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Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
Description : We are suppliers for a few type of worms that are Red Worms, Tiger Worms and Blue Worms.

These Earthworms normally used in :
-Source of protein
- Fishing Baits
-Organic Fertilizer



A ) 50 KG – 1000 KG - USD100/KG

B ) ABOVE 1000 KG - USD 90 /KG


- This pricing is ex factory pricing, transportation, tax and insurance not included.

- If you need transportation we can arrange for you.

Active Agro Enterprise
Products for organic farming
Description : Certified Organic Products:

Ground and Whole Spices (Anise, Ginger, Cardamom, Coriander, Cinnamon, Chilli, Turmeric, Bay Leaf, Onion, Fenugreek, Pepper, Celery, Fennel, Garlic)

Oil Seeds (Soybean, Castor, Sesame, Mustard, Cotton Lint)

Feed Meal / Deoiled Cakes (Soybean, Sesame, Mustard, Rape Seed, Castor, Cotton)

Nuts (Cashew, Walnuts)

Food Grains & Pulses

Botanical Herbs & Pharmaceutical Ingredients

Essential Oils

Non-Organic Products:

Ground and Whole Spices (Anise, Ginger, Cardamom, Coriander, Cinnamon, Chilli, Turmeric, Bay Leaf, Onion, Fenugreek, Pepper, Celery, Fennel, Garlic)

Oil Seeds (Sesame, Mustard)

Deoiled Cakes (Soybean, Sesame, Mustard, Rape Seed, Castor, Cotton)

Nuts (Cashew, Walnuts)
Products for organic farming
Control Union
Description : HERMES Agri-Company Ltd produces organic fertilizers with growth regulating qualities based on vermicompost. Vermicompost is a biohumus delivered by processing of manure by Californian Red worm.
Hermes Agri-Company Ltd products are certified according to the standards of International Federation of Organic Agriculture Movements (IFOAM) and are regularly controlled by Control Union Certifications. All products have undergone Ukrainian state legal tests and are approved by the Chemicals Security Department of Ministry for environmental protection of Ukraine. Trade marks are patented.
The natural complex of immune-stimulating, cryo-protective and radio-protective qualities is involved in our products. They have been tested at different agricultural cultures both under normal and stress conditions.
The researches proved the increase of productivity and agricultural products quality. The Company has mastered and patented the technology of production of a liquid organic fertilizer \"Humisol\" as well as other fertilizers.
Products for organic farming
Description : We take pleasure in introducing ourselves as a reputed and strong R&D based manufacturer, marketer and exporter of Plant in origin based wide range of Organic Inputs in as Organic Nutrients and Some of our popular products include Granular and liquid formulations which have been very effective and economical to the farmers and we have a large number of loyal farmer\'s .
Cippy\'s products are field tested, and evaluated by various Agri Universities of India for 2 to 3 years period and have been found more effective and economical with Conventional treatments than others traditional organic treatment as well as comparatively more effective and economical than other traditional Organic treatment
Our products have been tested & certified for its Eco friendliness and non-toxicity by \"National Toxicology Center\" (NTC) as non -toxic, non- irritant and safe for use. Our products are totally non-toxic and non-hazardous
Our Organic inputs approved by ECOCERT for organic agriculture as per Indian (NSOP –National Standards of Organic Production), European (EC- Regulation) & US (NOP -National Organic Program) standards
Products for organic farming
Description : Granule fermented fertilizer made of chicken dung,rice
bran,paddy husk with microorganisms.Enriched with core
plant nutrients\' required,easy to use.Packing:25kg in
plastic bag
Products for organic farming

CERTIFIED ORGANIC : USDA, EEC, JAS , BFA and OMRI and we are also active member of IFORM.

We are Certified Organic neem cake fertilizer manufacturer and exporters to USA,Europe and World wide. We export more than 20 Countries.

Parker neem cake having added advantage of control soil based nematatoes and soil insects.

Parker neem oil organic pest controler controls vide range of pests and insects. Parker derives the neem oil by 100% organic mathod and provide to the customers for there application.

EURO.400/ Per ton
Available in Pellet, Granule and powder form.

Package :
Default :20 Kg.
we are also offer in various packages.
Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
N : 5%
P : 2%
K : 2%
PH : 4.5
EC(dS/m) :1.2
Calcium : Min 0.7%
Magnesium : Min 0.5%
Sodium :80(mg/Kg)
Sulphate : 120(mg/Kg)
Copper : 140(mg/Kg)
Iron :600(mg/kg)
Manganese :220(mg/kg)
Zinc :540(mg/kg)
Silica : 1.04%
Sulphur :Min 1.20%

Package :
1 Kg , 5 Kg , 20 Kg & 50 Kg Package

We offer Private lable too
Products for organic farming
Description : Certified by INDOCERT

Answering the biggest challenge of crop protection in an ORGANIC Way
We would first like to introduce our self as a manufacturer of biodegradeble SPARROW888PLUS ® for plant pest control & protection.

Protecting crops in an ORGANIC Way is the biggest challenge for the farmers, Today’s grower is faced with the double edged sword. On one side the environmental & health concerns is forcing him to refrain from using pest control chemicals, & on the other side the pest attack on crops decreases yield manifold inturn reducing his profit drastically.

SPARROW888PLUS ® after extensive research & field testing has proved to be effective in plant pest control & at the same time it is Non-Chemical approach leaving no residue on the crop, Our product has been listed by OMRI (Organic Materials Review Institute ), Eugene USA. It has been certified by the nationally and internationally renowned INDOCERT as an Organic Input. INDOCERT has strong technical collaborations with two Switzerland-based organic farm certifying institutes, FiBL and bio.inspecta.

The benefits of SPARROW888PLUS ®
(a) Bio-degradable & used in Organic Agriculture
(b) Single product for Plant Insect, Fungus & Virus control
(c) Non-Residual effect
(d) Pest cannot develop resistance.
(e) Multi-Purpose
(f) Economical

We have successfully tested our products in various AGRICULTURAL UNIVERSITIES.. The farmers from all over world are successfully using our product for Organic Agriculture from last 4 years.

We are looking for Partner, Collaborator, Distributors, Importers, Liaison Agents for fruitful business and to benefit the farmers on worldwide basis.
Products for organic farming
Description : We present ourselfs as a producer and Exporters of Vermi-Compost ( Organic Fertilizer) a pure organic manure obtained from earth worms, having production of 100,000 MT annually .Subject : Introduction regarding our Organic Fertilizer (Vermicompost/Vermiwash)

EASTLAND AGRO is widely acknowledged and distinguished organization
engaged in manufacturing of organic fertilizer (vermicompost) and
organic liquid fertilizer for greater productivity and
eco friendly production naturally.

EASTLAND AGRO, a leading organic fertilizer company of India has been
relentlessly providing the best organic farming solutions to the Indian farmers
and abroad. EASTLAND AGRO is a research driven company where our world is
shaped by a passion for innovation, concern for quality and commitment
to provide the best products to the customer for
Healthier Soil, Healthier Plant, Healthier Life and Healthier future.

EASTLAND AGRO, a large scale producer of quality organic fertilizer(Vermicompost) in Punjab(INDIA), EASTLAND AGRO produce organic fertilizer (Vermicompost) from pure cattle dung only, also produce organic liquid fertilizer . Our production capacity is 1500MT per year,

If any quiery or needs please contact us,

Thanking you,

Available in 50 KG One Kg packing.
We also supply , a liquid spary for flower plants and fruit trees.
Products for organic farming
Description : We are producers and distributor of vegetables garden organic seeds in Italy. Our farmer catalogue is on line in our web site at this url:

We produce seed for green manure in various mixing.

We are looking for a retail distributor for our organic seed packets in USA, England, Greece, Spain. This is a 32 varieties photografic line of vegetables garden organic seed based on typical italian taste. Visit the fotogallery in our site to see the packets.
Products for organic farming
Description : Organic Fertilizer from oil-fruitcake, sugarcanecake,vegetables,animal organic, that's why is better for your land, because it doesn't contaminate the ground, it's natural. Specifications: Diameter 4.0mm8.0mm N>4.0% P>2.0% K>?1.0%moisture<13.0% PH 6.08.0 Packing:40kg Plastics knited bags.Payment term: T/T or L/C Minimum order:100 M/T
Products for organic farming
Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia)
Description : finca cafetalera organica, banco de semillas, ofrece semillas de arboles maderables tropicales en riesgo.
Products for organic farming
Description : Due to our company activities in All Our The World about agricultural products we can supply and provide you best qualities Seeds in competitive prices for you.
Our Agriculture Product are Listed Below.

Alfalfa Seed, Sorghum Seed, Berseem Clover Seed, Seesame Seed, Flax Seed, Sunflower Seed, Castor Seed, Fenugreek Seed, Licorice Roots, Millet and Rice
our Products are Certified with SGS.

Thanks & Best Regards.
Name: - Nazir Ahmed
Address: - Al- Marryam International Market Road
City: - Hyderabad.
Country: - Pakistan.
Phone #: - 92-222-619856
Fax #:- 92-222-631787
Email: -
Products for organic farming
Description : we are into manufacturing of vermicompost - is an ecologically pure organic fertilizer, the product of processing manure with assistance of technological earthworms Staratel. This products is mainly used by organic farms, green houses, plant nurseries and potting mix
Products for organic farming
Description : KINGVERN Herbal Organic Concentrates is a fertilizer, pesticide, insect repellant and fungicide made in the3 Philippines of selected Philippine herbs and spices and FAA(fish amino acid). It is in liquid concentrated form packed in 1 Liter plastic bottle. It has a dilution of 1L of KINGVERN to 200L of water approximately.
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