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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
49194 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Quality Assurance International (qai) Bread, bakery products
Description : Bread
27055 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Argencert Bread, bakery products
Description : Source This natural product is produced from organic soybeans, mechanically pressed and milled.

Description This soy flour is processed from whole, cleaned non-Genetically Modified,(non-GMO) food grade soybeans by mechanical pressing without using any solvent or any chemicals. It is available in both Conventional Non-GMO and Organic Non-GMO forms.

Physicochemical (Typical Analysis)
Moisture, %
Impurities, %
Fat/oil, %
Ureasic activity*
Particle size (mm)**
2,0 +/-0,2

Ingredient Label Organic Low fat Soybean flour.

Suggested Uses Ingredient for protein foods.

Packaging This product is packaged in 25 Kg cases, each case containing two vacuum-sealed 12.5 Kg barrier bags. Other packaging, including super sacs, is available.

Shelf Life One year at 12-14ºC, 55-65% relative humidity, in dark, in absence of oxygen.

Sample Size 10 fl oz. Larger samples available upon request.

Preservatives This product is supplied without preservatives.

Proximates Units/ 100g Typical Value
Water g 7.00
Protein g 46.00
Total lipid (fat) g 5.00
Carbohydrate, by difference g 38.50
Fiber g 7.00
Sugars, Total g 22.80
Ash g 5.50

Calcium. Ca mg 188
Iron. Fe mg 5.99
Magnesium. Mg mg 229
Phosphorus. P mg 593
Potassium. K mg 2570
Sodium. Na mg 18
Zinc. Zn mg 1.18
Copper. Cu mg 5.080
Manganese, Mn mg 3.080
Selenium, Se mcg 9.3

Microbiologycal (Proximates) Units/ 100g Typical Value
Hongos y levaduras UFC/g <5000
Micotoxinas g Ausencia
Salmonella spp Ausencia /25g
Rto. Aerob. Mesof. totales UFC/g <50000
47861 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Biscuits, pancakes
  Description : certified organic muffins mixed raisins and spelt
47862 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Biscuits, pancakes
  Description : certified organic muffins oats and hazelnuts
41398 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Other bread confectionery & chocolate
  Description : We offer a big variety of superior quality Canadian certified organic products, such as:muffin mixes, pancake & waffle mixes.
Available in retail packages. Some products could be also exported in bulk.
All kosher certified as well.
46540 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Chocolate
  Description : Succulent chunks of premiun grade certified organic ginger enrobed in certified organic Belgian chocolate.
46891 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Chocolate
Description : Pacari is the first single origin organic chocolate made in Ecuador. We produce in small batches to maintain the intense flavour profile of our chocolate.

We carefully select the best ingredients to bring you the highest quality chocolate possible. All of our ingredients are 100% organic and produced in a fair and equitable trade manner by scale farmers in Ecuador.

Certified NOP and Fair Trade

Raw chocolate bars : In our Raw Chocolate, all of the ingredients are minimally processed and kept at low temperatures to maintain the antioxidants and complex flavor profile of our carefully selected cacao.

Covered chocolate : An exquisite pairing of flavors with fruits, nibs and coffee beans covered in our organic dark chocolate.

Single origine regional bars : Pacari Chocolate is crafted from the Arriba Nacional cacao varietal from the rainforests of Ecuador. Our regional bars are made with hand selected organic cacao beans from our partner cacao producers in three distinct regions of Ecuador.
35510 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Elintarvikevirasto (national Food Agency) Bread, bakery products
Description : malts of rye, wheat, barley and oats. The malts are light to dark colored inactive or active.
45447 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Elintarvikevirasto (national Food Agency) Biscuits, pancakes
Description : Muffin
44659 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Biscuits, pancakes
Description : Galletas coockies de chocolate, almendras , lengua de gato, magdalenas, roscos de anís ,

formato de 125 grms bandeja transparente
44272 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Bread, bakery products
Description : natural gluten free and dairy free products for celiacs such as premixed flours, cookies, puddings, small sponge cakes covered with chocolate and stuffed with dairy caramel, rice pasta
44266 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Biscuits, pancakes
Description : Toda la riqueza nutritiva y energética del amaranto la maca el tarhui y la quinua.
Elaboradas sin conservantes ni quimicos.
Con productos 100% naturales, en diferentes presentaciones.
43122 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Other Chocolate
Description : raw dark chocolate made from raw organic ingredients.
41678 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Oregon Tilth Certified Organic Confectionery
Description : Certified Organic Peppermint and Spearmint. Custom processing and formulations for flavor and fragrance.
41438 Bread, confectionery & chocolate Dirección General De Alimentación Y Cooperativas Consejeria De Agricultura Y Medio Amblente Chocolate
Description : Chocolate against Chainsaws.

For every bar of Single-Origin, Premium Organic Chocolate purchased, Organic Meltdown™ in partnership with the World Land Trust (WLT) helps to save one tropical forest tree from being destroyed. Forever. Their goal is to save 5 million trees by 2012, which will surely leave a lot of smiles on our faces while taking a big bite out of global warming.

Now available in nine TREE-rific flavours, Organic Meltdown has paired our traditional favourites like 73% Organic Dark, Cocoa Nibs and Milk Chocolate with first-time flavors like Rooibos with Raspberry, the spicy Chili, or alluring Maca.

Organic Meltdown is the innovative sweet solution to climate change. Bar by bar, tree by tree, we can fight global warming and help to avert the real Organic Meltdown.

For information, visit their online community at:
w w w . organicmeltdown . c o m
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