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Non-alcoholic beverages (water, fruit, vegetable juice)
DescriptionWe produce and sell the following types of juices: apple, apple-carrot, apple and beetroot. Juices Invikta Juice category relate to NFC (not from concentrate), and thanks to completely natural composition provide the body with pectin (fiber), natural antioxidants, organic acids, carbohydrates in the form of natural glucose and fructose, vitamins and minerals. Invikta Juice is not only perfect tones and quenches thirst, but also increases the body's resistance to cold, infectious and other diseases. Key features (competitive advantage). Our juices are:
GMOs - genetically modified organisms different from the natural presence of the foreign gene. Invikta Juice Juices made exclusively from environmentally friendly choice of fruit and vegetable crops grown reliable suppliers in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan.
Unclarified juice contains natural for a certain kind of juice precipitate, giving a cloudy and opaque appearance juice. The precipitate consists of fine and colloidal suspensions systems - valuable nutrients, such as pectin (cellulose), known for their antioxidant properties, vegetable proteins (amino acids including arginine, lysine, and valine) and fat-soluble vitamins.
Direct extraction
Invikta Juice direct extraction - is the juice produced by pressing fresh, ripe fruits and vegetables, past pasteurization to ensure microbiological purity and safety, and poured into a special vacuum packaging. Due to the production technology is in juices of direct expression is maintained maximum vitamins and minerals their fruit crops.
Juices Invikta Juice packaged in aseptic containers Begin-boks, which includes high-strength plastic bag with a capacity of 3 liters with a tap and a cardboard box. hot filling system into packets bag-in-box allows to increase the shelf life Juice juices without preservatives, protecting the product against oxygen, bacteria, odors and light, including, after opening the box.
Structure juices
The structure of the juice includes only squeezed fruit / vegetables or berries. We do not add to them nothing - no water, no sugar or sweeteners, no preservatives, no flavorings and flavor enhancers and flavor (even natural).
By using gentle pasteurization at a temperature of 80-90° C and hot filling into a high-tech vacuum packaging ensures microbiological purity and safety - our products can be stored for a year, and at the same time preserves the maximum benefit from the fruit / vegetable raw materials. only fresh, ripe, unspoiled fruit is used to produce juice. Organic raw materials are purchased from local growers and farmers during the harvest season.

The structure of the juice comes exclusively the fruit and / or vegetable, which is listed on the packaging. Carefully selected fresh ripe fruit / vegetables fall into the press, pasteurized and immediately bottled in packaging. As part of the excluded any additives - we do not dilute the products with water, do not add sugar and other sweeteners, preservatives, flavorings, GMOs, flavor enhancers and flavor. Juices Invikta Juice - it is only natural pasteurized fresh juices - and nothing more.
Shelf life before opening is 12 months. After opening the juice is stored 3 months, due to the peculiarities of aseptic packaging. Built-in bag-in-box allows the crane to pour the juice, avoiding contact with the packaging air and bacteria.
Our juices are pasteurization process - short-term heating at a temperature of 80-90 degrees. This allows for microbiological purity and extend the shelf life of up to one year.
Most juices, which you see on the store shelves, not squeezed out of the fruit and vegetables, and recovered from concentrates. That is juice in tetra pack - is often either nectar or fruit drink. Production of such mixing is a juice concentrate (puree), water and sugar. In addition to these ingredients may be contained in the juice, citric acid, ascorbic acid, preservatives, flavorings and sweeteners. Unlike most juices, Invikta Juice - concentrate juices produced from natural organic raw material, without any additives. The advantages are obvious.

Benefits of apple juice has been known since ancient times. Fortunately, in the territory of our apples are grown everywhere and available to us in many different varieties. Many centenarians say that apple juice is a permanent part of their diet.
Apple juice contains high amounts of vitamins A, C and group B, thus has immunostimulatory effect. In a large number of juice in the composition are mineral compounds (iron, magnesium, phosphorus), biotin, pantothenic acid.
Because of folic acid content of apple juice will be especially necessary for women, because in addition to health, it helps to strengthen hair and nails.
Apple Juice is especially recommended for metabolic disorders, atherosclerosis, and overeating. It normalizes cholesterol, stimulates the cardiovascular system, has choleretic and antioxidant effects, linking free radicals and minimizing the harmful effects of the environment on the organism. The presence in the juice enzymes (enzymes) facilitates the digestion of food.
Especially needed juice from apples with vitamin deficiency, anemia and during the recovery period after illness. With regular use of direct extraction of apple juice has a positive effect on the preservation of memory and a great stable of intellectual abilities, even in deep starosti.tva juices, Invikta Juice - concentrate juices produced from natural organic raw material, without any additives. The advantages are obvious.

Mix apple juice with carrot - a real storehouse of vitamins and minerals. Apples themselves on the content of nutrients - fruits kings. A high percentage of potassium in their composition provides substantial support for the work of the heart and contributes to acid-base balance. Fiber is essential for intestinal health work. Apple juice - the perfect solution for beriberi, anemia, rheumatism, during rehabilitation after various diseases. Especially many consisting of vitamin C and iron.
Carrot juice cocktail, this brings a lot of vitamin A (beta carotene) in the form of easily digestible, as well as vitamins B, C, D, E and K. The minerals From carrot juice is rich in potassium, sodium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur and silicon. Carrot Juice improves appetite, digestion and dental health.
Apple-carrot Juice perfectly contributes to the overall strengthening of health, especially in people with weak immune systems, problems with the skin and eye. It tones, increases resistance to infections of the respiratory tract, acts positively on the nervous system of the body. Apple-carrot juice is especially necessary in the diet of children and pregnant women - glucose and fructose, the juice is sweeter when spinning of sour apple varieties - respectively, sour.
The taste of the juice depends on the variety of apples used in the production of various parties. If this is the sweet variety, with a natural high content of glucose and fructose, the juice is sweeter when spinning of sour apple varieties - respectively, sour.
Even in ancient Egypt about beet juice was described as an amazing remedy. At various times he was appointed to his patients Hippocrates dioxide, Galen and Avicenna - the treatment of anemia, infections, digestive problems and fever. The beet juice little dietary fiber and protein, but a lot of fiber and organic acids, carbohydrates, provitamins, vitamins (A, C, E, PP, B group) and minerals (potassium, sodium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, chlorine, sulfur, iron, manganese, zinc, iodine, copper, chromium, fluoride, molybdenum, boron, vanadium, cobalt, nickel, rubidium). Betaine contained in beet is inherently powerful antioxidant.
Beet juice is wide for its curative properties. It increases the body's resistance to infections, it helps to restore power after heavy loads, improves the functioning of the lymphatic system and the blood (due to the formation of red blood cells), cleanses the liver and kidneys, gall bladder and blood vessels. With regular use the body becomes stronger, improves metabolism and memory, normal pressure and the work of the gastrointestinal tract. When excess weight, menstrual cycle disturbances, blurred vision, skin problems, varicose veins, atherosclerosis trombofebitah and beet juice perfectly eases symptoms. Positive effect on the nervous system of the juice for insomnia and nervousness, it is even recommended by doctors for the prevention and treatment of cancer!
Beet juice is effective in excess weight and obesity, due to high content lipotropics; It clears all systems of the body of toxins and rejuvenates, improves the complexion.
However, despite all the benefits, it is recommended to drink beet juice is not pure - may experience nausea, dizziness, bowel disorder, stomach pain, and even an increase in temperature, and taste like sugar beet is not for everyone. Therefore, the ideal choice is the dilution of the other beet juice in a ratio of 1: 1.
Apple and Beet mix Juice - the perfect combination of good fruits and vegetables! It perfectly nourishes the body with nutrients, has anti-sclerotic effect, protects the body from the damaging environmental effects, prevents the development of harmful microorganisms in the intestine, involved in the removal of excess cholesterol. Significant iron content (as in beets and apples) makes combinations of juice necessary for anemia, hypertension, hypothyroidism, and atherosclerosis.
Apple and beet ideal for relieving fatigue and recovery from illness. He has a unique anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect.
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