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83775 Commodities Other Cocoa, chocolate
Description : We are a supplier of Cocoa Beans. Our Beans originate from Tanzania.
83177 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
Description : cafe organico
82982 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
Description : Fairetrade certified and from organic culture
82860 Commodities Other Cocoa, chocolate
Description : I am a cocoa supplier from Peru, direct from field to client. The origin of this product comes from the peruvian jungle. We have a true care to our lands to provide good taste and smell to our organic cocoa beans. We also process our cocoa into nibs and powder.

Soy proveedor de cacao en Perú, directo de la tierra al cliente. El origen de este producto proviene de la selva peruana. Tenemos un buen cuidado a nuestras tierras para obtener un cacao orgánico. Lo presentamos y ofrecemos en granos, nibs y polvo.
82789 Commodities Consejo De La Producción Agraria Ecológica De Naverra Tea
Description : Josenea biologically produces and transforms its plants in our farm, “Bordablanca”, located in Lumbier, Navarra (Spain). Our fields are watered by the Irati River, in the foothills of the Navarra Pyrenees mountains. Harvesting is performed by hand, with no use of chemical pesticides or fertilizers. Josenea pays careful attention throughout the growing, harvesting, drying, storage and packaging processes to ensure that our products reach you in optimal condition.
82647 Commodities Bio Inspecta Ag Tea
Description : 100% Organic Black Tea,
We don't just make organic tea, we grow them, we enjoy them and we cherish them.

Mixes with Organic Rose petals available upon your request,
We can provide it in Bulk quantities as well as with your own private label,

Drink with us.
82646 Commodities Other Sugar
Description : Organic Sugar

ICUMSA 45, White Sugar, Brown Sugar

Made from Sugar Cane, In India & Vietnam

For Processing as well as raw consumption.
82639 Commodities Instituto Biodinamico Sugar
Description : Organic Whole Sugar
82638 Commodities Instituto Biodinamico Cocoa, chocolate
Description : Organic Powder Cocoa
82622 Commodities Other Coffee & substitutes
Description : Bonjour,

Exportateur de Café Péruvien en grain, nous appartenons à une coopérative afin de proposer les meilleurs arabicas.

Installé au Pérou depuis 2009, nous avons une bonne connaissance du marché des producteurs locaux, de leur exploitation et de leur passion du café.

Nous vous proposons du café en grain vert par sac de 50 kilos, ou du café torréfié

Jean Pierre ROUSSEL
82324 Commodities Other Tea
Description : Studies have concluded that tea is the most consumed beverage after water. Our tea is high antioxidant, content is useful to keep the immunity of the body and can even prevent cardiovascular diseases. Our tea is 100% certified Fairtrade, natural, perfumed and has high flavour. Our tea is from Rwanda.
82305 Commodities Control Union Cocoa, chocolate
Description : Cacao en grano y tostado
82065 Commodities Other Cocoa, chocolate
Description : BBNXLXL
82057 Commodities Other Sugar
  Description : The iidea Company produces and markets organic agave products - Agave Syrup (Nectar), Agave Powder, Agave Inulin, and Tequila - using the best raw material: the Agave tequilana (Weber Blue) agave. This positions The iidea Company as the industry leader in the development of premium organic agave products.

Our organic agave syrup, organic agave inulin and organic tequilas have been certified by the highest international agencies such as the USDA, and the OK Kosher Certification Committee. In addition, our production plant has been awarded the Food Safety System (FSSC) 22000:2011 Certification for our excellence in manufacturing processes. The iidea Company is the first company in the agave syrup industry to obtain this prestigious certification, which we proudly add to our already extensive list of organic and quality certifications.
81824 Commodities Other Sugar
Description : Certificated Organic Sugar
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