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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
83794 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh fruit
  Description : Vente de fruits et légumes méditerranéens
83795 Fruit & vegetables Other Other fruit & vegetables
  Description : Vente de fruits et légumes méditerranéens
83793 Fruit & vegetables Other Exotic fruit and vegetables
  Description : Vente de fruits et légumes méditerranéens
83419 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried fruit
Description : société tunisienne exporte amandes.expérience du marché,transitaire, incoterms,formalités douanières,étiquetage etc... que cherchez vous, quelle quantité,quelle périodicité. prix compétitif ,analyse de qualité. contactez nous pour toutes infos, devis..
83815 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh vegetables
Description : Rago is one of the largest exporters of arugula (wild rocket) in Europe, producing it for 12 months per year, with the whole range of baby leaves, especially green and red salad, baby spinach and lamb’s lettuce.
83792 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Citrus fruits
Description : Vente de fruits et légumes méditerranéens
83635 Fruit & vegetables Imo Exotic fruit and vegetables
Description : We are an organic certified fresh avocado producer, processor and exporter based in Kenya.
We are looking forward to upscale and expand our market around the globe.
We have both hass and fuerte avocados.
83350 Fruit & vegetables Other Fresh vegetables
Description : we grow organic vegetables in our farm to sell.
83412 Fruit & vegetables Agrocert Fresh fruit
83121 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh vegetables
Description : Certified Organic Okra. Fruit length 3" to 5". Will be packed in 5kgs carton boxes as per APEDA norms.
83120 Fruit & vegetables Ecocert Fresh fruit
Description : Red lady Papaya. certified Organic Fruit. Fruit weight will be between 500 grams and 1.5 kgs. will be covered with Foam net and packed in carton boxes.
82727 Fruit & vegetables Other Dried fruit
  Description : Known as a superfruit, acai is extremely rich in antioxidants due to its high levels of phenolic compounds. Containing dietary fibers, omega 6 and 9, vitamins and minerals, it is a highly nutritional fruit.

Our certified organic powders are made with top quality raw materials directly sourced in the Amazon Rainforest and freeze dried from single strenght purees. WE DO NOT USE ANY CONCENTRATED ACAI as raw material, which guarantees the highest ORAC level available in the market.

The high content of prolyphenol compounds found in acai is directly responsilble for the berry's antioxidant properties, playing an important role f fighting oxidative stress caused by the action of free radicals.
Anthocyanins are found in onver 300 substances in nature. Two of them (Cyanidin 3-glucoside and Cyanidin 3-rutinoside) are predominat in acai, providing the fruit the deep purple characteristc color, which is preserved in the freeze dried acai.
In addition to the anthocyanins, other polyphenols improve the antioxidant strenght of the acai that is measured by the Oxygen Radical Absorbance Capacity (ORAC) analysis.

Fresh fruits are carefuly cleaned and whased and before the pulp is extracted. After the extration, the pulp is then pasteurized and frozen. Once the pulp is properly frozen, it is submited to very low pressure in vaccum chmabers, and the water eliminated by sublimation. This dehydration method is called freeze drying. It is considered the best drying method, once the original nutritional profile remains almost intact.

Our paramenters for freeze drying acai were carefully defined in order to ensure the maximum preservation of the bioactive components of the fruit.
The materials used are inspected and approved by suppliers and the entire chain is controlled by a monitoring process and quality control analyses in order to guarantee total microbiological safety and preservation of the fruit's nutritional characteristics
*GMP/HACCP are implemented.
82728 Fruit & vegetables Other Fruits purees
  Description : Specifications

Product obtained from the edible part of the acai berry. Natural product, no added sugar, no coloring and no preservatives

Certified Organic Acai Puree Acidified

Functional foods e beverages, sport drinks, natural juices, yoghurts, desserts, jelly, gel in suspension

Acai (Euterpe oleracea), water, citric acid (upon request)

Pará State, Brazilian Amazon

Appearance: thick paste
Color: dark purple, as per standard
Flavor and odor: charactistic, as per standart not sweet, not tart

24 months from production date, if maintained in the original closed package at cold temperature of -18ºC
82692 Fruit & vegetables Bcs-oko Garantie Gmbh Dried fruit
Description : Organic Pistachio, Walnut, Raisin and Dates
82652 Fruit & vegetables Bio Inspecta Ag Fresh fruit
Description : Pomegranate, In it's country of origin, where the plant has been the symbol of prosperity and fertility, it's the fruit with the roots on earth and benefits to the heaven.
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