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75959 Fruit & vegetables Other India Fresh fruit 2018-04-30 2016-05-19
Description : We are cultivating organic alphonso and totapuri mango.

and trying to get the global gap certificate for the products.

we are from chennai - India.
50621 Fruit & vegetables Lacon Gmbh Serbia Dried fruit 2018-02-10 2016-05-19
  Description : Dried Plums for the drying the international varieties ‘' STANLEY'' (bigger, 35 pieces/kg) and domestic “POZEGACA” (better harmonized index of acids and sugar), will be used. Immediately after the harvesting , the ripe fruit will be taken for the dehydrated : First it will be roughly selected, than placed on metal frames and than in the drying tunnel. From one hundred kilograms of plums we become c c a. 30-35 kg dried prunes with pits . Carefully cleaned and free of any foreign materials
59077 Fruit & vegetables Lacon Gmbh Serbia Dried fruit 2018-05-05 2016-05-19
  Description : Dried Apples, sweet-acid, red, green or yellow green APPLES are used. Mostly apples with white and hard flesh, in full technological ripeness. After washing, peeling, extracting of seed crown and cutting on cubes or rings, apples are dried in furs for about 7-8 hours at the temperature of 50-60 C. Free of foreign materials.
59078 Fruit & vegetables Lacon Gmbh Serbia Dried fruit 2018-04-04 2016-05-19
  Description : Dried Pears, sweet-acid, green or yellow green PEARS are used. After washing, extracting of seed crown and cutting on cubes or rings, pears are dried in furs for about 8-9 hours at the temperature of 50-60 C. Free of foreign materials.
59079 Fruit & vegetables Lacon Gmbh Serbia Dried fruit 2018-04-04 2016-05-19
  Description : Organic Plums with Stones
Organic Plums without Stones

Organic Apples Peeled in Cubes
Organic Apples Peeled in Rings
Organic Apples with Skin in Cubes
Organic Apples with Skin in Rings

Organic Pears in Slices
Organic Pears in Cubes
Organic Pears in Rings

Organic Mirabelles with Stones

Organic Sourcherries without Stones

Organic Strawberries

Organic Raspberries

Organic Apricots

Organic Figs
82276 Fruit & vegetables Other Serbia Other fruit & vegetables 2018-02-02 2016-05-19
Description : We would like to sell our whole organic project in Serbia.


Please contact us if interested.
85915 Fruit & vegetables Other Spain Fresh fruit 2018-02-02 2016-04-27
Description : From its creation, BIO Green-Food has kept the same working philosophy: we try to maintain a good relationship with the enterprises´ producers and employees (sales personnel, administration and warehouse workers), in that way avoiding changes in the work team or suppliers. This way of working is reflected in that 90% of the workers in BIO Green-Food are the same ones since it was started. Our goal is to have the best quality, BIO products, produced by responsible farmers, a qualified team of workers and made up by employees, committed to the best level of workmanship, providing the best quality product.

We produce any kind of vegetables and fruits
62957 Fruit & vegetables Other Lithuania Dried fruit 2018-11-15 2016-04-25
Description : we are representing one Uzbekistan Company, which is a product range is as follows:
- Almonds,
- Apples ( dried),
- Pistachios,
- Rose hip ( dried),
- Cherry sweet ( dried),
- Cherry sour,
- Apricot pit,
- Barberry,
- Mulberry,
- Rhubarb,
- Hawthorn,
- Plums,
- Apricots,
- Walnuts.
Those products are certified by ICEA ( Instituto per la Certificazione Etica e Ambientale, Italy).
85769 Fruit & vegetables Other Spain Fresh fruit 2018-09-09 2016-04-13
  Description : ONECOFOOD, está ubicada en ALICANTE, y con el esfuerzo y el compromiso de sus propietarios logra poner en nuestras mesas, lo mejor de los vegetales cultivados en España, sin el uso de pesticidas, herbicidas o abonos químicos y tóxicos para el consumo humano.
85767 Fruit & vegetables Other Brazil Exotic fruit and vegetables 2018-09-09 2016-04-13
  Description : Prover Brasil for Export Ltda. is an Export Company established in Belo Horizonte City-Brazil since 2001 providing the best products as Instant Coffees and products from Acai Berry, Acerola Berry, Guarana Fruit, Graviola, Mushroom, Yerba Mate likes Acai Powder spray dried 4:1, Acai freeze dried Powder, Conventional Acerola Powder spray dried, Guarana Powder, Guarana Seeds, Guarana Dry Extract 10% Natural Caffeine, Guarana Dry Extract 22% Natural Caffeine, Guarana Dry Extract 50% Natural Caffeine, Green Yerba Mate, as well Agaricus Mushroom (ABM), Graviola Dry Extract 4:1, Pau D´Arco Dry Extract 4:1 and also others Herbs Extracts, Herbs Raw Material, likes Pfaffia, Muirapuama, Catuaba, etc...

Prover Brasil for Export Ltda. has the Organic certification IBD of Brazil.
85765 Fruit & vegetables Other Bulgaria Fresh vegetables 2018-09-09 2016-04-13

Long European cucumbers

Defense F1, Enza Zaden, the Netherlands
Defense differs from most varieties with its extremely vigorous growth. Thanks to it, Defense overcomes dark periods and fruiting recovers very quickly.
Fruit length: 34 – 37 cm. Weight 270 g – 350 g. Deep dark green fruit colour.
Resistances: CMV, Cca, Ccu, Px.

Delano F1, Enza Zaden, the Netherlands
Delano is a hybrid, created after Defense, for spring, summer and autumn production. It is a fast growing and CMV resistant variety. Its two most important features are fast growth and CMV resistance.
Ribbed fruit with saturated dark green colour.
Fruit length: 33 – 35 cm.

Columbia F1 Clause
Columbia F1 is a medium early greenhouse variety, grown all year-round. Long cylindrical fruit up to 35 cm with dark green colour. It is resistant to extremely high summer temperatures. Fruit length: 30 – 35 cm.
Resistances: CMV, Px, Cladiosporiosis.

Beef meaty tomatoes
Berberana F1, Enza Zaden, the Netherlands
An early variety with a strong and compact growth. Extremely uniform fruit, 250-300 g, with a perfect deep red color, hardness and excellent taste. Do not form core at high temperatures. The plant is strong, with good leaf cover and vigorous growth.
Fruit does not become smaller even after the seventh truss.
Resistances: ToMV, Ff, Va, Vd, Fol, TSWV, MaMiMj.

Pink tomato HTP-11 F1 Hazera
HTP-11 F1 is a new indeterminate pink tomato, selected by Hazera. The hybrid is suitable for growing in both heated and non-heated greenhouses. The plant is compact with short internodes. Uniform fruit, 5-6 fruit per truss with average weight of 260-300 g; very tasty. Deep pink fruit without a green ring. The hybrid is not sensitive to high spring or summer temperatures.
Resistances: cracking and Vd, Fol1, ToMV, Mj, TSWV.
Fruit weight: 260 – 330 g.
59336 Fruit & vegetables Other Poland Other fruit & vegetables 2018-06-04 2016-04-06
  Description : Our company has a certificate issued by Ekogwarancja PTRE Sp. z o.o. for processing and trade of organic food.

BIO Fruits BIO Blackberry lyo, whole
BIO Fruits BIO Raspberry lyo, whole
BIO Fruits BIO Raspberry lyo, grains
BIO Fruits BIO Strawberry lyo, grains 8 - 10 mm
61148 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Turkey Fruits purees 2018-02-15 2016-04-06
  Description : Our modern Individual Quick Frozen (I.Q.F) plant is in the city of Bilecik, Turkey. Bilecik is located between Istanbul and Bursa. The plant ships the season's best fruits and vegetables to wholesalers and food chains around the world. We typically pack the I.Q.F. fruits and vegetables in convenient 10kg carton boxes with protective blue liner film inside each box.

Available Products

Sweet Cherries
Sour Cherries
81188 Fruit & vegetables Other Turkey Fruits purees 2018-02-15 2016-04-06
  Description : Fruit Juice Concentrates We Offer:

Pomegranate Juice Concentrates, 65-66 Brix,
Apple Juice Concentrates, 70 Brix,
Apricot Juice Concentrates, 65-66 Brix
Strawberry Juice Concentrates, 65-66 Brix
Red Carrot Juice Concentrates, 40-41 Brix
Black Carrot Juice Concentrates, 65-66 Brix
Yellow Carrot Juice Concentrates, 65-66 Brix
Quince Juice Concentrates, 70 Brix
Pear Juice Concentrates, 70 Brix
Plum Juice Concentrates, yellow, 65 Brix
Peach Juice Concentrates, 65-66 Brix
Grape Juice Concentrates
Sour cherry Concentrates, 65bx
61191 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Tunisia Dried fruit 2018-03-28 2016-04-06
  Description : Amande douce décortiquée et séchée
Noisette décortiquée et séchée
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