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Medicinal & aromatic plants
Aromatic plants
Description : Natural relaxing and stimulating essences
Plant base drinks (herb teas, concentrates, elixirs)
Description : Diuretic, laxativ, antioxidant
Dietetic & health foods
Other dietetic & health foods
Description : Supliments to stimulate the methabolism
Cosmetic products
other Cosmetic products
Description : Rare oils, extracts, butters, powders
Cosmetic products
Make up
Description : Natural products
Cosmetic products
Description : Natural essences extracts
Cosmetic products
Body care
Description : Natural produts for skin care
Medicinal & aromatic plants
Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : Purchase of raw medicinal plants
Juice concentrates
Description : I’m looking for Organic Grapefruit Juice Concentrate White
Description : achat de tissus en coton bio en petites quantités
Meat & sausages etc,,,
Other meat, sausages etc
Description : organic meat
Fruit & vegetables
Other fruit & vegetables
Description : organic fruits and vegetables
Cereals & derived products
Cereals (wheat, corn, barley, spelt wheat)
Description : Certified organic cereals
Raw materials & supplements
Other raw materials & supplements
Description : extrait poudre goji bio
quantités recherchées 25 kgs , la matière sera utilisée dans un mélange de poudres pour la mise en gélule
Milk & dairy products
Skimmed or powdered milk
Description : We are a french cheesery, specialised in organic cheese certified by Ecorcert.

We are looking for organic goat milk and cow milk.

Quantity : about 15000 liters per delivery

We are interested in organic producers certified by an external organism

We are able to start receiving milk immediatly.
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