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Offer N°CategoryCertificationProduct
79298 Medicinal & aromatic plants Sativa, Desenvolvimento Rural Lda Other medicinal & aromatic plants
Description : We'll produce plenty spiecies of Aromatic and Medicinal Plants by request.
Mentha x piperita, Thymus Citriodorus...
83111 Medicinal & aromatic plants Ecocert Aromatic plants
Description : bonjour je suis récolteur de plantes aromatiques
je cherche partenaire pour la vente de mes PLANTES AROMATIQUES thym ,romarin ,laurier sarriette toute ses plantes sons issue d'une récolte a la main dans les montagne et plaine de toute la Provence.
83079 Dietetic & health foods Other Fresh plant extracts
  Description : Fresh, potent Sceletium tortuosum powder for anti-stress, mood enhancer and to help with focus.
83080 Dietetic & health foods Other Products for extra strength
  Description : Fresh, potent Sceletium tortuosum teacut for anti-stress, mood enhancer and to help with focus.
83031 Oils for cooking & dressing Comité Andaluz De Agricultura Ecologica (caae) Olive
  Description : we are producer and packer organic extra virgin olive oil.
We are a family industry, we packer in glass, tin or pet, since 250ml to 5 liter
56209 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Medicinal plants
  Description : For over 30 years we have helped set the trend by growing and sourcing the UK's largest range of high quality ingredients for a diverse range of customers in the herbal tea, food, health & beauty and medicinal markets. Our customers, based in the UK and worldwide, range from herbalists with small scale practices to the most respected organic brands including Pukka Herbs, Neal’s Yard and Riverford.
83035 Medicinal & aromatic plants Other Medicinal plants
Description : Looking for sale Prunus spinosa ((Blackthorn(EN),Schlehdorn(DE)) from Romania. Waiting for price offer, quantity needed, shipping and other details will be further discussed. Contact e-mail anytime.
83034 Textile Other other Textile
Description : Product quality is something like Hasten-Sweden, with a very competitive price!
83033 Products for organic farming Ceres Fertilizers
Description : Golden Nitro PISHRO Biofertilizer, is used as a soil fertilizer for various types of farm, garden and ornamental products. Each milliliter of Golden Nitro PISHRO Biofertilizer consists of dozens of billions of bacteria for the supply of azote, associate with the root of the plant. It consists of azorhizobium caulinodans, azobacter chroococcum, and azospirillum lipoferum. The existence of sufficient amounts of such bacteriain the environment of plant root, depending on the type of the plant and environmental conditions, causes fixing of 100 to 150 kg of azote in each hectare.
83026 Oils for cooking & dressing Blik - Integra Vzw/asbl Palm
Description : Product: REFINED PALM OIL
Grade: AA
Packing: pet bottles (1l, 2l, 3l 5l) and Jerry cans (18, 20l, 25l)
Appearance White to pale yellow solid to semisolid lard-like fat
Flavor and Odr Bland, odorless

Specific gravity @ 25°C USP 0.911-0.918
Iodine value USP 50 - 55
Free fatty acids (as Oleic) USP 0.1% max
Moisture AOCS Ca 2c-25 0.1% max
Color Gardner AOCS Td la-64 3 max
Appearance White to pale yellow solid to semisolid lard-like fat
Flavor and Odr Bland, odorless
C12 & lower 2.5 max
C14:0 0.5 - 5.9 C18:1 34 - 44
C16:0 32 - 47 C18:2 7 - 12
C18:0 2 – 8
83025 Medicinal & aromatic plants Blik - Integra Vzw/asbl Medicinal plants
Description :
Herb Plants For Sale
The Growers Exchange specializes in herb plants - Culinary, Medicinal, and Aromatic. We are your source for both rare and unusual herbs as well as our 'usual suspects'. Whatever your needs, we have a farm-fresh herb plants for you to buy online. So, whether you need a basil plant for pesto or a white sage plant to ward off spirits, you will find them all here at The Growers Exchange, your source for quality herb plants.

We sell plants online, NOT seeds. Our plants are big, healthy, well rooted and ready to plant - our standard pot is 3.5 inches. After you buy, we will ship our plants when they are ROOT READY. They will have good top growth unless they are coming into or out of dormancy. We grow all of our plants to the point that they are ready to go into the ground or a container.
83018 Sugar & honey products Other Other sugar & honey products
Description : honey for sale 3-4 tones flower and forest honey
83017 Sugar & honey products Other Honey, royal jelly, bee hive products
Description : honey for sale 3-4 tones flower and forest honey
82985 Cosmetic products International Certification Services Inc. Body care
Description : Nazel International is a sales and marketing agency that exclusively represents the most prestigious brands in the Professional Beauty Industry and with that said we are proud to represent 2in1 Creative Energy Candles ,one of the hottest US brands in the organic industry as well as hotel spas in the United States like the Ritz Carlton . Creative Energy Candles are especially loved by clients because it penetrates to the lipid layer of the cells, skin is left soft and moisturized, not greasy or goopy.

Made from the finest quality of Organic Extra Virgin Coconut oil, Soybean Wax, Vitamin A , E ,K and deeply enriched with essential oils, Creative Energy Candles array of scents guarantees to tantalise your senses.

Our UNIQUE 2in1 luxurious candle when melted can be applied directly to the skin either hot or cold earning high ratings as a hydrating lotion to smooth those pesky fine lines away.
The Candles
82983 Herbs, spices & condiments Other Spices, peppers
Description : fare trade certified and from organic cultutre
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