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78325 Herbs, spices & condiments Other India Other herbs, spices & condiments 2019-12-25 2017-11-17
Description : We can supply any spices, herbs, coconut and its products, or any other products from India both organic and non organic.
93295 Fish & seafood Sativa, Desenvolvimento Rural Lda Portugal Seaweed 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : Algues de la région de Algarve dans le sud du Portugal
93294 Dietetic & health foods Sativa, Desenvolvimento Rural Lda Portugal Fresh plant extracts 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : Extraits de plantes
93293 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Iran Medicinal plants 0000-00-00 2017-11-06
Description : Tragacanth is a natural gum obtained from the dried sap of several species of Middle Eastern legumes of the genus Astragalus, including A.adscenders , A.gummifer, A.barchycalys and A tragantha
93292 Cosmetic products Other Morocco Body care 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : La crème de nuit réparatrice est un soin à la pointe de la recherche anti-âge formulé à base d'huile de graine de figue de Barbarie.
93291 Milk & dairy products Other South Africa Skimmed or powdered milk 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
  Description : We supply South African produced camel milk
The perfect alternative to dairy and almost as good as mother’s milk!

Camel milk has more Vitamin C, B6, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium and Potassium than cows milk, and is lower in lactose! Camel milk contains natural antibiotics which keeps the milk fresher for a longer period.
93289 Cereals & derived products Other China Oilseeds (rape, sunflower, soy, sesame, peas, bean 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : Product: Organic Mungbeans
Origin: China

Product sensory characteristics
Odour: Typical flavour without any off flavour
Colour: Typical green
Taste: Typical taste without any foreign taste
Appearance: Round
93288 Medicinal & aromatic plants Ecocert France Aromatic plants 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : Gentiane bio
quantité souhaitée
93287 Textile Other USA other Textile 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : OmniPrint International is one of the leading DTG manufacturers in the world. We offer solutions for companies of all sizes. Founded in 2003 with the goal to create a cost-effective solution for full color garment printing, we are now in our 10th year of business. Our products include patented features, such as our ‘Wet Cap’ system. As we continue to grow, we strive to continue our personable, humble approach. Our clients satisfaction is our top priority.
93286 Products for organic farming Other India Fertilizers 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : GreeNeem Neem Cake-Slow Release Organic Fertilizer- OMRI Listed (Organic Materials Review Institute)
Neem Cake/Neem seed meal – an excellent bio degradable slow release organic fertilizer with pest repellent and nematicide property. Has rich plant nutrients and also slows the Nitrogen intake from the soil and thus the plant gets a prolonged supply of nitrogen from the soil. Can be well applied as itself or along with the other Organic or Inorganic fertilizers. Rightly called as Bio Soil Fumigant.
92205 Fruit & vegetables Other Bulgaria Fresh fruit 2019-10-20 2017-11-06
Description : 20 000 kg of fresh organic quince fruits for the industry- juices, jams, alcohol drinks etc. Three different brands.
93284 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Macedonia Medicinal plants 2019-01-01 2017-11-06
Description : Silybum marianum (L.) Gaertn or Milk Thistle seeds organic certificated production from Macedonia.
78753 Fish & seafood Other Senegal Fresh fish 2019-12-12 2017-11-06
Description : SENEFRANCE PECHE est une société française située sur la Côte d'Azur et importateur de poisson sauvage FRAIS de la pêche du jour, les différentes plages du Sénégal avec des arrivages journaliers par avion de Dakar directement sur ??les différents aéroports européens.

Notre usine de fabrication à Dakar transforme également du poisson CONGELE et envoi les produits directement par transport maritime à des clients en Europe, Asie et partout dans le monde

Notre sélection de produit est faite directement par les pêcheurs artisanaux de l'arrivée des pirogues sur les plages le long de la côte entre haute Dakar et Saint-Louis, Mbour, Kayar.

Les poissons sont transportés immédiatement sur ??la glace en utilisant des véhicules frigorifiques dans notre établissement Dakar être nettoyé, préparé éviscérés par espèces ou filetée.
62245 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Saudi Arabia Other fruit & vegetables 2019-12-01 2017-11-06
  Description : Al Watania Agricultural Company was established in 1982. Providing more than 20 Years of service to the Kingdom, It was founded by Sheikh Sulaiman Abdul Aziz Al Rajhi, who continues to be the chairman of the Company right from its inception

The company is ISO 9001 registered, and gained the EcoCert agricultural certificate for organic products from the European organization, to become the pioneers among working agricultural companies.

At Watania we work hard to select the varieties best suited to our environment, and in line with our local habits. The natural way of growing (Organic farming) used by Watania adds to the goodness, both in taste and nutrition of our produce. Our fruits and vegetables are not only famous locally but also among our customers abroad
79824 Commodities Naturand Verband Für Naturgemässen Landbau E.v. India Coffee & substitutes 2019-02-28 2017-11-06
Description : organic and fairtrade certified


cherry and parchment
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