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Cereals & derived products
Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
Description : We are producing organic rice since 1996 and we are promoting organic farming in our district.
We farm a PGS group in our area and our products are certified by OFAI, INDIA
Fruit & vegetables
Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description : We are producing organic Banana, Papaya, mixed vegetables,
We farm a PGS group in our area and our products are certified by OFAI, INDIA
Dietetic & health foods
Fruit juice in ampoules
Description : organic food supplements made with Guarana
Sugar & honey products
Soil Association Certification Ltd
Ice cream, frozen products
Description : September Organic ice cream is renowned for its purity, its clean taste and its true flavours. Our aim is to make a product that anybody could make in their kitchen at home. We use milk from a local herd of Jersey cows, double cream from selected herds of Friesian cows, eggs from another local farm, unrefined cane sugar, and a bit of skimmed milk powder (to give the ice cream some 'body').

If the carton says strawberry, then the ice cream has strawberries in it, no concentrate, no 'natural flavourings', just strawberries, usually bought locally, and always processed by ourselves.
Milk & dairy products
Description : Oeufs bio
organic eggs
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : Natural Origins and Organic ingredient such as Pomegranate fruit oil, rooibois, aloe ferox and cape fynbos. Cleanser, Toner, Eye Gel, Day Cream, Night Cream and Body Lotion.
Sugar & honey products
Other sugar & honey products
Description : Mapple Syrup
Cosmetic products
other Cosmetic products
Description : cosmetic products
Fruit & vegetables
Dried vegetables
Description : Kindly note that our company is specialized in the production and export of a diversified range of fruits and vegetables whether its frozen, dried , in brine or syrup products , 100% of our production is for the export market , we currently export to Europe, USA, Canada, Eastern Europe and Australia.

Due to our quality product, services and competitive prices we have managed to be main suppliers for the most prominent names in the industry.

Below you will find a list of our products as follows: -

1- IQF Frozen Vegetables

- Artichokes (Bottoms-Hearts- Quarters) - Spinach( Chopped )

- Green Beans (Whole-Cut). - Broad Beans

- Okra (6 Angels - 8 Angels ) . - Molokia

- Broccoli Florets - Cauliflower Florets .

- IQF Frozen Fruits

- Apricots (Halves- Quarters) - Strawberry( Whole – Pieces )

- Figs (Whole-Halves) - Peaches (Halves- Quarters)

2- Vegetables In Brine Products

- Artichokes (Bottoms-Hearts- Quarters)

- Cauliflower Florets

- Broccoli Florets

3- Fruits In Syrup products

- Strawberry .

- Apricots .

- Peaches.

4- Dried Powder Products

Vegetables Powder Herbs Powder

- Garlic - Parsely

- Tomatoes - Mint

- Leek - Basil

- Lemon - Watercrest

- Zucchini - Dill

- Spinach - Thyme

- Carrots - Hebascus

- Cauliflower

- Artichokes

- Onion

Fruits powder

- Strawberry - Figs

- Apricots - Peaches

I hope that the above products will meet your interest and we could establish a long-term co-operation together.

Please don’t hesitate to contact us for any further information, kindly take a moment and visit our web site: . Looking forward to receiving your reply soonest.
Herbs, spices & condiments
Spices, peppers
Description : Premium Quality, black pepper, grown in agroforestry systems along the Transamazon Highway. Produced on family run farms organized in cooperatives, representing a total of 167 families. Partially certified as Fair for Life by IMO.
Yearly Production ~1 t.
Letis S.a.
Alcoholic beverages (aperitifs, beer, cider, champagne)
Description : The grapes of Veteris Conventus are borne of our ancestral vineyards in Carrodilla in the heart of the Primera Zona Vitivinicola at the base of the Andes Mountains. The combination of the location at the 33rd parallel, being 850 metres above sea level and the age of our vineyards creates a grape that is truly unique. The circa 130 year old vine stocks produce perfectly cultivated grapes containing well-balanced tannins due to the many years of adaptation to the lands of Man, not machine, cultivates the produce of our vineyards, just as it has been for several family generations. The earth is still turned by a horse-drawn plough and is naturally irrigated with pure water from melted snow high up on the Andes range with clusters still harvested by hand. Implementation of the defoliation technique allows the grapes to receive maximum sunlight and fresh air, yielding the perfect grape for a well-balanced wine.
Malbeck is made with organically certified grapes, has a clean and intensely ruby red hue with vivid sparkling notes and great transparency. To the nose it gives a distinct variety of aromas like those of fresh strawberries and ripe plums. Aromas such as vanilla, tobacco and chocolate can be detected along with the agreeable notes of the French oak casks. To the taste, the wine gradually reveals its complex and strong structure. This wine ideally compliments game or red meat.
Our Tannant is the pride of Veteris Conventus! Julius Caesar introduced this complexly bred wine to France but it has been widely forgotten due to its complicated formulation. When created properly, this wine has characteristics like no other wine.

The sweet tannins and balanced acids give the palate an initial, yet long enduring taste. To the nose, it gives a bouquet of fresh forest wild fruits such as gooseberry and raspberry along with subtle undertones of pear and pineapple. The aroma of the French oak casks always present accompanied by a delightful sweet vanilla scent. Again, this wine is an ideal accompaniment to game, red meats or casserole stews.
Oils for cooking & dressing
Letis S.a.
Description : Very high quality olive oil with very low amount of oleic acid, made exclusevely Arauco olives.
Cereals & derived products
Letis S.a.
Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
Description : Oats, Rye, Buckwheat, etc.
Cereals & derived products
Letis S.a.
Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean
Description : Soybeans, Sesame, Peas etc.
Cereals & derived products
Letis S.a.
Description : Soymeal
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