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41399 Delicatessen products Other Other delicatessen products
Description : We offer variety of superior quality Canadian certified organic pasta (fettuccini, spaghetti, fusilli, macaroni, spirals).
Available in retail packages. All kosher certified as well.
40875 Delicatessen products Ecocert Pizzas, pies
Description : pies for pizza
39865 Delicatessen products Ecocert Pre-cooked dishes
Description : Lasagnes,Hachis Parmentier
37195 Delicatessen products Instituto Biodinamico Other delicatessen products
Description : Organic Preserved Heart of Palm.
Glass containers, 520 g, 300 g drained weight.
Produced with mineral water.
Two species:
Pupunha: sweat and soft.
Açaí: strong and firm.

CABRUCA Heart of Palm is planted in organic agro-forestry systems, designed to conserve soil and climate, and even recover degraded areas.
37047 Delicatessen products Organic Trust Ltd Soups
Description : Raw materials Chicken, Lamb, Fish available for soup manufacturers.
34021 Delicatessen products Bios Coop Srl Other delicatessen products
Description : The company covers an area of 200 hectars dedicated to the organic and integrate production of fruits and vegetables. Tre Case follows the production from its own raw product to the finished one. The result is: preserves and jams, fruits in syrup, pickled vegetables also in Olive Oil, sweet and sour sauces, vegetable spreads and bruschette. All is done without any colorants or preservatives, with complete tracebility from the origin. Site:
33955 Delicatessen products Other Fresh pasta, ravioli
Description : Nowadays, we cover a full range of natural and organic Asian pasta (Japanese-style), Instant noodle, Soybean noodle, Spaghetti, Edible oils and Agricultural raw material along with other environmentally friendly products.
USDA and JAS organic
33784 Delicatessen products Other Pre-cooked dishes
Description : DE-VAU-GE GESUNDKOSTWERK GMBH has over 100 years’ skill and experience in producing vegetarian deli specialities. “Ovo-lacto” (containing dairy and eggs) vegetarian products and vegan (entirely plant-based) products are manufactured as an alternative to meat and sausage.

Our broad selection of products can be divided into five groups: tofu products, sausages, schnitzel, burgers and patties, and spreads and various pasta sauces.

As well as tofu of various flavours, our sausages include several varieties, from traditional German-style sausage to various other types of sausage.

Our breaded tofu schnitzel and nuggets, along with our various burgers, are real meat substitutes with all the pleasure of eating meat. What makes these products really special is that their succulent texture is hardly distinguishable from that of meat products.

A large number of vegetarian spreads made from healthful dietetic yeast, grains, vegetables, and yoghurt round off our range. These spreads make a delicious alternative to spreads containing meat.
Some of these products are offered as chilled, with several months’ shelf life, and some are provided in ambient format.
32435 Delicatessen products Other Soups
Description : Organic vegetable soups
32427 Delicatessen products Okop Other delicatessen products
Description : cheese, vegetables in glass, olive oil, vinegar, serrano ham, lomo, chorizo, dulce de membrillo, jam
26836 Delicatessen products Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Other delicatessen products
Description : natural, organic goat's cheese and cured ham from porc .
26834 Delicatessen products Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Patés
Description : dry cured, natural ham with only organic porc and sea salt as ingrdients. minimum 9 - 16 month of age.
24124 Delicatessen products Other Other delicatessen products
Description : Dried Morels - Morchella Conica, Morchella Esculenta
Mushrooms. This is a certified organic delicate food product and we do possess legal certification, quarantine certification, phytosanitary and export certification from the Government of Pakistan.
Please visit,
23491 Delicatessen products Other Other delicatessen products
Description : Organic ricecakes in several different flavours.
22632 Delicatessen products Agriquality Other delicatessen products
Description : Specialty Gourmet Honey products ranging from 200ml Honeygar and comb honey sections to 250g NZ native honeys such as Manuka, Pohutukawa, Tawari, and Rewa Rewa. Visit our website: to view our full range.
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