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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
60186 Cereals & derived products Ecocert Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean
Description : All pulses and seeds.
Hulled, roasted or natural.
60185 Grocery products Other Soy and soy derivatives (seeds, sprouts, sauces, d
Description : Textured Vegetable Protein from soya beans.
Could be used for food inductry to replace meat.
60184 Cereals & derived products Ecocert Flour
Description : All flours from any cereals or pulses.
5684 Cereals & derived products Ecocert Other cereals & derived products
Description : Any kind of organic cereal based products such as cuscus, semolina, etc.
5685 Cereals & derived products Ecocert Rice, buck wheat, oats, rye, various
Description : organic rices, oat, rye and quinoa from all around the world.
5688 Grocery products Ecocert Pasta
Description : organic pasta from Italy or France.
Available in catering size too.
60183 Cereals & derived products Ecocert Bulgur
Description : Made in our factory from 100% organic hard wheat.
60174 Herbs, spices & condiments Ceres Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : We´re a supplier organic fresh herb: Thyme, Chives, Mejoram, Oregan, Bay leaf, spicata mint and Romero.
49155 Medicinal & aromatic plants Bioagricert (bac) Aromatic plants
  Description : We are an italian company able to provide a wide range of raw materials ( origanum, rosmary, dracena, savory, thyme,...) coming from our certified organic cultivation. Please contact us for any request you might have.
49156 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Medicinal plants
  Description : We are an italian company able to provide a wide range of raw materials ( passiflora incarnata, plantago, mint ...) coming from our certified organic cultivation. Please contact us for any request you might have.
8451 Commodities Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Sugar
Description : My name is Lucio Wong, export manager for Prime Export we produce organic sugar called Panela from the highland in Peru.
Panela is the juice extracted from sugar cane, dehydrated and crystallized only through the process of evaporation. This kind of sugar is neither refined in any way, nor does it undergo any other type of chemical processing (adding of clarifiers, anti-caking agent, etc.)
Panela is very nutritive, conserving all of the vitamins and minerals of the sugar cane. It also dissolves better than blonde and brown sugar due to its particular form of crystals.
For more information go to
60099 Cereals & derived products Other Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
Description : organic cereals
46594 Textile Other Clothes
  Description : GOTS Certified organic T shirts & fabrics from India.
Great care is taken fr the love of people & environment. We only use medicinally rich herbs & naturals salts to give colour to the fabrics & the clothing.
46593 Textile Other Clothes
  Description : GOTS certified Organic cotton spa range. We offer towels , robes & various products for the professional & home spa.
Our textiles are treated with great care. For the love of people & environment we treat our fabrics only with medicinally rich herbs.
43960 Textile Other other Textile
  Description : “AURA HERBAL WEAR” is a GOTS (GLOBAL ORGANIC TEXTILE STANDARD) certified integrated textile unit located at Ahmedabad, India exporting to major markets of USA and European countries. Our major strength lies into ORGANIC TEXTILE & HERBAL DYEING. Our product range starts with organic and herbal dyed yarns; fabrics (woven/knits) and then we deal into different made ups as well from ready made man/woman/children garments to home textile, towels and spa utility textile etc.

We work on custom orders too
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