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Offer N°CategoryProduct
59649 Textile other Textile
  Description : travel and outdoor bags and accessories, made from organic cotton canvas and recycled polyester
10962 Drinks Other drinks
  Description : certified organic drinks
10963 Grocery products Other grocery products
  Description : certified organic processed products
10964 Fruit & vegetables Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : organic fruits and vegetables
10965 Oils for cooking & dressing Other oils for cooking & dressing
  Description : Certified organic oils
59597 Textile Fabrics
  Description : 100% organic cotton Herringbone weaved
59423 Commodities Cocoa, chocolate
  Description : Rapadura Sugar
59414 Raw materials & supplements Other raw materials & supplements
  Description : I look only for raw materials and not processed foods ( with chocolate probably the only exception)

I also buy IQF Fruits and veggies ( also dried fruits and dried spices )

Basically we buy a lot of different products to offer our customers a one stop shop for organic products ( we don’t do fresh produce )

We buy only bulk packaging ( either big bags or 25KG bags or similar )
And we repack in to our own retail packaging.

Delivery place : South of Africa
59413 Fruit & vegetables Frozen fruit or vegetables
  Description : I buy IQF Fruits and veggies ( also dried fruits and dried spices )
59412 Raw materials & supplements Other raw materials & supplements
  Description : We do whole sale raw produce, but we also process.
Quantities depend on the product.
Almonds, Hazelnuts, Wheatflour and Spelt flour we buy in container loads, Chocolate, sugar or cocoa powdred I buy only 1 – 2t at a time.
59392 Fruit & vegetables Dried fruit
  Description : I\'m a buyer for sweet dried organic raspberries
59206 Cereals & derived products Other cereals & derived products
  Description : Organic Quinoa
59171 Textile other Textile
  Description : i\'m interested in organic dog beds
59170 Textile Fabrics
  Description : i\'m interested in organic fabrics
59169 Seeds Bulk seeds
  Description : i\'m looking for sunflower, millet, safflower and other seeds
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