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Offer N°CategoryProduct
63209 Textile Fabrics
  Description : Organic certified fabrics
61297 Textile other Textile
  Description : Organic linens
61296 Textile Fabrics
  Description : organic cotton
61295 Textile Clothes
  Description : Linens
61082 Textile Fabrics
  Description : We are a developing a company in England that will sell a wide range of organic clothing for children. The product range will extend to other areas over time.
60802 Textile other Textile
  Description : recherche tissus organics bio eco
60801 Textile Fabrics
  Description : recherche tissus organics bio eco
59753 Textile other Textile
  Description : organic textile
59665 Textile Clothes
  Description : Baby/Childrens Clothes

Small company looking to buy baby/childrenswear for online sales and export from Turkey.
59649 Textile other Textile
  Description : travel and outdoor bags and accessories, made from organic cotton canvas and recycled polyester
59597 Textile Fabrics
  Description : 100% organic cotton Herringbone weaved
59171 Textile other Textile
  Description : i\'m interested in organic dog beds
59170 Textile Fabrics
  Description : i\'m interested in organic fabrics
58824 Textile Fabrics
  Description : Je cherche du coton en sergé croisé et du lin venant du plus proche possible de chez moi (ile de la Réunion),afin de garder une logique écologique
58554 Textile Fabrics
  Description : we are looking for suppliers of 'green cotton'-fabric
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