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36365 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Control Union Chocolate
Description : We offer a large variety of organic chocolates for all kinds of end-users such as single origin organic chocolate blocks from 500 grams up to 5kg, organic choco drops and organic nibs. Besides we offer a large variety of hand-made organic bonbons and organic chocolate bars. We use standardised luxeous packing material which fits beautifully in your Christmas box. We offer the possibility to put your LOGO on YOUR organic chocolates. Contact us to learn more about us at

Important: EUR 0,40 per kg is reserved for our projects in South America for building schools etc.
33283 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Blik - Integra Vzw/asbl Confectionery
Description : We produce organic soft NOUGAT with different taste p.e. traditional, chocolate, cranberry, mocha, orange, ginger, our at your request.
Brand name our private label.
32924 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Chocolate
Description : pralines Bio:
- Brut de noir
- Praliné croquant
- Coeur caramel
- Truffes
32891 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Ecocert Belgium Sprl / Bvba Chocolate
Description : Une gamme de praline bio
30687 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Ecocert Confectionery
Description : vente et fabrication de confiseries biologiques au sucre de canne :berlingots , oursons et gommes de fruits , bonbons au miel,quartiers de fruits ,melange pectoral ,bonbons a la menthe ,sucettes et sucres d\'orges retrouvez es confiseries de la butinerie sur :
27672 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Krav Bread, bakery products
Description : Aranea Certifiering AB
27450 Bread, confectionery & chocolate International Certification Services Inc. Confectionery
Description : Organic candy with all natual ingredients 99% organic, available in orange, lemon, mixed berry, and pineapple flavors 20 count per pouch.
27292 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Chocolate
Description : raw fermented cocoa beans from South Pacific, 100 % cocoa solids cooking choclate
27024 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Control Union Other bread confectionery & chocolate
Description : De Katjang is a modern family owned company that is situated in Zevenbergen. Our production mainly consists of organic chocolate and rice cake products. Carobe and Soy chocolate for people with allergies is also one of our specialties. During several years we have managed to develop both products into a delicious replacement for milk chocolate.
De Katjang is very strong in private label products, that are being sold all over Europe. However, we also produce under the name "Greenspring".
25626 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Control Union Bread, bakery products
Description : Bakery items, biscuits,cakes,confectionery, Various variety of breads
25625 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Control Union Biscuits, pancakes
Description : Bakery items, biscuits,cakes,confectionery
23496 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Ecocert Bread, bakery products
Description : Certified Organic Honey and Beeswax certified by Ecocert. We are able to supply raw in bulk or processed and packaged
23490 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Control Union Biscuits, pancakes
Description : Organic ricecakes in several different flavours.
19621 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Ecocert Biscuits, pancakes
Description : At the beginning of the 20th century, at a time of rapid industrial expansion, the abbot BISSON, a passionate apiarist, was already convinced of the benefits of a natural diet. Using the honey from his hives, he decided to make simple, balanced delicacies: gingerbread and shortbread.
With its experience in cereals, EURO-NAT chose in 1999 to continue the tradition with Bisson and to improve the original recipes by using organically grown ingredients.
To replicate the original product, EURO-NAT decided to make the biscuits in the traditional way in the Peaugres plant, through its subsidiary TERRITOIRE.
To modernise the visual aspect of the BISSON products and make them even more appealing, the packaging was made more colourful and practical and a new logo was designed. The small bee on the packet reminds us of the origin of the brand and its creator.

More recently, the brand BISSON diversified to make other biscuits (cookies, tartlets, butter biscuits…) in order to satisfy all biscuit lovers.
Each recipe respects the original values of the brand.
Today BISSON represents more than 30 products, divided into several food families for the diverse opportunities of consumption: the AUTHENTICS family (shortbread), GINGERBREAD, the GOURMAND family (cookies, tartlets…)
9353 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Consorzio Per Il Controllo Dei Prodotti Biologici Biscuits, pancakes
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