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59836 Drinks Other Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
  Description : Established in 1984, we have continued to pioneer the hot beverage market for the last 25 years. We have demonstrated innovation by leading the way in green tea, white tea and organic teas and infusions, and we were the first tea in the UK to carry the Fairtrade Mark.
59833 Textile Other Clothes
Description : organic onesies
with fun DIY Heat transfers designed by Baby Boomba

All Onesies are natural in colour with different colour ribbing. Our onesies come in both 100% certified organic cotton or viscose from bamboo blend. Each onesie comes with its own do-it-yourself heat transfer graphic that mommy and daddy can do as a fun project. Graphics can go on either the front of back of the onesie. Graphics are copyright © Baby Boomba. All Onesies are final sale.

about organic cotton
Organically grown cotton is cotton grown in soil that has been certified free from pesticides, herbicides and other harmful toxins. Organic cotton farming aslo builds strong and healthy soil through crop rotation. These onesies are designed for easy on-and-off (envelope neckline), dyed with non-toxic azo-free dyes, 3/8" (2cm) neck and sleeve binding, durable double-stitched bottom hem, nickel-free snaps. 100% certified organic cotton.
44106 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : IBR’s active ingredients (Patented Technology) characterized by their innovative and original approach

The active ingredients are meticulously tested and checked for skin compatibility and efficacy and are incorporated in the products of some of the world’s leading cosmetics companies. To read more please proceed to our News section.

Following ecological standards, an upcoming trend in cosmetics IBR has already an ingredient certified according to the NOP and ECOCERT standards, and appears on the ECOCERT list of licensed manufacturers. (see p.33 in the list) as well as listed on ECOCERT's "Raw materials for natural and organic cosmetics"
59830 Textile Inac Clothes
Description : Moda green trade campany is located in Manisa Turkey.
We are in a organization totally organic products buying and selling services.
We are best of %100 organic natural color underwear\'s.
Please don\'t hasitate to contact with us...
59826 Oils for cooking & dressing Other Sunflower
Description : We are a private company limited that produces and export edible oils
like palm oil,sunflower oil,corn oil,canola oil,soya beans oil.Our oils
are 100% refined and are fit for human consumption.
59817 Products for organic farming Other Other products for organic farming
Description : Euro Plant es una sociedad anónima de capitales Españoles y tecnología israelita, especializada en la venta de plantas de almácigos hortícolas. Creada en 1998 recoge toda la experiencia que se logró durante años con una empresa similar en España. Este conocimiento adquirido se traspasó al personal de Chile, lo que dio a Euro Plant considerables ventajas técnicas comparada con otras empresas del rubro, las que tuvieron que ir aprendiendo de sus errores. Este ha sido el factor clave que ha diferenciado la calidad de los almácigos de Euro Plant en comparación a su competencia.
59815 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : Sears Phytochem Pvt Ltd. is a manufacturing, distribution & trading company formed in 1994 with a view to promote the virtues of Ayurveda
59814 Drinks Other Plant base drinks (herb teas, concentrates, elixirs)
  Description : We are Importer and Wholesaler of Loose Leaf Tea to Canada. We specialize in Organic tea and Fair Trade tea. Our teas are directly imported from plantations in Sri Lanka, formerly known as Ceylon
59813 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Bread, bakery products
Description : A speciality baker of organic breads - rye and traditional wheat loaves.
White, Wholemeal, Malted and Seeded breads.
Natural levains, long ferments and sour doughs.
Rolls, cakes, croissants and pastries.
Wheat Free and Yeast Free.
Handmade and baked on the stone sole of the oven.
59801 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Salt
Description : Natural Solar Salt from Korea.
59770 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
Description : Following expansion and co-operation with other local organic farmers, they can deliver organic fruit, vegetables, meat, dairy, and eggs. All the produce is grown or raised as locally as possible, by people with a passion for organic principles.
59764 Textile Other Clothes
  Description : Starting with discussions about product designs and specifications, we

assists in the selection of fabric constructions best suited to your garment functional needs and aesthetics
submits lab dips for color & shade approval
produces prototypes for fine-tuning of style and fit
submits strike-offs for embellishments (prints & embroidery) for approval
assists in the selection of trims and accessories
develops labels, hang tags and custom packaging based on buyer's art work
produces sales sample, if required
initiates bulk fabric production at the mill from certified organic cotton fiber
monitors & expedites finished product fabrication at the garmenting facility
provides on-the-spot Quality Assurance prior to shipment and on buyer's request we also do third party Quality Inspection through SGS or Intertek.
inspects and packs the goods in cartons as per buyers specifications for shipping
manages the logistics of shipping (air & sea) & handling at the dispatch end, and documentation & customs clearance procedures at the delivery end
…..and even arranges for local transportation to customers’ warehouses, if requested.
59740 Fruit & vegetables Austria Bio Garantie, Abg Dried vegetables
Description : Bay leaf, hand selected
Leaf length – 4-10 cm
Moisture 8-12%
Essential oil contain- 1.6-2%
59739 Herbs, spices & condiments Ceres Olives, capers
Description : We are growing high quality minimal irrigated organic table olives of following varieties:

- Gemlik, Medium, Ripe October, est.35 m.tons/yr. (new)
- Ayvalik, Medium, Ripe October, est.2 m.tons/yr (new)
- Domat, Large, Ripe October, est.2 m.tons/yr (new)
- Sari Ulak, Medium, Ripe October, est.3 m.tons/yr (new)

We can also supply as olive oil.

Our orchards are very modern. We are open to visits and inspections from buyers. Please contact for more information.

We are looking for European sales agents for this product.
59738 Fruit & vegetables Ceres Other fruit & vegetables
Description : We grow high quality well developed Avocado fruits of following varieties:

- Fuerte, ripe November, est.120 m.tons/yr. (new)
- Zutano, ripe September, est.30 m.tons/yr. (new)
- Pinkerton, ripe September, est.25 m.tons/yr. (new)

We can also grow any suitable organic herbs, choice vegetables
to order in this new orchard.

Our orchard is very modern, specially developed and built for
organic production from start. We are open to visits and inspections from buyers. Please contact for more information.

We are looking for European sales agents for this product.
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