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Offer N°CategoryProduct
56823 Textile Clothes
  Description : I am a buyer, searching for organic textiles and natural care products.
56722 Commodities Cocoa, chocolate
  Description : 50 000 fair trade dark chocolate squares, 5g each with custom wrapping
14822 Fruit & vegetables Dried fruit
  Description : dried fruits
56540 Drinks Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
  Description : Certified organic Agape syrup
quantities : 800 l
14195 Fruit & vegetables Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : Organic Vegetables Tomatoes, Carrots, Raddish Cauliflower Brussel Sprouts Lettuce Potato Onion Rice Wheat
56328 Oils for cooking & dressing Other oils for cooking & dressing
  Description : Busco aceites para cosmeticos
56306 Herbs, spices & condiments Spices, peppers
  Description : Looking to purchase organic and or quality natural, herbs, botanicals, oils, floral waters and related items. Sizes looking for depending on items: 20 litre pails, Drum or pallets. or 20 kilo sizes.
56273 Fish & seafood Fresh fish
  Description : organic fish including salmon,haddock,sole,or cod
56196 Raw materials & supplements Other raw materials & supplements
  Description : The factory has been producing conventional and certified organic molasses and concentrates sinc e 1930s. Capacity of 2000 tons per year of grape, mulberry, carop and beet molasses has been produced with the highest quality within 9000 m2 open, 1500 m2 closed area.
15152 Sugar & honey products Other sugar & honey products
  Description : organic brown sugar
organic golden light sugar
organic withe sugar
to pack in italy

only certified organic
56176 Drinks Juice concentrates
  Description : we need iqf organic orange juice flo certified ( fair trade) about 6.000 kg / year
56107 Fruit & vegetables Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : Vegetable and Fruits
In Canned
56106 Fruit & vegetables Processing
  Description : Vegetable and Fruits
In Canned
56105 Fruit & vegetables Preserved fruit or vegetables
  Description : Vegetable and Fruits
In Canned
56104 Fruit & vegetables Fruit or vegetables in vacuum pack
  Description : Vegetable and Fruits
In Canned
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