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72595 Fruit & vegetables Icea Instituto Mediterraneo Di Certificazione Fresh fruit
  Description : "Sahel Fruits" product in eight regions in Tunisia: Beja, Nabeul, Bizert, Sousse, Mahdia, Monastir, Kairouan and Gabes.

It has 21 farms with 5 vegetable growing
and 16 in arboriculture.

Among the products that we export are cited:

Peaches and Nectarines
EXTRA VIRGIN olive oil
We produce other vegetables due to a contract and demand for our customers while choosing the period of production and export, which is generally the peak period of production in Europe such as fennel, eggplant, carrot ...
37610 Textile Inac Clothes
  Description : We are manufactured on organic/Bio Clothe's and home textile from Turkey.
Please contact for more datays on
37611 Textile Inac other Textile
Description : We are Turkish manufactured from different Clothe's on Organic / bio.
Please contact for more detays.
71720 Herbs, spices & condiments Dio Certification And Inspection Organisation For Biological Production Methods Other herbs, spices & condiments
  Description : Highly aromatic is used in traditional Mediterranean cuisine, complementing a wide variety of foods. When burnt, gives off a mustard-like smell which can be used to flavor foods while barbecuing. As a medicinal plant, is high in iron, calcium and vitamin B6 and also contains antioxidant and various acids useful in preventing or treating cancers, strokes and Alzheimer’s disease. It has a very old reputation for improving memory and is the main ingredient in various formulas against aging and hair loss.
73154 Products for organic farming Other Other products for organic farming
Description : Magic coco is a biodegradable,eco-friendly natural growing medium of coir fiber from coconut husk. It has high water retention capacity to enable plant growth and is widely used for plantation.
73134 Cosmetic products Ecocert Body care
Description : Anti-aging serum

Recommended as an anti-wrinkle agent for dull and tired skin care

Apply a few drops of anti-aging on the face and neck, once these have been cleansed
thoroughly. Use by itself in a 21 days treatment or under the Tridyn day cream.
Frequency: 1 to 2 times per day.
73132 Cosmetic products Ecocert Body care
  Description : Beauty Lotion (face cleanser)

Recommended for all skin types. Cleanses, Invigorates and refreshes the face. Complete
product including 5 herbal distillates, aromatherapy with 2 essentials oils and mineral with
the malachite.

Apply the beauty lotion on the face and neck each morning and evening, using a cotton pad.
Dried carefully, your skin is ready for the Tridyn serum and Tridyn cream best suited to your
skin type.
Frequency: 1 to 2 times per day.
73133 Cosmetic products Other Body care
  Description : Anti-aging cream

Recommended for all types of skin. Stimulating and regenerating, it prevents premature
aging of the skin.

Apply the anti-aging cream on face and neck after completely removing makeup with the lotion
and beauty milk Tridyn, preferably in the evening.
Frequency: 1 to 2 times per day.
73047 Cosmetic products Ecocert Body care
  Description : Cosmetics with Shea Butter such as: hand cream, face cream, foot cream, clear Shea butter, face mask
73045 Fruit & vegetables Other Citrus fruits
Description : Pomelos de la variedad star ruby
Naranjas de diversas variedades
Limones de la variedad bernia

Todos ellos con la certificación ecológica
73044 Herbs, spices & condiments Imo Other herbs, spices & condiments
Description : Growing and export of dried cut organic lemon grass and ginger.
73041 Products for organic farming Other Fertilizers
Description : We are fast growing company and we are producing natural, organic fertilizers - biohumus. We use just best quality products for our producing process.

We are able to offer our high quality product for best price. And we have sertificates of analysis of our fertilizers quality.
73040 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : We sell pure and refined organic honey and wax.
73012 Sugar & honey products Icea Instituto Mediterraneo Di Certificazione Compotes, marmalade, coulis
  Description : Organic Jams and Marmalades in Jars 200 g
73015 Delicatessen products Icea Instituto Mediterraneo Di Certificazione Pre-cooked dishes
  Description : Ready-to-eat Dishes with Organic Farro Filiera Controlled in Jars 270 g e 400 g
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