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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
49666 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products
  Description : certified organic body cream
49665 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products
  Description : certified organic body oil
49664 Cosmetic products Other other Cosmetic products
  Description : certified organic shampoo
49608 Drinks Other Juice concentrates
Description : USDA & European Organic Certified Pink Grapefruit Frozen Concentrate - 58 Brix
HACCP / ISO 9001 Certified Production.
Produced in Nuevo Leon, Mexico.

Packing: 55 Gallon, Double-Lined, Steel Drums
Total Drums: 68
Weight / Volume: 38,790 LBS / 13,778 LITERS
Location: Oxnard, CA


ºBRIX 58.64
% ACIDITY (w/w) 6.50
Brix / Acid RATIO 9.02
% PULP 10.0%
TOTAL COUNT (cfu/g) Less than 10
YEAST (cfu/g) Less than 10
MOLD (cfu/g) Less than 10
COLIFORMS (cfu/g) Less than 10
48728 Services Other Consulting
  Description : Specializing in helping established and start-up companies source and develop new fabric lines that are organic and/or eco-friendly.
48729 Services Other Other Services
  Description : Private labelling for other companies. Custom manufacturing of textile finished goods that are eco-friendly/organic.
48730 Textile Control Union Clothes
  Description : Organic baby and women apparel
48818 Textile Control Union Clothes
  Description : Certified Organic cotton clothing
48819 Textile Control Union Fabrics
  Description : Organic cotton
48820 Textile Other other Textile
  Description : My company is a trading/ sourcing company based in the US.
I buy and sell certified organic textiles and textile products like bed linens, clothing and bags from India, Nepal and other developing countries.
Certifications I look for are those like SKAL,GOTS etc.
I also try to buy Fair Trade products as much as possible.

Bamboo, soy, nettle
23461 Herbs, spices & condiments Control Union Other herbs, spices & condiments
  Description : sage leaves
23464 Medicinal & aromatic plants Bio Inspecta Ag Medicinal plants
  Description : Juglandis Nucum
Rhamnus Frangula
Phaseolus Vulgaris
Helichrysum arenarium
Tilia argentea
Centavrea Cyanus
Hyssopus Officinalis
Chamomila Matricariae
Lavandula Officinalis
Papaver Rhoeas
Malva silvestris
Crataegus Ocyacantha
Crataegi cum fol
Achillea Millefolium
Sambucus Nigra
Trifolii Rubri
Juglans Cinerea
Myrtilli Vaccinium
Laurus Nobilis
Rubus Ideaus
Fraxini Ornus
23465 Medicinal & aromatic plants Bio Inspecta Ag Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : "Albanian Trading Company" located in Durres, Albania, is an Albanian-Italian joint venture company established in 1992. We are specialized in the collection, selection, cleaning, processing and import-export of aromatic-medicinal herbs, spices and their derivates.

Key facts:
Processing capacity : over 500 tons/year.
Organically certified Usda-Nop and EU 2092/91 since 2005.
Export markets: USA, Italy, France, Germany, Bulgaria and Turkey.
49564 Drinks Ecocert Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
Description : JUS DE GRENADE BIO, 100% Pur jus
conditionné en bouteilles de verre de 1 L.
Labels AB et Eco emballage, certifié Ecocert.
Gout exellent
49292 Dietetic & health foods Control Union Products for extra strength
Description : Dietary supplement based on natural concentrated plants obtained using proprietary technology and non-chemical concentration procedure with clinically-proven eficacy on laboratory animals and in clinical study on humans.
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