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75593 Fruit & vegetables Other Spain Fresh vegetables 2018-06-04 2016-06-15
  Description : Intema is a company that produces ecological fruit and vegetables. It is run by dynamic, young entrepreneurs with a strong belief in environmentally-sound farming. The firm sprang to life in 2006. Its mission statement is:
To respect the environment and Nature and to ensure sustainability, fair trade, to foster local development and to minimise environmental impact by giving priority to local produce.
70596 Fruit & vegetables Other Turkey Exotic fruit and vegetables 2018-05-27 2016-06-15
  Description : Mango Puree
Our puree is derived from fully ripened delicious alphanso mangoes produced in Dhadwad , Karnataka. It is processed in the most hygienic conditions and packed as Aseptic Organic Puree in 216 kg plastic drums.
86322 Fruit & vegetables Other Cameroon Exotic fruit and vegetables 2018-12-31 2016-05-31
Description : gic implanté au Cameroun, qui fait dans la production de fruits et légumes bio plus spécialement dans les mangues, prunes ou safou, manioc, kok, djansan, poivre et bien d'autres.
recherche des acheteurs à l'etranger
86304 Fruit & vegetables Other Morocco Dried fruit 2018-12-31 2016-05-31
Description : Vente des figues séches blanche et noir
82998 Fruit & vegetables Lacon Gmbh Uganda Dried fruit 2018-10-31 2016-05-19
  Description : Dried Pineapple chips
Dried Banana
73803 Fruit & vegetables Other Israel Citrus fruits 2018-07-20 2016-05-19
Description : Certified organic citrus essential oils: Orange, Grapefruits EEC and NOP
62940 Fruit & vegetables Other USA Dried fruit 2018-12-01 2016-05-19
  Description : These organic and truly RAW cashew nuts are buttery and delicious AND they're high in magnesium, manganese, zinc, and oleic acid(all important for vibrant skin, healthy digestion, and cardiovascular function).
62941 Fruit & vegetables Other USA Dried fruit 2018-12-15 2016-05-19
  Description : Wild Jungle Peanuts Organic Raw 16oz

A new twist on a familiar flavor - these unique, tiger striped Wild harvested heirloom nuts are 100% RAW, 100% unique, and...
75959 Fruit & vegetables Other India Fresh fruit 2018-04-30 2016-05-19
Description : We are cultivating organic alphonso and totapuri mango.

and trying to get the global gap certificate for the products.

we are from chennai - India.
50621 Fruit & vegetables Lacon Gmbh Serbia Dried fruit 2018-02-10 2016-05-19
  Description : Dried Plums for the drying the international varieties ‘' STANLEY'' (bigger, 35 pieces/kg) and domestic “POZEGACA” (better harmonized index of acids and sugar), will be used. Immediately after the harvesting , the ripe fruit will be taken for the dehydrated : First it will be roughly selected, than placed on metal frames and than in the drying tunnel. From one hundred kilograms of plums we become c c a. 30-35 kg dried prunes with pits . Carefully cleaned and free of any foreign materials
59077 Fruit & vegetables Lacon Gmbh Serbia Dried fruit 2018-05-05 2016-05-19
  Description : Dried Apples, sweet-acid, red, green or yellow green APPLES are used. Mostly apples with white and hard flesh, in full technological ripeness. After washing, peeling, extracting of seed crown and cutting on cubes or rings, apples are dried in furs for about 7-8 hours at the temperature of 50-60 C. Free of foreign materials.
59078 Fruit & vegetables Lacon Gmbh Serbia Dried fruit 2018-04-04 2016-05-19
  Description : Dried Pears, sweet-acid, green or yellow green PEARS are used. After washing, extracting of seed crown and cutting on cubes or rings, pears are dried in furs for about 8-9 hours at the temperature of 50-60 C. Free of foreign materials.
59079 Fruit & vegetables Lacon Gmbh Serbia Dried fruit 2018-04-04 2016-05-19
  Description : Organic Plums with Stones
Organic Plums without Stones

Organic Apples Peeled in Cubes
Organic Apples Peeled in Rings
Organic Apples with Skin in Cubes
Organic Apples with Skin in Rings

Organic Pears in Slices
Organic Pears in Cubes
Organic Pears in Rings

Organic Mirabelles with Stones

Organic Sourcherries without Stones

Organic Strawberries

Organic Raspberries

Organic Apricots

Organic Figs
82276 Fruit & vegetables Other Serbia Other fruit & vegetables 2018-02-02 2016-05-19
Description : We would like to sell our whole organic project in Serbia.


Please contact us if interested.
85915 Fruit & vegetables Other Spain Fresh fruit 2018-02-02 2016-04-27
Description : From its creation, BIO Green-Food has kept the same working philosophy: we try to maintain a good relationship with the enterprises´ producers and employees (sales personnel, administration and warehouse workers), in that way avoiding changes in the work team or suppliers. This way of working is reflected in that 90% of the workers in BIO Green-Food are the same ones since it was started. Our goal is to have the best quality, BIO products, produced by responsible farmers, a qualified team of workers and made up by employees, committed to the best level of workmanship, providing the best quality product.

We produce any kind of vegetables and fruits
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