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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
55133 Fish & seafood Ecocert Pre-cooked dishes, preserves
Description : Fabricant de conserves de rillettes de poisson, filets poissons à l\'huile et marinés.
51179 Fish & seafood Agrior Ltd Seaweed
Description : We are growers and processors of premium organic seaweed with extremely high nutritional values and great aroma and taste
31587 Fish & seafood Other Smoked fish
Description : Organic smoked catfish . Ready to eat packaging.

Processed catfish in tomato sauce. Canned Packaging. Ready to eat.

Pricing upon request. ( Based on quantity order)
49711 Fish & seafood Ecocert Fresh fish
Description : saumon bio origine Ecosse toutes tailles disponibles
1/2 au 6/7
39627 Fish & seafood Other Seaweed
Description : Fresh seaweed preserve by salt :
Sea lettuce (Ulva sp.)
Nori (Porphyra sp.)
Dulse (Palmaria palmata)
Wakame (Undaria Pinatifida)
Sea spaghetti (Himantalia elongata)
Royal Kombu (Laminaria saccharina)
39628 Fish & seafood Ecocert Roasted seaweed
Description : Fresh seaweeds marinated and seasonned :

Seaweed relish : Sea lettuce, Dulse and wakame, chopped and marinated with olive oil, capers, shalots, gherkins in vinegar, onions, garlic and wallnut oil.

Norinade : Nori with olive oil, shalots, red wine vinegar and Tamari.
46234 Fish & seafood Other Other fish & seafood
Description : Saltygreens® forms a part of Oosterschelde Fish & Greens. This department has specialized in the import and export of fresh sea greens and its aims are exclusivity plus quality in the first place.

How do we come up to our own standards?
• We work together with the internationally operating seed improvement company. And the result? Fresh samphire and sea aster of an excellent quality throughout the year.
• In our opinion the customer is always right, regardless of the quantity of the order placed with us. How do we deal with that? By listening to our customers and thinking along with them we try to support them to the best of our abilities. The result? A biologically sound packaging with our client's company logo on it!
• The transport is carried out by specialized companies, all working in accordance with the strict HACCP standards.
• A varying database with exclusive recipes.
44961 Fish & seafood Ecocert Frozen fish
Description : frozen salmon smokes, trout, sea perch, gilt-head.
44274 Fish & seafood Letis S.a. Frozen fish
Description :
Allow me to present to you the firm Aguas Claras S.A. , a trout breeder from the southern lakes of Argentina who is working with high standards of quality applying the world wide well known genetics of Troutlodge . I've been nominated by this company for negotiating international supplying contracts of its products with or without organic certification and in its different presentations : a) packed frozen (whole or fillets) and b) cured (packed smoked fillets) . We can provide of large quantities of these products .

We work with the specs that our customer may ask related to the trout pigmentation , size, weight, etc. making the formal contracts for starting with the shipments between 8 up to 10 months ahead. This schedule is provided because the producer will need the time to make the production from the beginning under those determinations . Please, visit our web page at : . Besides, we´re able to provide frozen natural trouts from lots at this moment available.
43982 Fish & seafood Other Pre-cooked dishes, preserves
Description : Famous in Italy for its quality ready-to-eat-fish.
We offer ready to eat organic fish - steamed, cold or hot smoked -. The fish - trout - comes from our farm. We are supplier of Italian company Ecor, and other Companies in all Europe. As we believe in organic food, we are looking for a distributor that can sell our products in other countries....
40728 Fish & seafood Other Other fish & seafood
Description : All types of seafoods
40727 Fish & seafood Other Frozen fish
Description : All type of frozen seafoods
40726 Fish & seafood Other Fresh fish
Description : All type of fresh Seafoods
38891 Fish & seafood Qualite France Smoked fish
Description : saumon fume,truite de mer fume Irlandaise
37846 Fish & seafood Sgs, Austria Controll & Co Gesmbh Other fish & seafood
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