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46487 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
  Description : cerfified organic royal jelly
46488 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
  Description : liophilized certified organic royal jelly
46539 Sugar & honey products Other Specialties
  Description : Located in beautiful rolling countryside just outside Peachester near the Glasshouse Mountains on Queensland's Sunshine Coast, the Farm offers a bounty of organic products and services – experience our chocolate enrobed ginger and dried mango, and stay in our two beautiful farmstays.
46541 Sugar & honey products Other Specialties
  Description : Ginger is grown in the Sunshine Coast region of South East Queensland and thrives on the gentle slopes of Mango Hill Farm. Premium grade certified organic ginger is sourced by Mango Hill Farm and some is also produced, processed and packaged by Mango Hill Farm. Tall timbers and mango trees provide protection for the young ginger which is watered by a spring fed creek that meanders through the farm. This succulent spice is widely recognised for its medicinal carminative properties and is often taken as a remedy for
46979 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : we have done the bee products for many years.
our goods with good quality and price.
we have fresh royal jelly ,bee honey, propolis bee wax and so on with ECOCERT certificate.
46742 Sugar & honey products Instituto Biodinamico Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : Organic Honeys available : LA, ELA and white. Packed in 285 kg drums and shipped from reliable sources located all over Brazil.
46484 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
  Description : certified organic propolis
32887 Sugar & honey products Other Jams and jellies
  Description : Semiliquid organic fruit spread with organic sugar, citric acid (0,05% - 0,1%) pectina (0,01% - 0,05%) and water.

Our marmelades:
Feijoa (Feijoa sellowiana Berg); Starwberry (Fragaria sp); Lulo (Solanum quitoense L); Mango (Mangifera indica L); PassionFruit (Pasiflora edulis sims); Balckberry (Rubus spp); Pineapple (Ananas comosus (L.) Merrill; Uchuva (Physalis peruviana L).

The product is ready to be consumed with cookies, bread or toast.

Glass jar 220 g, golden methalic \"twist off\" top. Boxes by 12 or 24 units.
37652 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Dessert preparations
Description :

100% fruit specialties and desserts range

The Naturgie approach: NATURGIE has taken into consideration all the factors known to reduce the GI to produce a range with the lowest possible GI :
Maximum reduction of saccharose and glucose
Specific vacuum cooking process with low temperature for the 100% fruit specialities so as to limit the inversion and damage of sugars. This exclusive cooking process helps keeping the maximum of taste, aroma and vitamins. !

100% fruit specialties
There are more than 40 delicious fruit specialties, compotes, organic fruits desserts, jellies, fruits with organic juice and sauces in the Saveurs Attitudes 100% Fruit specialties and desserts range. All these products are made without added saccharose and with optimized GI! Enjoy the traditional flavours such as organic apricot or organic strawberry and the exclusive recipes as our organic orange-ginger.

An outstanding quality: Our products are manufactured in our factory located in the South-west of France which has already more than 40 years of know-how! We use more than 1 kg of fruit to elaborate a glass of 310 g of fruit specialty !
45458 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : Organic Pure African Honey

Light,Medium, or Dark
44730 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Jams and jellies
Description : 5 variérées de tartinade bio sans sucre dont 2/5 contiennent des OMÉGA 3 .
Fraise sans sucre - canneberge sans sucre -- 5 fruits OMÉGA 3 sans sucre -- BLEUET oméga 3 sans sucre -- framboise sans sucre --

Certifié sans OGM et sans GLUTEN
44660 Sugar & honey products Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Jams and jellies
Description : Mermeladas de Tomate , ciruela, fresa, melocotón , naranja, manzana , frambuesa

Contienen 60 gramos de fruta por cada 100 gramos de mermelada . Envases de cristal de 260 grms.
44522 Sugar & honey products Other Dessert preparations
Description : organic Fruit preparations
44275 Sugar & honey products O.i.a. Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : From different regions of Argentina we're able to offer certified organic honeys packed in glass jars for retailing or in bulk in 320 kgs drums . We have an ample range of colours (from 8 to 100 mm pfund) and tastes ( honeys from the meadows, from tne river side and islands of the Paraná River, from the Andes mountains and from the northern woods of the mesopotamia .
44241 Sugar & honey products Other Other sugar & honey products
Description : We supply about . for full list please see our website:
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