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64850 Sugar & honey products Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Other sugar & honey products
  Description : Agave is a natural, non-artificial sweetener with a high content of Fructose and a low glycemic index, which makes it a perfect solution for diabetics. Agave brings many health benefits and is a functional ingredient, which can be used in numorous applications such as Beverages, Juices, Tea, Chocolate, Cookies, Ice Cream, Alcoholic Drinks and more.

Naturel offers a variety of certified 100% organic Agave Syrups from the Blue Weber Agave Plant as well as the Salmeana Agave plant. Available in bulk ranging from 5.6kg gallons and 25.5kg pails over 285kg drums to 1380kg IBC's. We also offer our sexy Maya Gold brand coming in 250g/180ml and 500g/352ml squeeze bottles.
64053 Sugar & honey products Organic Crop Improvement Association (ocia) Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
  Description : Honey is a great way to pamper your skin. It naturally attracts and retains moisture, leaving your skin soothed and hydrated.
Our honey is produced in Borneo,the largest island in Malaysia,the second largest rainforest in the world.We own a group of non-vagabond bee which produce the superlative quality honey.
Moisture(%) ?18
Sucrose ( %) ?5
Fructose+Glucose (%) >65
MF?ppm? ?40
ACIDITY(1N NaOH ml / g) 40 -50
64054 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Other sugar & honey products
  Description : Fresh royal jelly is the concentrated super food responsible for turning an ordinary
worker bee into a queen bee. The queen bee is 50% larger than a worker bee and
lives for up to 4 to 5 years with worker bees living through only one season.
Fresh royal jelly, along with bee pollen, propolis and honey, contains a natural
source of nutrients, which the body needs to maintain good health. Athletes and
other people report increased stamina and general well being, after two weeks supplementing their diets.
Ivory, pure flavour and dense scent
MOISTURE ( % ) 62.5 – 67.5
10 - HDA 1.8 – 2.0
PROTEIN ( % ) 14.0 -16.0
64066 Sugar & honey products Other Jams and jellies
Description : We´re producing organic jams without sugar - we´re using apple juice concentrate and fruits
63750 Sugar & honey products Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Other sugar & honey products
  Description : What is Suchero?
SUCHERO is a low glycemic all-natural coconut sweetener produced from carefully extracted organic coconut sap.

Current trends of choosing a healthier lifestyle and quality diet is on the rise as our lives today are filled with products leaning on the “instant”, “sweetened” and “artificial.” So it is refreshing to find a sweetener that is all natural (no aspartame and no sucralose) and fits the requirement for a healthy and nutritious diet.

SUCHERO is a nutrient-rich, low-glycemic crystalline sweetener that looks, tastes, dissolves and melts almost exactly like sugar, but it is completely natural and unrefined. SUCHERO has no additives, no preservatives, no chemicals, and it is unbleached and unfiltered.

SUCHERO is the natural sweetener recommended and trusted by leading hospitals and prominent doctors. This means, SUCHERO is an ideal sweetener substitute for the preparation of low GI diets and can be safely used by diabetic patients or patients with high sugar level. When incorporated in low GI diets, SUCHERO can help in the proper management of diabetes, weight control, prevention of heart disease and obesity.

SUCHERO can be used 1:1 as a substitute for cane sugar. It also rapidly dissolves in liquids without residue. Tests show that SUCHERO is naturally rich in vitamins, minerals, and amino acids. Aside from being a low GI food, SUCHERO also has macronutrients such as potassium and magnesium and micro-nutrients such as zinc and manganese.

How is it processed and made into sugar?
SUCHERO is derived from the nutritious sap of organic coconut trees. The oyster white liquid is collected and cooked on low heat to let the liquid evaporate until SUCHERO granules are formed - 100% natural, no additives, no artificial flavoring, no coloring, no preservatives and no chemicals – unbleached and unrefined.

The glycemic index or GI is a measure of the effects of carbohydrates on blood sugar levels. Carbohydrates that break down easily during digestion and release glucose rapidly into the bloodstream have a high GI; carbohydrates that break down more slowly and release glucose more gradually into the bloodstream, have a low GI. High GI products tax the pancreas as these signal the brain to produce large amounts of insulin. Prolonged use of high GI products can lead to diabetes.

What is the difference between ordinary sugar and Suchero?
Tests have shown that white sugar has a glycemic index of about 65. Suchero on the other hand has a GI of only 35. SUCHERO is being recommended by doctors as a natural sweetener that can be used as a substitute to white sugar for diabetic patients or patients with high sugar level. SUCHERO is the choice for those who just want a healthier and natural alternative to feed their sweet tooth cravings.

Price of other sweeteners vs Suchero?
Suchero is competitively priced with artificial sweeteners, and is more affordable compared to other natural sweeteners.
63752 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : Certified Organic thyme honey. Certified Organic clover honey. Certified organic beeswax.
63482 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
  Description : Certified organic honey

Honey is derived from the nectar of flowers collected by the honeybees. Besides acting as an excellent ingredient in cooking, the healing properties of honey also make its greater use in medicines also. Honey in India is found in different forms. Common forms of honey are comb honey, cream honey, liquid honey etc. It is believed that Kashmir Honey is the tastiest form of honey.
63268 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : 100% Pure Orgnaic Honey from Bee-hives in Baluchihstan Pakistan. No preservatives and No Chemicals. Direct from the Bee-Hive in to our bottle.
63169 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : PURE Belizean Rain Forest honey (THE PUNTA GRODA BELIZE BEEKEEPERS )
62614 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : We have natural Hill Honey.
62309 Sugar & honey products Other Fresh fruit purée
Description : Pure concentrado de mango
62308 Sugar & honey products Other Jams and jellies
Description : Mermeladas de frutas orgánicas (noni, carambolo, chicozapote, mango, mamey, platano, jaca, guanabana, jugo noni)
61904 Sugar & honey products Agriquality Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : New Zealand Honey Products.
61853 Sugar & honey products Certification And Testing Centre Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : Ecological honey
61699 Sugar & honey products Abcert Gmbh Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : Bees and bee honey
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