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44264 Dietetic & health foods Other Other dietetic & health foods
Description : • La stevia es apta para diabéticos.
• Es hipotensora (recomendada para personas con tensión alta, pues la reduce).
• Para el cuidado facial.
• Para problemas de acidez de estómago
• Adecuada para bajar el nivel de acidez de la sangre y de la orina.
• Ayuda a bajar de peso porque no tiene calorías y no produce ninguno de los nocivos daños
causados por el azúcar y los demás edulcorantes artificiales.
• Es soluble en agua fría o caliente, sin calorías, se puede hornear (es estable a los 200°C).
• No se fermenta.
• No crea placa dental, es anti-caries, y no tiene efectos tóxicos.

La Stevia no tiene calorías y tiene efectos beneficiosos en la absorción de la grasa y la presión arterial. Contiene carbohidratos, proteínas, vitaminas y minerales No se reportan efectos secundarios de ninguna clase, como efectos mutagénicos u otros efectos que dañen la salud. 1 taza de azúcar equivale a 1 ½ a 2 cucharadas de la hierba fresca o ¼ de cucharadita del polvo de extracto
44217 Dietetic & health foods Other Fresh plant extracts
Description : We supply extracts of plants.
44216 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description : Wer supply sup0plements as per order.
43254 Dietetic & health foods Ecocert Capsules, ampoules
Description : organic food supplements
Noni, Silicium, Aloe
42886 Dietetic & health foods Other Energy biscuit bars
Description : Energy-Box

Balanced nutrition means low fat, low sugar, much energy. Not only for sporting people we created our ENERGY-BOX: Fibre-rich cereals for breakfast, banana chips and fruit bars for now and then.

Be active - stay active!

Content: 1 x organic cereal, fibre-rich 375 gr, 1 x organic banana chips 125 gr, 3 x organic fruit bars a 40 gr
42885 Dietetic & health foods Other Food supplements
Description : Vitamin-Box

Vitamins are an important part of a balanced nutrition: That is why we assorted products with a high content of vitamins:fruit juice, dried fruits, fruit cereal and fruit bars

100 % organic - 100 % great taste

Content: 1 x organic cereal with dried berries 375 gr, 1 x organic fruit juice 330 ml, 2 x organic fruit bars a 40 gr, organic dried fruits 100 gr
42591 Dietetic & health foods Other Baby foods
Description : Delicious frozen baby food made in Canada.
20115 Dietetic & health foods Ecocert Food supplements
Description : Bud extracts
20706 Dietetic & health foods Ecocert Fresh plant extracts
Description : Herbal extracts in liquid, concentrated, or dry form :

Hydro-alcoholic extracts (Tinctures, alcoholatures, fluid extracts…)
Hydro-alcohol glycerine extracts
Aqueous extracts
Hydro-glycolic extracts
Floral waters
Herbal oils…

Our extracts can be active principle titrated or based on a plant/extract ratio.
41173 Dietetic & health foods Instituto Per La Certificazione Etica E Ambientale Fresh plant extracts
Description : Haromatic plants (sage, marjorane, rosemary, thyme, mint and others). Herbs and spices for cooking both fresh and/or dried, small amounts.
40863 Dietetic & health foods Ecocert Food supplements
Description : importer of Brazilian and Amazonian food supplement (Guarana, Muirapuama, Brazilian Ginseng...), vegetal and essencial oils.
40672 Dietetic & health foods Other Other dietetic & health foods
Description : SVM, a packaging and manufacturing Company, is located in the east of France, close to Strasbourg, the crossroads of Europe.

This family-run Company, which has more than 20 years' experience in the food processing industry, offers the following services :
project study, product development, manufacturing, packaging and logistics.

Dynamism, continuous innovation and strong know-how are its major assets.
SVM has launched over 500 products for various food sectors:
diet food, health food, food for sports people, pharmaceutical products, products for food processing industry.
30200 Dietetic & health foods Other Other dietetic & health foods
Description : 01) The Nutrition Facts of red rice bran consists of
68 vitamins and minerals and 107 anti-oxidants.
02) This native organic product is derived from the
pastoral-system red rice that is organically-grown
on mid-elevation volcanic soil from Mount Isarog
in Camarines Sur, Bicol Province.
03) It has the identical traits as that of the
wild-harvest magenta rice described above.
04) For a comprehensive information on rice bran,
please consult the Internet.
05) This organic red rice bran and rice germ
is raw and unprocessed. Its natural state
remains unchanged for five (5) months until
the enzyme lipase and living organisms
begin to take hold and affect product.
39257 Dietetic & health foods Soil Association Certification Ltd Food supplements
Description : NEW V-Pro™ is the innovative powdered protein supplement for adding to drinks and meals.

Approved by the Vegetarian Society, it’s suitable for all vegetarians and vegans
With its delicate nutty flavour it can be added to virtually any drink or meal, from breakfast cereals, Yoghurts, smoothies and shakes, soups, pasta dishes – it can even be used in baking!
V-Pro™ contains all essential amino acids - and a single serving provides 35% of the Guideline Daily Amount of protein based on a 2,000 calorie diet
V-Pro™ is low in fat, and free from dairy, wheat, gluten, soya, nuts and cholesterol
Approved by the Soil Association - it's completely organic and non-GM
V-Pro™ is easy to digest, and helpful to the digestive system - milled entirely from live viable hemp
39142 Dietetic & health foods Control Union Food supplements
Description : capsulas de 500 mg.
potes de 100 unidades.
potes de 200 , 500 gr.
bolsas de 1 , 2 5 kilos.
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