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Products for organic farming
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Description : PUREGANIC TECHNOLOGY, is the first manufacturer to use empty fruit bunches for produce organic raw material of fertilizer in Malaysia.The moisture content and particle size is strongly recommend to compund fertilizers.Meanwhile,it’s also mentioned as organic soil which is suitable for any plantation and home gardening etc.

Our production capacity is 2500tonnes per month.
Products for organic farming
Description : Our Bio-organic fertiliizer is made of natural resources such as:-

a) Natural mineral contents
b) Enzyme
c) Effluent sludge
d) Palm press fiber
e) Palm kernel shell powder
f) Palm kernel cake

Our production capacity is 2000tonnes per month.
Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
Description : all type of bio fertilizers
Products for organic farming
Kontrollstelle Fur Okologischen Landbau
Description : Approved under the reference number 82-02.02.02-5/10 as fertilizer product by LANUV NRW \"Landesamt für Natur, Umwelt und Verbraucherschutz \" confirming to the german law of 16. Dezember 2008 (BGB!. I S. 2524) last changed law of 14. Dezember 2009 (BGB!. S. 3905).
JAFGREEN® meets the ecological requirement \"EG-Öko-Basisverordnung covered by the
accreditation certificate number 3509-409 from the EU control station DE-043 Öko -Kontrollstelle according to the criteria of EC 834/2007 and EC 889/2008 and allowed for use in organic farming according to the regulation EC 834/2007.
JAFGRREN® is listed in the \"FiBL Betriebsmittelliste 2010\" official German organic fertiliser journal
Products for organic farming
Description : The Biological Formula - LB10 (Bioto 10 Liquid)
Products for organic farming
Description : Plantex Biozyme is a mixture of plant enzymes, minerals & nutrients combined with chitosan, live nitro fixing bacteria, nematode controlling fungi and several live beneficial and effective micro-organisms to continuously produce varities of enzymes, hormones, vitamins, natural biological process in powder form.

Organic Compost Activator
Wastewater Treatment Applicator
- Pond water culture
- Treatment applicator
Feed Additive
Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
Description : We supply a Mineral, that is Natural and 100% Organic product!

Please find below a brief list of the Agricultural benefits provided by the use of the geo-minerals product.
This -mineral reduces fertiliser costs by up to 50% and is typically applied at 3.7 ton/hectare (370grams/m2)this mineral creates more vigorous growth in Grasses, Plants and all types of Crops
this mineral organically re-mineralises and is retained in the soil for up to 5 years
this mineral naturally self medicates soil with the correct nutrition
this minerals assist’s the replenishment of the microbial and earthworm populations to pre toxin levels, creating aeration, nitrogen fixation, humus building, and water retention, whilst unlocking phosphate release
this mineral feed microbes and earthworms which breakdown the minerals and turn them into protoplasm, which increases the sugar levels in Grasses, Plants and Crops
this mineral has a unique element Silicon (sol) which is very important in Phosphate locked soils. As Silicon releases phosphates by a replacement reaction in the soil
this mineral regulates and balances soil that are high in toxin\'s i.e. aluminium, strontium etc. or high in particular minerals i.e. copper, magnesium etc.
this mineral regenerates soil structure back to pre-toxin level\'s resulting in much richer and fertile soil structure
this mineral increases plants natural defences by raising their resistant to drought and disease and makes them less dependent on pesticides.
this mineral is not water-soluble resulting in no losses through leaching or soil solutions, it is broken down naturally through microbial activity and turned into protoplasm feed.
this mineral is a Non Hazardous Natural Product

We have the following documents.

Grass Silage Reports
Organic Product Certification
FBA Analysis report
Queens University Analysis report
Benefits of silicon in soil
Benefits of boron in soil

please contact us for trade and other service enquiries at the above mail id, or call us on the following number:


contact person: V.Chandrasekaran Iyer
Products for organic farming
Description : organic

Flax, brown and gold
Safflower seed
Sesameseed natural and hulled
Sunflower seed
Pumpkin seed
Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
Description : Bionetix UK is a trading name of Pulsonic Technologies Ltd, which was formed by Managing Director Dr. John Duffy in 1993.

Bionetix UK specialise in the bacterial formulated products as an alternative to harmful chemicals for the treatment of problems in your home, garden and pond.
Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
Description : Euro Plant es una sociedad anónima de capitales Españoles y tecnología israelita, especializada en la venta de plantas de almácigos hortícolas. Creada en 1998 recoge toda la experiencia que se logró durante años con una empresa similar en España. Este conocimiento adquirido se traspasó al personal de Chile, lo que dio a Euro Plant considerables ventajas técnicas comparada con otras empresas del rubro, las que tuvieron que ir aprendiendo de sus errores. Este ha sido el factor clave que ha diferenciado la calidad de los almácigos de Euro Plant en comparación a su competencia.
Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
Description : Portable growing systems to grow organic fodder for livestock feed
Products for organic farming
Description : BIOCYTE NUTRI+
Biocyte Agro Research Cente, with its manufacturing facility at Kanjikode,Palakkad,India now manufactures Biocyte Nutri+, an improved organic manure, suitable for all crops. Biocyte also manufactures Biofertilizers and Biocontrol agents. Biocyte Nutri+ contains the following ingredients. It is mixed in certain ratio under strict supervision in controlled conditions. The raw materials in-corporated in Nutri+ are the best quality available in the market.


1. Bio-Compost : This is the compost prepared from Sugar cane waste, after the sugar is manufactured. The crushed sugar cane waste is composted using certain fungus, water and a concentration of microbial cultures to boost up the composting process. Bio-compost forms the major ingredient.
2. Neem Cake : High quality crushed neem cake is used as another major ingredient in Nutri+.
3. Castor cake : High quality crushed Castor cake is used as another ingredient in Nutri+. Castor is higly rich in Phosphorous.
4. Fish meal : This is processed Organic manure, containing fish waste and Shrimp waste. Its is highly nutritious.
5. Biofertilizers : In addition to all the above organic ingredients, we also incorporate a small concentration of Biofertilizers like Azospirillum and Phosphobacteria for added advantage and better nutrition. (Regional strains can also be incorporated)
6. Born Meal:

Excellent medium for plant growth
High moisture retention
Improves physical & biological condition of soil
Improves aeration
Reduces frequency of irrigation
Enhances strong and healthy root system

Contains natural enzymes and plant nutrients
Stimulates the production of phytohormones.

Composition Biocyte Nutri+

Nitrogen 1.45%
Phosphorous 1.09%
Potassium 1.12%
Organic carbon 15.88
Lignin 4%
Cellulose 12.6%
Calcium 0.50%
Magnesium 0.65%
Iron (ppm) 0.15
Manganese (ppm) 25.0
Zinc (ppm) 15.80
Copper (ppm) 6.20
Moisture content 30 – 35%
pH 7.98
Products for organic farming
Description : MICRONIZED POWDER Trichoderma atroviride strain 898G and Glomus spp.

Technical Data Sheet
Safety Data Sheet

TIFI is a product composed of spores (conids and clamidospores) and mycelium of a live fungus not genetically modified, which usually leaves in Mediterranean environments.

After the molecular identification for sequencing of ITS (INRA Versailles, France), the 898G strain was registered by the NIXE laboratory in an international collection with the reference number: BCCM/MUCL 45632.
The Trichoderma Atroviride strain 898G is a fungus having a direct antagonist action on many pathogenic funguses, which live on soils (Fusarium spp., Rhizoctonia spp., Verticillium spp., Armillaria spp., Phyrochaeta spp.) and plants (Phytophtora spp., Botrytis spp. ecc.).
The selected strain differs from others for the great adaptability to environment and especially for the great reproducibility and aggressiveness against pathogens. This means a quicker and more efficacious action and a greater persistence, thanks to their ability to live in soils – occupying the rizosphere and colonizing the roots – and to settle on the aerial part of grass and tree plants.
Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
Description : We sell organic vegetables for local market.
We also have our own polyhouses for cutflowers mainly Roses, Gerbera.
We also plants carnation and carnation in polytunnels, mainly with our bio-fertilisers and bio-control agents.
We can export these cutflowers.
Products for organic farming
Other products for organic farming
1. Azotobacter: Free living Nitrogen fixers (Applicable for all types of crops)
2. Rhizobium: Symbolic Nitrogen fixers(Applicable for all legumes crops)
3. Acetobacter: These are free living Nitrogen fixers (Applicable for Sugarcane & all sucrose content crops)
4. PSB: Phosphate Solubilising Bacteria
5. KMB: Potash Mobilising Bacteria

• Plant Growth Promoters
1. Actinomycetes: These bacteria are used as plant Growth Promoters and iron chealators.
• Bio-Control Agents are micro-organisms or their products which are effectively used to control the insect, pest or disease causing micro-organisms in Agriculture. They are Eco-Friendly, Bio0 Degradable and Effective.
1. Trichoderma viridae – Antifungal agent
2. Verticillium lecani – Anti insects: aphids, whiteflies, milibug
3. Beauveria bassiana – Against aphids, thrips, milli bug, sucking insects
4. Pacilomyces fumosoroseus – Nematocide.
5. Metarrhizium anisoplae – White grubs, termites.
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