent for vegetable… and so on.

We now are looking for the distributors for each different territory. Should you interested in our Ecocert Certified Organic Skin Care and the related products, please kindly check our web page at to get more information and idea, and you are very welcome to contact me directly at your convenience time. 408-838-4818, and email address of can reach me


Paul Hsu/Owner
Cobble San Francisco Int’l Co. DBA Pebble Int’l Co.
Cosmetic products
other Cosmetic products
Description : certified organic moisturiser
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : Certified organic body care with fruits
Cosmetic products
Soil Association Certification Ltd
Body care
Description : A beautiful range of over 60 award-winning, organically certified skincare, shampoos, bodywashes, soaps, aromatherapy oils, essential oils, and mother & baby products produced by us in the UK to a high therapeutic standard.

Certified organic raw materials available: beeswax, tea tree oil.
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : Certified organic shampoo
Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way
Consumer cleaning & hygiene
Description : Des produits d'entretien biodégradables, sains et sécurisants pour l'Homme et l'Environnement. Très concentrés, gorgés de matières premières nobles, certains bénéficient déjà du logo contrôlant les détergents écologiques.
Cleaning & hygiene in a sustainable way
Professional cleaning & hygiene
Description : Des produits d\'entretien biodégradables, sains et sécurisants pour l\'Homme et l\'Environnement. Très concentrés, gorgés de matières premières nobles, certains bénéficient déjà du logo contrôlant les détergents écologiques.
Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : organic wines
Sugar & honey products
Compotes, marmalade, coulis
Description : organic jams from Argentina
Fruit & vegetables
Dried fruit
Description : Banana
Dietetic & health foods
Appetite regulators and substitutes
Description : Dry fruits
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : Formulated with BFA Certified Bio Dynamic Organic Avocado Oil
Rich care for delicate skin - 100% naturally fragranced with pure essential oils
Y-Not Natural provides you with perfect skin care products for sensitive allergic skin that easily reacts to fragrances and harsh preservatives used in many other products. Y-Not Natural uses effective top quality ingredients found only in natural blends so that we can offer you a range of quality skin and body care products that will leave your body smooth and healthy. Y-Not Natural products are ethical, eco-friendly, beautifully scented and contain pure essential oils needed by you and your body. You can be assured that your body and skin will benefit from these products if you suffer from eczema, psoriasis and other common skin conditions that easily react to the ingredients in many commercial products.
The Y-Not Natural Guarantee to you is a full refund in full if you have adverse reactions to our gentle skin and body care range. A Guarantee which most skin and body care companies can not provide!
Y-Not Natural Skin and Body care products will provide you with rich, intensive care for skin areas that are otherwise deficient in both moisture and oil. Premium avocado and almond oils, plus Vital ET will work with your body to restore healthy elasticity and skin softness like a baby.
Y-Not Natural Products are individually formulated from the best and most effective quality ingredients of natural blends to meet the needs of ALL skin types, ages and skin colour.
Y-Not Natural skin care products are free from GMO, SLS and Petroleum based oils and have not been involved in any harmful tests on animals.
Y-Not Natural products have proven themselves time and time again to be suited to:
• Allergy sufferers;
• People with sensitive skin;
• People suffering the effects of Acne; and
• Young skin.
“We combine the best of nature with the best of science”

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