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40868 Raw materials & supplements Other Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : importer of Brazilian and Amazonian food supplement (Guarana, Muirapuama, Brazilian Ginseng...), vegetal and essencial oils.
18646 Raw materials & supplements Lacon Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Prduction of organic certified essential oils, hydrosols and extracts.

Rose, lavender, clary sage, peppermint, hyssop, melissa, chamomile, milfoil, thyme, scotch pine, juniper berries and needles, st. john's wort, wormwood, rue, savory, feverfew...
39618 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Organic Oils and Rhassoul Clay
39549 Raw materials & supplements Other Lactic ferments, yeast, treacle & sugar
Description : NOP, JAS, Kosher, EU, Fair Trade
39141 Raw materials & supplements Control Union Lactic ferments, yeast, treacle & sugar
Description : granulada en bolsas de kilo.
39030 Raw materials & supplements Other Vanilla
Description :
Vanille toutes qualités
Extrait de vanille, de 3 à 8 % vanilline
hydro ou lyposoluble
33397 Raw materials & supplements Other Other raw materials & supplements
Description : Oleoresins
38208 Raw materials & supplements Control Union Raw materials for cosmetics
Description : Organic, Virgin Cold Press Coconut Oil
37961 Raw materials & supplements Ecocert Other raw materials & supplements
Description : We offer a vast range of high quality organic botanical powder, liquid extracts for food supplements or glycerined powder extract for cosmetics.
Our production is 100% organic, certified by Ecocert.
Available from 25 kg.
We do not have any stock. We work directly from your order and it allows you to garantee a minimum shelf life of 30 months for each organic extract.
All the extracts are delivered with a microbiological analyse.
Some products are link to the harvest season and our delivery time is about 2 months for a batch.

What is botanical extract ? All the herbs are composed of 80% of water and cellulose which have no interest from a diet point of view. We extract the most important part of the cellulose and the water (ratio 3:1) in order to produce a high concentrate dry active powder.

Also, if you need certified production (ECOCERT) for food supplements we can produce it with your own brand name:
Pills, tabletts, tea bags, syrups, sprays

Contact us:
15 BD Viver MERLE

For any specific medical herb, please do not hesitate to contact us.

List of the organic extract that we produce : Abricotier - apricot organic extract
Acacia organic extact
Basilic - basil organic extract
Betel organic extract
Camomille - camomilla organic extact
Cannelle - cinnamon organic extract
Celeri - celery organic extract
Cerisier- black berry organic extract
chicorée - chircoree organic extract
Chlorella powder & organic extract
Ciste organic extract
Citron peau - lemon peel organic extract
Citronnelle - lemon grass organic extract
Clou de Girofle - Clove organic extract
Cypres organic extract
Douglas organic extract
Epicea organic extract
Eucalyptus - eucalyptus organic extract
Fenouil - Fenel organic extract
Fenugeec - frenugreek seed organic extract
Genevrier organic extract
Geranium organic extract
Goyave - Goyave organic extract
Grenade organic extract
Gymnema - Gymnema organic extract
Helichryse organic extract
Henne - Henne organic extact
Hibiscus organic extract
Ispaghul organic extrac
Laurier organic extract
Lavande - Lavandin organic extract
Lavandin organic extract
Lin organic extract
Licorice organic extract
Lotus organic extract
Luzerne organic extract
Magnolia organic extract
Mandarine organic extract
Marjolaine organic extract
Menthe poivrée - pepermint organic extract
Momordica - momordica organic extract
Niaouli organic extract
Neem organic extract
Noni organic extract
Nori powder & organic extract
Olivier feuille - Olive leaf organic extract
Onagre organic extract
Orange peau - orange peel organic extract
Origan organic extract
Pamplemousse organic extract
Passiflore fleur - passion flower organic extract
Patchouli organic extract
Persil organic extract
Pomme feuille - appel leaf organic extract
Quinoa organic extract
Radis noir organic extract
Rooibos organic extract
Romarin - Rosemary leaf organic extract
Salsepareille - salsaparilla organic extract
Sarriette de montagne
Soja - Soya organic extract
Tea tree organic extract
Terebenthine organic extract
The - tea organic organic extract
Thym doux - thymol organic extact
Tounesol - sunflower organic extract
Tulsi organic extract
Valériane - vanlerian root organic extract
Verveine - Vervein organic extract
Ylang ylang organic extract

Cannelle - cinnamon organic extract
Cardamome - cardamon oragnic extract
Clou de girofle - clove organic extract
Coriandre - coriander organic extract
Cumin organic extract
Curcuma - turmeric organic extract
Gingembre - ginger organic extract
Piments -
Poivre - peper organic extract (black & white)
Sesame organic extact
Vanille - vanilla organic extract
37201 Raw materials & supplements Instituto Biodinamico Other raw materials & supplements
Description : High Quality Cocoa beans, fermented and dried.
37091 Raw materials & supplements Control Union Other raw materials & supplements
Description : Corn starch AUS 25kg Potato starch NED 25kg Wheat starch BEL 25kg
35560 Raw materials & supplements Other Other raw materials & supplements
Description : Certified BY LACON And INDOCERT according to EU standards.
35559 Raw materials & supplements Other Vanilla
Description : Certified by INDOCERT India as organic according to EU standards.
34877 Raw materials & supplements Other Other raw materials & supplements
Description : Onay Co. is a broker company dealing with organic raw materials for the indusrty such as juice concentrates, purees, NFC juices and iqf\'s of several fruits and vegetables.
34827 Raw materials & supplements Other Vanilla
Description : Looking in to buying from direct producers wholefoods eithe USDANOP certified organic here is a list of all the products we would be interested please if you have an herb, spice, fruit or seed that you believe is a SUPERFOOD loaded with nutrients and dont have USDANOP but have Clinical Lab Analysis proving its free of agrochemicals we would be interested we are interested in inovative products here is a list of other products we are interested in too














Thank you for your time sincerely

Miguel Berumen
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